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Arboreal and the abuse of that freedom of lack of it.

Arboreal and the abuse of that freedom of lack of it.

Arboreal animals spend most of their time in trees.

Some live in the canopy, among the leaves. Some live on tree branches, on the bark, or at the base of the tree; some even burrow within the tree or live in a tree cavity.

Some tree-dwellers eat the tree’s leaves or bark, others eat animals that live on or near the trees.

There are many arboreal animal which include birds.

We humans who are descendant of arboreal apes have very well developed hands with adaptation to use tools.

We first used stones but now we use guns to kill all animals including our fellow beings.

The thing I despise most is the destruction of the forest that support many forms of life.

Even the forest has become a game and sports for humans.

Any animal who destroys its own dwelling cannot be described as an evolved and adapted animal to reside on the Planet Earth.

Man will destroy this planet by all his means and might.

It is a curse he left the arboreal life for a bipedal life.

It is not for evolution but destruction he became bipedal.

I do not believe god created this animal, in case if he did he ought to have weighed and balanced  the pros and cons for his existence in this evolutionary niche.

Failure of his judgment is a travesty of justice.

The worst of it was we in Sri-Lanka elect 225 + 1  of them as political animals and they kill each other in the so called Putrid Assembly (it used to be august Assembly).

Worst of it crimes is to throw a bottle of water in a country where many people do not have safe drinking water.

People who selected them are probably absolutely mad and over 60% are in my judgment come under that category and speak only one language.

I thank god for creating the other 40% who do not understand the language the other 60% who use disdain vulgarity in the putrid assembly.

I think we should not learn all three languages since even the language itself is being abused now.

Is this the rapid development of mankind in the 21 century?

I doubt it.

It is decadence.

Publicity, Productivity, Profits, Politics and the Public

Publicity, Productivity, Profits, Politics and the Public

I may be able to write a dissertation on each of the items mentioned above but the intentions are brief and entirely different.
I have made few resolutions after the last general election.
1. One was not to tune in to local TV including not watching Cricket unless of course our one and only Mahela is on song.
2. Two was to stop buying national papers including Sunday Editions.
3. Three was to stop engaged in political discussion of any kind.
4. Take my public profile and publicity to the lowest possible level, down to the email level, where I was only a digital entity with no worth at all and lot of guys/girls except my close friends will delete any electronic message of mine in a flash, without even reading the heading.
Mind you, email has taken even the little privacy we had and with the common courtesy.
5. Five was to increase my productivity leaps and bounds and post a blog everyday if possible related to Linux, its derivatives, utilities, its goodies, baddies and the uglies and if I cannot find a topic in Linux to post some of my bizarre dreams if not some scientific stuff.
Like the five precepts I have not broken any one of them except the number TWO.
My productivity had been exponential and come November even before our short vacation I was on mental vacation preoccupied with the Wonder Budget 2012.
I had only one irritation for the entire year which was uncalled from one of my nasty colleagues (I wonder could I call him a colleague now that this event did happen without any provocation?) and since I was almost on top of the world I could manage that episode with three days of Metta Meditation.
When one has free time bad habits creep in. that was also accidentally.
I want to fix a new Air Pump to the fish tank in which the old one was malfunctioning (thanks to our Electricity Board’s not so constant voltage this was not the only gadget I lost this year). I had everything but two steel nails long enough and strong enough to support the Air Pump.
Mind you I got up at 11.30 A.M. I wanted to make some tea and my wife told me there is no sugar for tea but lunch was almost ready.
Then we had visitors and I jumped into their car and told them if I do not get to his hardware shop by 12 P.M, I have to hold this pump in that position till Monday. He was almost closing and I collected what I wanted except the double sided stickers to stick the telephone splitter on the wall now ready for free fall.
Bought some pastries and walk up to catch a three wheeler and in a flash of bad judgment I walked into the newspaper stall to see a large pile of Sunday English papers, not sold. I bought two publications which I decline to make public here because it will give bad publicity (what I am going to write is bad anyway) to them but suffice is to say not Sunday Observer. I wanted some critical analysis of the budget not some Yes, Sir entries from the Yes Men.
Came home first thing first cup of tea first.
Fixed the air pump and filled the tank with water to the required water pressure to see everything was OK.
Treat for my dog and sat to read the paper.
First the cartoons and Andy Capp, Wizard of Os and the others and then to the pictures of the young lassies and bogged down to reading about the budget.
There were so many advertisement and feature sets or supplements it took half an hour to find the pages with budgetary analysis.
What did I get for 100 Rupees?
Good dose of budgettorrhoeal (new Sri-Lankan word coined by me joining budget and diarrhoea) analysis.
It sickened me.
There were panel discussions and everybody who is somebody is hiding behind another.
It was we go round the mulberry bush scenario.
It was like collective responsibility of the cabinet of ministers.
I was none the wiser.
I can say lot about the budget but that is I am wasting my time.
I raise few question and get into the rel reason for this writing.
1. In the year we had the elections there was no proper budget.
Is it proper?
The common knowledge was that most of the money was spent on irregular activities except paying the salaries.
2. Was there a proper assessment of the budgetary forecast for 2011, objectively?
At least retrospectively did they analyze it before stepping into new budget.
3. Do we need a Central Bank?
4. Do we need a Treasury and a Treasury Secretary?
5. Do we need a huge public service now that like what was done to Central Bank we can streamline or stream role any institution with Executive Power including the Universities?
6. Have anybody analyzed the debt crisis that is slowly creeping into our hand to mouth economy?
7. Do we need to debate this White Paper / White Elephant any length of time in the parliament?
I am not asking this with any bad taste but only with thinking about my grandchildren.
Advertisement Supplements
Real reason I am writing this was to highlight that lot of people depend on the Sunday Paper for lot of publicity and to get their voice heard and get rid of bad goodies and bad debts.
Is the money spent by majority of them is going to the coffers of the paper magnets without any help to the advertiser.
Has anybody done any research on the effectiveness of this mega advertisement strategy?
Is the money well spent?
Can we do it in a better way?
I call it the Amazon Way.
Why not going for digital methods?
The Sunday Paper is thrown away the very next day and it is a huge waste of money and paper (along with rain forest).
The digital stuff remains in the Server.
Are we still carrying the Hana Miti (Bundles of Jute)?
If one has some good, goodies to sell one should go beyond the local boundaries (at least South East Asia) and start selling digitally.
That is my advice.
It might have some teething problems and might have to take “head on’ the initial inertia but given time an cloud computing coming to existence that is the way forward.

