EyeNux and Distromania-Update-Alive and WELL.

EyeNux and Distromania-Update
I am writing this with happy memories.
My blog piece on EyeNux and EyeOS has done wonders.
Number one distromania is up and running.
Thank you guys for what you are doing.
Thank you for revitalizing your efforts to keep old distributions available for everybody.
Your repository was the one from where I got EyeNU in the first place.
It is now available at Softpedia too.
if you are a newbie please be patient till they get the server running smoothly.
Number two is EyeNUX 1.2 is available again and I am currently downloading it to have an image in my archive.
in case somebody needs it.
Number three EyeOs 2.5 is doing great things but they give you a zip file and one cannot run it without Apache I believe.
I hope they have an iso for us to test.
They have a great application store and i hope many developers contribute to its success.
Linux is getting Cloud Computing ready.
I am getting excited.

Thanks guys and girls for your wonderful efforts.

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