Ubuntu Unity Experience-11.10 Ubuntu Unity Experience-11.10

Ubuntu 11.10 CD is out and I tested it and this is my verdict.
It is beautiful and good for a newbie to experiment with.
A old Linux Guy/Girl will get a heart attack if his/her composition is not like mine.
When I test a distribution having tested over 200 in two years, I have no strings or emotion attached.
I have already given 1420 (Gold standard is 2500 which only Debian has achieved and PCLinux somewhere there) out of 2500 and 300 is for the innovation (i.e Unity Desktop).
Basically it gets 1120 that is just a utility distribution which one cannot tweak to one’s satisfaction.
Why I say a old linux guy/girl get a heart attack.
It has messed up with the workplaces.
I still could not get all four workplaces working synchronized.
It frezes when more than 2 workplaces are filled up.
One can exchange the working program from one work place to other  but you cannot open two open office documents or web browser displaying two web sites.
Simply it has messed up with workplace experince and that also to 4, where we could have had 20.
I use 8. That is 6 from Full Monty and one customized to my needs. The other nothing on it.
As far as workplaces are concerned, PCLinux FulMonty is the best available desktop workplace experience, i have come across.
There is nothing to beat it and one can customize it to one’s needs.
If you want to experince a better unity experience download Dream Studio that come from Canada.
Read my blog post on Dream Studio.

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