Water and Water Sports and Water Supply in Kandy City

Water, Water Sports and Water Supply in Kandy City

I can write volumes about water but instead of making it boring for the reader I will jot down some of the salient points related to me and the City of Kandy and its surrounds.

This is just a reflection for the people who want to come to Kandy and reside within the Municipal Limits.


1. Not so long ago Kandy did not have pipe borne water.


Yes it had a beautiful lake but did not have pipe borne water. The credit of getting pipe borne water running in Kandy probably goes to our late P.M. Mrs. Sirimawo Bandaranaike (I stand to correction here and in no way underestimate the efforts made by Civil Servants and Engineers who had overseen the Kandy Water Project).


In my part I had in my later years of Civil Service as it were, with many Engineer friends would extend this project beyond Municipality Limits and President D.B.Wijetunge was the only President who made water accessible to people outside city limits. Suffice is to say late Mr. Premadasa used water as a political carrot and the Civil Servants under him were impotent to say the least.


Still later having left government service and working with foreign collaborators and Mahaweli Engineers, I was able to make the political drive to get water beyond Digana Village and to surrounding villages when J.V.P activity had crippled (1988 to 1992) the entire country.

I did not run away from the country when people needed my services.

I went abroad again only after the problems were sorted out except L.T.T.E activity in the North.


Most of my engineer friends have now long been retired and many had gone abroad never to return and I thank them profusely for what they did expecting nothing in return (unlike the present  day engineers who take huge bribes in every possible way) from the rude politicians.


I was their to spread the Social Vision “Water is Health and more water one uses more healthy one is ” was my jargon riddled Motto to convince them the need for drinking water for every being including animals.


2. There was high incidence of water-borne diseases in Kandy then.


3. Yes, British did not do anything to alleviate this problem.


4. The present Kandy Lake was a paddy field which extended to Nuwara Wela and Deiyanne Wela and the Old Lake that provided water to the paddy fields was located somewhere up and above and occupying the present Bogambara Stadium Complex.


The old lake road that runs parallel with the Wembly Theater is the only vestige left of the old lake.


4. But long before British the Nana Thota (Bathing Place) for the queens was on the left side of the Palace (Maligava).


5. The king’s harem was little above this Nana Thota.


This was turned into an armory during second world war.


