Bird Watching, Global Warming and Unusual Findings.

Bird Watching, Global Warming and Unusual Findings.

This year was unusual for me.
Our industrial action taught me how to be proactive and make best use of the extra time I had for intellectual studies not related to my paid academic activity.
Boredom would kill me if I do not use my creative thinking for some useful earthly activity.
Bird watching was one of those earthly activity I was engaged in.
I know many of us use that for mundane topics, politics or gossips.
With my connection with Maha Brahma now I know that gods do not gossip.
That does not mean that they are not interested in human activity or earthly activity.
They do because they have a lot of free time.
I have good news to break.
There was a lonely cuckoo without a mate.
I complained to Maha and he seems to have answered my call and the cuckoo has found a mate.
Thank you Maha for your kindly gesture.
You have done a another miracle this time.
The Indian Golden Oriole (Sivuru Hora) who migrates from Northern Part of Asia did not go home this time. They are supposed to breeds Uzbekistan, E Turkmenistan but I bet my bottom dollar that they did stay here and probably started breeding here for some unknown reason. I will keep a closer look at this pair and if I see more of them come February, it is most likely they are now breeding here.
We hare having something special for them in my neighborhood.
certainly it is not me. If we did not have the industrial action I would have failed to observe this phenomena.
It was more fun bird watching than listening to out treasury secretary who was very god at evading rather than finding a binding solutions.
They love problems without solution so that they can prolong our agony and  stay on course happily ever after of IMF target figures.
I had another observation.
I think birds hate very warm weather and there is total inactivity (no singing at all) when the temperature is above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This has something to do with their myoglobin physiology which nobody seems to have done any worthwhile research.
Moment there is little rain (not downpour) there is hive of activity.
They love the mulberry tree and the butterfly larvae.
Rain pattern was the most bizarre this year.
Heavy showers followed by equally dry weather that if i do not water plants wilt away.
Some of the Angle plants never grew shoots in spite of my close attention.
Flowering was erratic and the oldest pineapple plant had a flower. That was also  after I uprooted it with the weed which had invaded its rooting system with its stem rotting and I put it to final resting in a dustbin, “so to speak” thinking it might die.
Then of course the commissioning of the Coal Power Unit make us 100% electricity for year 2012.
I will not go into it now but wait for another year with my critical assessment of the effect of Coal Power on this tiny island and its non-human (avian to be precise) beings.
They are not earthly wise but confused and did not know which way to fly with warm air overhead with coal power burning 24 hours a day.
1. The pattern of air currents have changed.
2. Temperature has changed.
3. The rain pattern has changed.
4. The flowering pattern has changed.
5. Flowering of water plants changed.
6. Behavior of the angle plant was not normal.
7. Fish did not die (I was doubly protecting them this time).
Almost everything changed except my observations.
7. Above all the Indian Oriole did not go home.
Yes miracle is happening in this country. Even the birds who come here get confused not due to alcohol of course.
All the sign of miracles are heralding.
Watch for my own Earth Summit.
That will certainly will happen if I see young Orioles bred here in this country.
One has to wait for a few months only, if they do not (they will not now that the winter is coming) go back and die on their way, they will certainly will breed here.
Who said miracles cannot happen in this country.
If not in the human world it will happen in the non-human world which is fast disappearing, for good with IMF development strategy.

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