Dreams 12-Royal Wedding

I sent a copy of my digital book “Dreams” for proofreading by Maha Brahma.
Just to avoid the fact that I had not sent a dream for a long time for his interpretation, I sent the following dream as an attachment.
I was bit worried that he might be little cross with me for my delay.
The time equivalent of  last three months (without a dream) is just the time he takes to have a cup of tea in Heaven, any way.
I got a return email and a chat.
He was very very very happy.
I could not believe his response in spite of me not sending any dreams for his interpretation.
He started with pleasantries.
You got your salary increment?
No Sir, we have to wait for the budget.
Then he asked me why I put the dreams in digital form and I told him that is to supplement my meagre salary.
That’s good, he said.
You have to write a another volume he said.
You won’t get the salary increment that you were anticipating, he said.
Then, I said it is bad news for me know?
But it is good news for me know?
You got to dream and dream and make another digital volume.
Or, I see.
You just told the president not to pay a salary increase to get more dreams from me?
Bit naughty, ah.
No my boy.
I won’t do a thing like that.
We gods do not do underhand things.
I knew you won’t get any salary increase from the very beginning but to avoid hurting your feeling,
I just dodged that fact.
Did you take any loans anticipating a salary increase?
No, Sir.
That’s good.
So you knew I will come back to you all along.
Yes dear, you have no option.
Why did you put a monkey on the front cover.
Is it to remember the deadly muted monkeys?
No, Sir.
Just monkeying!
Just to remind that monkeys also have a right to live, Sir.
Some of them were poisoned in Kandy, recently.
It is a good think you put the dreams in digital form.
You don’t know?
I am very bad in memorizing unlike you.
Or, I see.
Is it a problem with other gods?
But it is very different here we make an enormous effort to keep records and memorize every little detail.
That is very stupid in heaven.
Don’t con?
We live so long in heaven and if we keep records like you it will be a problem like plastics on earth.
We might need more computers than the number of gods.
I got your point.
You know I read it 3 times but I still remember only the Ape story.
That is also because of your front cover.
In the next volume you must put a lot of pictures, will you.
I cannot.
We put pictures for children’s books.
Never mind, put some pictures will you.
Yes Sir.
The dream
Royal Wedding.
I put the dream in list form to cut the long story short.
1. All ready for the wedding and lot of guest arrive.
2. Queen driving the prince to the Wedding.
3. Problems with the car and queen cannot start it and late for the wedding
4. Prince falls asleep and forgets the wedding ceremony
5. Princess fall asleep too
6. All attend the wedding but no prince and princess.
7. Everything freezes in time and in Ice Age
8. Princess’s female friend / Aunt is late for the weeding and arrives late.
9. How long the time freezes I did not dream.
10. When she arrives (very very late) everything frozen in time.
11. Gradually frozen guests come to life.
12. Queen gets the car started and Prince arrives.
13. Princess wakes from the sleep and jump into the vehicle.
14. All well and ends well.
1.No Royalties in future.
2. Richest person of the world owns a Cloud (IT industry) Consortium.
3. He has a private island of his own where all the Cloud Computers are farmed
4. His daughter gets married.
5. Enact the Royal Wedding of yesteryear
6. Invitees are all connected to the island by cloud of videos and Internet communication.
7. World’s first Internet Wedding telecast on Cloud and captured in Cloud Computing.
Time frame not known and frozen.
The ice age in the dream symbolizes that feature.
Then Maha Brahma asked me what is this Cloud Computing ?
It is bit tricky to answer in short, Sir.
I am writing a book on Cloud Computing now and the moment I finish I will send it to you digitally, yes digitally, Sir.
Is it technical?
No Sir.
i do not like technical stuff, O.K..
Shall I make the name “Cloud computing for Good, Gods and Heaven”.
Please don’t?
Ordinary people might think we do not have common sense.
Do not worry, if you do not get a salary increment but I will see that your book will be popular in heaven.
Any copyright Sir.
No you stupid, this is heaven.

See you soon with a dream.

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