6. Water was diverted from Bogambara Lake to this site by natural and built canals.

Built canals protected the Palace from invaders.


7. Present prison complex which is an eyesore to an ancient city (this prison now should be located elsewhere) probably belonged to the Nilames  (including Pilimithalawe) who resided there.

All the old houses were demolished by the British.

They were ruthless and Kandyan Kingdom was toothless then in spite of the Tooth Relic.


Even now it is like that and the Mahanayaks are toothless and are overtaken by the political bigwigs.


8. I do not know how the Governor had a bath when he came to Kandy for his sojourns.


9. Kandy had ample amount of rain and underground water was available if one digs a little down to the earth.


10. Buddhist priests had a bathing place (it is still there, hardly used now) in front of the Malawatta Temple.


That supports my above statement.


11. My maternal grant parents moved to Kandy during British and settled on the outer periphery of Kandy beyond the Ampitiya Seminary (which is where even now the clergy to be are trained).

My English education started there from that seminary (that story is for another day).


12. The land they bought extended to the periphery of the Seminary at its top.

The boundary was determined by waste water that runs during the rainy season.

His land had the best well in the neighborhood and in actual fact there were no neighbors when he settled down.

His brother of course ventured into tea plantation but come our time the tea  plantation was whole heartedly neglected.


14. The next biggest well was in the middle of the paddy field far away from my grandparent’s and that also belonged to a distant relation.


15. When I was very little I was in Kandy and my bathing place was Raja Pihilla (King’s Waterfall not a fountain) and that was where the king probably had his bath.


Strangely there were no water fountains in Kandy except one near the Maligawa.

Who wants water fountains when rain came every 7 to 10 day in Kandy?


I detest the use of water of the lake (from the Island in the middle) for spraying the city.

The water has all the nasties including pathological amoebae.


16. Beyond the point where the well was located inside a cubicle house  water was really scarce even  then.

It has become worse (well water) now.


17. After a major family dispute (basically due to eternal land disputes which my father hated) we moved away.

That was one of the best decisions my father made and I as a little brat (not even going to primary school) was very much involved in one of those disputes.


Relating that story was not relevant but I lost contact with all our dearly loved cousins thereafter.


18. From that point onwards the water supply and bathing was a big problem (I  of course preferred not bathing since water was very chilly unlike nowadays).


19. The said well housed inside a cubicle and was permanently locked and we had to take the key and fetch water and bathing was allowed only during weekends.


20. The weekends were the water sports days.

All the boys (related) will do the fetching of water and all the washing ups.

It was our swimming pool too (when closed from inside) and I learned to float on water upright and horizontal in this huge well.

Then we empty the entire well and that was supposed to feed the paddy fields.

In any case that was our justification (never the water sports we played  inside) and hit two birds with one stone.


21. There was a common bathing place for the entire village and we were lucky we never went there unless we were in a mood for water sports and nobody else was bathing there at the time of our visit.

When we come in a gang of course others give way but we knowing very well it is bad, never had any mishaps for the entire period we were there.


22. As we grew up we hated taking a bath inside (it was basically meant for ladies) a cubicle and we were basically outdoor people and went out in all directions looking for streams and bathing places.


23. There were quite a number then.

The streams were clean and learning swimming  in open space was another practice we indulged.


24. We left this place in early sixties never to return.

My father gets 4 yearly regimented transfers and only in his last 8 years I was able to move into Kandy City again.


Recently I visited one of those streams and there  is no more stream left but a waste water canal and  it was putrid and no fish life at all.


25. Little over thirty years all of them have become Kunu Elas (rubbish streams like the Mada Ela-I call it the Condom Ela since one can see condoms floating in the water) or run dry in Kandy.


26. From Raja Phihilla to Kunu Ela is the development we have had seen and witnessed in Kandy after the independence.


27. Kandy Lake is the most polluted water body and there is no question about it.

Once a national champion swimmer got drowned there.

That water is not even conducive to fish and tortoises.


28. The point I am driving at is there is no clean underground water to drink in Municipality Limits and we have to purify the water before drinking.

If for some reason pipe borne water is interrupted which is a regular occurrence nowadays there is no alternative source of water i.e., well water.


The open or surface water bodies are constantly being contaminated like in Pollonnaruwa.

It is becoming worse by the day.


29. A strange thing that happens nowadays is when the political bigwigs come to Kandy, water from Nillambe is diverted to supply Kandy, rudely interrupting the supply to where I live and sometimes over 24 hours.

