Ceylon Cricket and Corruption

Cricket and Corruption
C in cricket stands for  corruption.
It is high time we change the name of Cricket to something like Picket (then we can use Paga-the bribe to get a place in the national team with political help like National List M.Ps.) or Ticket (lotto ticket) or even Wicket or Wicked Game.
I like the last name, the Wicked Game (it make the players, administrators, referees, umpires, managers and the politicians with wicked intention, making money on the sly and using sport as a vehicle of dissemination of corruption).
It used to be
Multipurpose Cooperative Societies (MCS)
Ceylon Wholesale Establishment (C.W.E)
Ceylon Transport Board (CTB)
Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB)
Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC)
That all the Cs in those five (5) institutions stands for corruption but the level was very low compared to Cricket.
Then we changed Ceylon to  Sri-Lanka expecting it to be corruption free.
Once we changed to Sri-Lanka corruption increased by 1000 folds.
In Ceylon or Sri-Lanka, corruption is the only thing that competes with Cost of Living (C.O.L) and cricket has overtaken all others.
There is no attempt by those involved to get rid of corruption and therefore, I propose the following remedies.
1. Now to stop corruption only think we can do is to stop playing cricket for 10 years.
Then these fellows will get involved in other corrupt practices.
They can join the above institutions.
In fact some of the yesteryear cricketers have entered those institutions and have made Crime in Cricket (C.I.C) a mockery with hedging deals of ill repute.
2. If not we start boycotting cricket for good and not for 10 years.
This is very easy and no loss to the social well-being and  which I practice now religiously and watch Rugby (except Sri-Lankan Rugby) especially the brand New Zealand and France play.
The way our boys are playing and also they are not paid (according to BBC), not playing cricket for 10 years is the best option we have.
Save money too.
I hope Sanagakkara and Mahela give up cricket sooner than late.
Then we can see the Real Development team (might take another 10 years to peak) and we will be not watching cricket for 20 years.
I thank Murali and Vas retiring in their good shape.
We will remember them for good but not the failing cricketers of today.
The latest C to inter the fray is C of Cyberspace.

Internet is inundated with Cyber-crimes

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