This is specially so during Perehara time.


30. In this discussion in a list form, I have avoided talking about Mahaweli which runs round the city periphery.


Reason I should tell now.

Mahaweli was very dangerous in our time.

One of my cousins, one of my teacher’s brother, lot of undergraduates and  many more lives were lost in our times as opposed to only one life I mentioned above in the Kandy Lake.

After my cousin’s death we were banned but I still used to go with my uncles, dogs and servants.


There was always company and life saver standing by.


After the Polgolla dam everything in Kandy changed and the bomb at the Maligawa put a final nail to this city of adventure for many including Kings and the British.


It is where now only the business monkeys come to venture out.


I cannot walk my dog in a quiet evening round the lake which I used to do as a medical student.

The dog was my physical instructor then, not a highly paid foreigner/s (used by the Cricket Board going bankrupt).

I was a sportsman good enough to represent the university but not the national teams.


Sadly there is no place to play snooker or billiards except few hotels.

The other day we were at Digana and my daughter only remembered me playing snooker with the British guys which went on till early hours.

They were given ample space to play and a good restaurant to eat anything they want including fish and chips, they loved it.

The sports complex is no more and tennis court was like the university tennis court  in late 1980s  (1988-1989) with grass growing to the height of 6 feet and above in 2011-2012.

But tennis court at Digana was in trim condition then in spite of the hive of J.V.P activity.

I was able to play either indoors or outdoors and we had a squash court too.

Mind you we had a private bar too.


My current dog has no place to wander except inside the house.

This developing world has changed for worse and they are still continuing to develop more and more roads but no place for the poor pedestrians to rest or walk for leisure and exercise.


This has become a Miracle City only for Buddhists.


With development there is pollution especially Air we breath and Water we drink.

I thank the god in this Thanksgiving Weekend that I no longer reside within the municipality now.

I will not move in now, even for leisure.

Comparison of PCLINUX KDE wit Berry Linux.

PCLinux is updating its CD series in preparation for probably Christmas recess.
The image is probably highly compressed when I looked at the underside of the CD almost two third of it was clean without the a track.
I did not boot on my old IBM and I was worried the image was not written properly.
The I booted with my relatively new (that is also old by the way) IBM it did boot up.
There is nothing much to report the CDs will to go my archive.
It has no Cloud component like Ubuntu One bu has Dropbox download script.
It has no UnteBootIn and I do not thinks USB creator has not been upgraded.
It has no office installed at least Abiword.
Libreoffice manager is there.
I downloaded Berry Linux it has all (it is Redhat based) what one needs K3B, LibreOffice and Wine.
It has LXDE desktop too.
If you are newbie trying Linux I advise you to try it instead of PCLinux KDE.
Berry Linux is a clear winner.
It comes from Japan and has English version too.
There is keen context now and Fedora is in front by a nose but it has no office package but has new Gnome which is a new experience.
Download Fedora is the fastest.
Berry comes second even though point to point.
PCLinux is the slowest without seeders. I am trying downloading its Openbox there are no seeders and on a leecher uploading my 150 MiB of my half image.
You got three to try this weekend and all three are less than one week in the web for download.

I think Fedora is slightly ahead with new things bu I recommend berry Linux if you are going to install and do not bother about downloading.

Dream 14 and its Interpretation

This was somewhat of a bizarre dream.
I was incarcerated in a godforsaken place.
I was certainly not in a prison.
I would not do a silly thing to be in that predicament any way.

Knowing how the law operates in Sri-Lanka, there is no real reason why one should not be incarcerated.
Even simple hooting incident or a verbal outburst may be just enough for one to get landed in prison.
Even fighting for one’s own country may be enough for one to be incarcerated.
But I was not in Sri-Lanka, this was outside Sri-Lankan jurisdiction.
It was not another country, certainly not USA. In any case the things I write about USA is enough for me not to get Visa Entry even for a holiday, there.
The Americans have become paranoid again with the heating up of the election campaign.
They are monitoring me daily and the visitors to my blog by enlarge  are from America, probably from FBI.
It was certainly not UK and even if it was UK it was not a mental asylum of some sort.

It is somewhere in between Sri-Lanka and another country and that again  was not  in a toilet in an airport with stolen or swallowed items in my stomach.
It had some strange nostalgic feeling about the place, something like mosquitoes hovering around, freely.
It got to be some part of India.
I had very light weight bag and I was trying to get out of the place in a spiral staircase  that one sees in some high-rising building in Singapore where one has to go in a circular rotation to get to the bottom floor from top floor if one makes a mistake of not finding the lift nearby.

Then there was another guy with me who had the similar predicament and when ever I slip away from the captors he also uses the same route and follows me like a string following a needle.
Invariably they catch me with the other guy and put us back in separate cells.
This went for ages.
I get out and get caught like in the Alcatraz.
This obsession of escaping and capturing cycle went on endlessly and I was almost getting mad with myself.
I did not have an alternative strategy like what I normally do in a real life situation.
Then suddenly a buzz from a giant mosquito woke me up and I realized I was in the transit lounge of Mumbai Airport.
I have not gone to watch world cup match.

I have not gone on a religious pilgrimage.
I have not certainly gone to India to instruct the Indian Finance Minister to advice  him  on how to recover debts from a Sri-Lankan entrepreneurs especially the ones politically connected.
So what is this strange scenario and for incarceration in a transit lounge with lot of giant-sized mosquitoes.
I was baffled!
This is a part a dream and I got up before it was all over and I have not sent a dream to Maha for while and this one is the best to break ice and let Maha knows, I have already published my book on Cloud Computing for ordinary guy/girls and not technocrats.
I sent an email with an attachment of the digital cloud computing book.
He promptly answered my call.
He started with a laugh saying what a weird idea this so-called cloud computing is?
I told him that it is a brilliant idea and that we could not implement it due to slow pace of Internet and now that we are ready with super fast Internet (not Sri-Lanka unfortunately) and this is the way forward at a time of the global credit crisis.
Then he asked me what is this credit crisis and only credit we have in heaven is meritorious Kamma and nothing else.
Then I told him we (rather our politicians) live in futuristic world and we always think that futures is better than yesterday/today (it is very easy to promise for future than the real now, especially when it comes to salary increase-they say when the growth rate expands it automatically filters to ordinary masses with salary increase but they also promise that they can never stop prices of essential commodities going up when there is demand-in a demand driven economy, “the demand drives the market is the real economic philosophy”) and always look for a promised better tomorrow/ future.We take loans from IMF that we can never repay with futuristic demand and not real demands of the real and ordinary people.

This IMF is it International Military Fund?
No. No.
But they have military muscle and power to squeeze everything out of poor countries.
They latest countries squeezed are  Sri-Lanka and Greece.
I asked is it possible for me to think laterally, centrally or obliquely?
For you yes but not in public places and only in private places where nobody suspects that you thinking and exercise your free will.
How come?
It is like this.
Ordinary people should not think, that include you too.
They should accept the fate and like the first year students that enter the university. They should obey every blessed thing the Minister or the Government think is appropriate for them.
They should stop thinking.
If they want to think freely they should pay a fee and enter a private university or go and join a university abroad.
It is OK know?
For 12 to 13 years they have stopped them thinking in schools independently and that is what they practice and preach and they ought to read only the free government books nothing else.
One should not read especially political freedom and history of the world politics.
I see nothing exciting about it.
No stupid they want you to stop thinking creatively especially about Cloud Computing and free the Amazon tablet that you would get from a friend of yours from abroad with loads of books free  with Amazon cloud’s account activated.
If the dream was left to its full conclusion after your 100th attempt they put you in a tower with no books and no staircase with open windows on all the sides.
Only exit was to jump and you will succumb with the fall  or you go insane instantaneously without books or Internet connectivity, if you stay up there.
It is very unfair.
What is wrong with creative thinking?
The Americans always believe and want one to think creatively.
Don’t you realize?
These political guys do not have creative thinking and they want 100 of advisers to think for themselves (politicians) creatively, especially before the budget speech and somehow hoodwink the masses with jargon words and supernatural figures that come in trillions.
You know the stuff that Obama frequently does in America.
Or I see.
Stop thinking creatively OK.
What about writing?
It is OK if you do that in only English or better still in French.
If you write in Sinhala or Tamil they will start thinking creatively to start evicting the current politicians and the events might follow like what is happening in the Middle East.
I thought the Middle East crisis was created by NATO and its allies to protect oil reserve.
It is true but some of the guy/girls out there are really thinking creatively and positively.
You know this Bangladeshi Lady who walked off from a wedding protesting against the dowry and the bribes (santhosums).
That is exactly what they do not want to see in the Third World.
This dream was ordinary and not futuristic know?
It has a futuristic part which I have not told you yet.
Besides you diverted my attention with mundane politics of yours, you know?
Futuristic Interpretation.
You ignored the guy who followed you know.
He is the future.
In future guy/girls as soon as they enter the university, they implant a circuit in their brain with the latest scientific investigation in how to preserve dwindling resources.
The other guy whom you saw in the dream is the supervisor with all the latest information implanted in his brain with no voluntary control of his own. He just follows orders from a super computer.
He/she was tagged to any free-thinker in future territories.
He is like a zombie or a server.
He cannot think but he transmit all the information in a cloud of computers through his circuit to all university students doing scientific work.
You know in about another 20 to 50 years the computers behave like human thinking and that they have overtaken the capacity of human brain.
So humans do not have to think then.
Those computers are like our politician of today know?
Trying to stop us thinking creatively.
I do not like that scenario at all.
Don’t worry you are gone by then.
I cannot tell you that now.
You mean our present politician are better than those super cloud computers.
I suppose so.
One can laugh at them (politicians) but one cannot laugh at a computer doing trillions and trillions of thinking calculations for the human living then and they exterminate any human being at the slightest thought of interfering with the processing power of the cloud of computers doing the thinking for the humans.
It is a very dangerous predicament know?
That is what human are heading by giving prominence to  the computers and not to ordinary human beings with simple needs and thoughts.
You mean to say world is better now than the futuristic world?
I was dumbfounded and did not have any more questions.
He left saying “you come back with another futuristic dream will you?”

EyeNux and Distromania-Update-Alive and WELL.

EyeNux and Distromania-Update
I am writing this with happy memories.
My blog piece on EyeNux and EyeOS has done wonders.
Number one distromania is up and running.
Thank you guys for what you are doing.
Thank you for revitalizing your efforts to keep old distributions available for everybody.
Your repository was the one from where I got EyeNU in the first place.
It is now available at Softpedia too.
if you are a newbie please be patient till they get the server running smoothly.
Number two is EyeNUX 1.2 is available again and I am currently downloading it to have an image in my archive.
in case somebody needs it.
Number three EyeOs 2.5 is doing great things but they give you a zip file and one cannot run it without Apache I believe.
I hope they have an iso for us to test.
They have a great application store and i hope many developers contribute to its success.
Linux is getting Cloud Computing ready.
I am getting excited.

Thanks guys and girls for your wonderful efforts.

Debt Collectors and the Pain they cause US.

Debt Collectors and the Pain they cause US.

How to Stop Calls-The American Way.

Phone calls are one of collectors’ most powerful weapons.
But under federal law, repeated calls, obscene language, threats of arrest and threats of violence are all illegal.
Consumers need only to send a collector a written letter asking the collector to stop contacting them, and the collector must comply.
After receiving such a letter, collectors are allowed to contact the consumer only to state that there will be no further contact, or to let the consumer know they plan to take a specific action, like filing a lawsuit.
Putting an end to the phone calls doesn’t erase the debt, “but it at least gives you some breathing room,” to the painful encounter.
If the firm ignores the letter and keeps calling, consumers can file a complaint with the FTC and their state attorney general.
They may also be able to sue: Generally, if a collector is found to have violated the federal law, the consumer could be awarded $1,000 in statutory damages, plus legal fees.
Above does not apply to US only US and we have no instruments or mechanism to avoid harassing by debt collectors whether they are government, commercial institutes including banks and private Mudalalies.
How to Stop Calls-The Sri-Lankan Way.
1. If you have a cell phone put it in the deep freezer till the debt is settled or recovered by legal means.
2. Simplest way is to not to answer the call. Let it ring till cows come home.
3. Surest way is to pull the jack out and then one can sleep.
4. Raise a guard dog.
5. Have good crowbar in case they come home.
If your mother or father is in the nursing home and you have defaulted paying the money and the dependent is demented, your best bet is to not have a telephone or better still go abroad until your mum or dad is deceased and get your bank to pay (as a standing order).
Then one can concentrate on the work and earn some money to pay the debts.
Unfortunately government institutions and their agents also act as debt collectors in this country.
Our legislators (both present and past) have pawned us for 40 years (our national debt)  and nobody gives a call and reminds them that they ought and should pull their act together.
Why only ask us to pull our socks?

Bird Watching, Global Warming and Unusual Findings.

Bird Watching, Global Warming and Unusual Findings.

This year was unusual for me.
Our industrial action taught me how to be proactive and make best use of the extra time I had for intellectual studies not related to my paid academic activity.
Boredom would kill me if I do not use my creative thinking for some useful earthly activity.
Bird watching was one of those earthly activity I was engaged in.
I know many of us use that for mundane topics, politics or gossips.
With my connection with Maha Brahma now I know that gods do not gossip.
That does not mean that they are not interested in human activity or earthly activity.
They do because they have a lot of free time.
I have good news to break.
There was a lonely cuckoo without a mate.
I complained to Maha and he seems to have answered my call and the cuckoo has found a mate.
Thank you Maha for your kindly gesture.
You have done a another miracle this time.
The Indian Golden Oriole (Sivuru Hora) who migrates from Northern Part of Asia did not go home this time. They are supposed to breeds Uzbekistan, E Turkmenistan but I bet my bottom dollar that they did stay here and probably started breeding here for some unknown reason. I will keep a closer look at this pair and if I see more of them come February, it is most likely they are now breeding here.
We hare having something special for them in my neighborhood.
certainly it is not me. If we did not have the industrial action I would have failed to observe this phenomena.
It was more fun bird watching than listening to out treasury secretary who was very god at evading rather than finding a binding solutions.
They love problems without solution so that they can prolong our agony and  stay on course happily ever after of IMF target figures.
I had another observation.
I think birds hate very warm weather and there is total inactivity (no singing at all) when the temperature is above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This has something to do with their myoglobin physiology which nobody seems to have done any worthwhile research.
Moment there is little rain (not downpour) there is hive of activity.
They love the mulberry tree and the butterfly larvae.
Rain pattern was the most bizarre this year.
Heavy showers followed by equally dry weather that if i do not water plants wilt away.
Some of the Angle plants never grew shoots in spite of my close attention.
Flowering was erratic and the oldest pineapple plant had a flower. That was also  after I uprooted it with the weed which had invaded its rooting system with its stem rotting and I put it to final resting in a dustbin, “so to speak” thinking it might die.
Then of course the commissioning of the Coal Power Unit make us 100% electricity for year 2012.
I will not go into it now but wait for another year with my critical assessment of the effect of Coal Power on this tiny island and its non-human (avian to be precise) beings.
They are not earthly wise but confused and did not know which way to fly with warm air overhead with coal power burning 24 hours a day.
1. The pattern of air currents have changed.
2. Temperature has changed.
3. The rain pattern has changed.
4. The flowering pattern has changed.
5. Flowering of water plants changed.
6. Behavior of the angle plant was not normal.
7. Fish did not die (I was doubly protecting them this time).
Almost everything changed except my observations.
7. Above all the Indian Oriole did not go home.
Yes miracle is happening in this country. Even the birds who come here get confused not due to alcohol of course.
All the sign of miracles are heralding.
Watch for my own Earth Summit.
That will certainly will happen if I see young Orioles bred here in this country.
One has to wait for a few months only, if they do not (they will not now that the winter is coming) go back and die on their way, they will certainly will breed here.
Who said miracles cannot happen in this country.
If not in the human world it will happen in the non-human world which is fast disappearing, for good with IMF development strategy.

Global Warming and IT industry, any connection?

I was post postponing writing about global warming for sometime and it was related to bird watching (that will come soon) and not IT industry.
I predicted this 5 years ago (Flooding) and at that time every American Scientist, including Scientific American was skeptic but the email doctoring incident bared before the Earth Summit (in which only European Nation New Zealand and the former PM Helen Clark stood against that conviction) and all Scientist are in broad agreement now that global warming is taking shape in real time.
I never though the floods in Thailand would adversely effect the IT industry.
There is acute shortages of Hard drives and the supply will fall behind demand by over 6 months.
The best Christmas present one can give this time round is a good external hard drive.
I cannot go for a SSD but bought a hard drive on loan since the vendor guys alerted me well in advance.
Even the computer manufacturing will come down and this will add to the HP Saga and it is supposed to be stockpiling hard drives (supposed to be ordered for PCs they discontinued producing) to make gain of the losses they had with tablets.
This is a strange world and one does not know which will hit you first(debt crisis or floods).
So don’t load your hard drives with videos and if you have money buy at least an external drive.
Happy Christmas for guys and Girls in the IT industry.
I will be writing about global warming in Sri-Lankan perspective soon and not about computers and IT.
Guys this is a good time to promote Cloud Computing and their Server Capacity.
Hurry Up.
Read my book on Kindle if you have spare time.

Cloud Computing and what one can expect in year 2012?

Cloud Computing and what one can expect in year 2012?

It is too early to predict but we are gearing up to lot of innovations.
These innovations come not because we ave become groovy but because of necessity.
Already some writers who have seen the “Sea Change” making analogy to Volkswagen Era.
It is Hitlers creation but it outlasted him by a century.
The people car , the Volkswagen (People’s Wagon) he built to take advantage of harsh conditions in the Africa where water for cooling was not available Beetle was even built in  Uganda in latter part of the last century.
Now the analogy is different. Fossil fuel is becoming exhausted with www in vogue and the whole world connected one need not travel far to get new technology and the freedom for innovation open for everybody.
In comes Amazon Kindle and its Silk Browser to go with the Cloud Computers we are in for a sea change.
Amazon will lead at a time whole western economy is collapsing due to “greed based economy” that was developed by greedy high flying CEOs.
One need not fly one need is a fast Internet and only a Silk browser to be connected and high flyers are wasting money of their own and cloud will actually make many people redundant in the IT  industry employed by corporate clients.
There is centralization and decentralization going in hand in hand.
When there is economic crisis redundancy will not be tolerated and machine will take over.
In this case the computer.
In another 20 years it is predicted the “cloud cluster computers” will surpass human intelligence and CEOs become redundant.
Small become beautiful and big and bigger (IBM mentality) mentality will be replaced by “Ant Philosophy”.
Each small unit of computer power (Linux Clustering replaced Super Computers and even NASA used it when the money supply went down) will add and make “a cloud of computers” super powerful that few companies (they can thing big though) will inherit this phenomenon. Companies who ignore this will have to buy the resources or become subservient.
I will list the order of things in small to big with or without the company involved.
1. Silk Browser and Amazon
2. Kindle Fire
3. Amazon Cloud Service.
Mind Amazon has only silk Browser and the Linux Utility to run the cloud systems and have no OS.
4. Eye OS and any free software browser from Dilli to Midori to Gecko go with it and the Apache.
It is available at SourceForge free.
At eyeOS, we believe in free software as a way to share new technologies and make a contribution to the community, to the explorers who have great ideas but lack the resources to build upon them.
Open Source runs in our blood. It is our story and our legacy. eyeOS was born as an Open Source Project 6 years ago and since then it has thrived with a growing worldwide community of 16,000 active members, 70 minor and major releases over time, chapters in more than 60 countries and downloads that have recently passed the 1 million mark.
5. Suse and its Cloud Service.
One can own a Cloud with Suse.
OpenSUSE comes with customized Eucalyptus, OpenNebula and OpenStack. It also supports ownCloud 2.
This is a do-it-yourself Web-based storage cloud application. OpenSUSE claims that “ownCloud is different from solutions like Google Docs, Dropbox or Ubuntu One in that it lets you own the data.
6. Not to forget Ubuntu ONE comes next.
7. Google with own OS will be the next with little community support but corporate mentality unless it decides to make amends and forge with open software.
8. Even though small Puppy Linux derivative Slako will be there to take us to the post.
9. Then the other players like Dropbox will take their due place.
10. Number 10 is any combinations above which include Meebo, JoliClouud and CloudSUB.
There will be 5 tier service protocol that will emerge.
1. Mini Browser like Silk Browser.
2. Thin Clients with lot of OEM guys having to port cloud services by default without an operating system bias. They have to produce Thin Client systems with or without proprietary operating systems.
3. Cloud Service with Clusters of Clouds in the backyard (even in my own backyard if an N.G.O will provide me the resources).
4. Mobiles (Meego, Meebo and Mobilin derivatives to link with cloud.
5. Then the all important Tablets Galore from Kindle Fire, Barnes Noble to all that come from China (China has not done anything in the line of Linux but it will flood the market first the mobile and then the Tablets).
In this 5 tier system where does the Desktop stands?
It is nowhere and most of them in the attic or porting eyeOS with Apache and Midori and become a server instead of a stand alone desktop.
Desktop era is numbered and even laptop is not immune unless, they reduce the price and add some battery power and docking mechanisms to go with it.
Instead of laptops S.S.D type of Microchip will storm the market instead of Flash Drives probably with James Bond type Audio-Video capabilities.
I may be dead by then.