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Bird Watching, Global Warming and Unusual Findings.

Bird Watching, Global Warming and Unusual Findings.

This year was unusual for me.
Our industrial action taught me how to be proactive and make best use of the extra time I had for intellectual studies not related to my paid academic activity.
Boredom would kill me if I do not use my creative thinking for some useful earthly activity.
Bird watching was one of those earthly activity I was engaged in.
I know many of us use that for mundane topics, politics or gossips.
With my connection with Maha Brahma now I know that gods do not gossip.
That does not mean that they are not interested in human activity or earthly activity.
They do because they have a lot of free time.
I have good news to break.
There was a lonely cuckoo without a mate.
I complained to Maha and he seems to have answered my call and the cuckoo has found a mate.
Thank you Maha for your kindly gesture.
You have done a another miracle this time.
The Indian Golden Oriole (Sivuru Hora) who migrates from Northern Part of Asia did not go home this time. They are supposed to breeds Uzbekistan, E Turkmenistan but I bet my bottom dollar that they did stay here and probably started breeding here for some unknown reason. I will keep a closer look at this pair and if I see more of them come February, it is most likely they are now breeding here.
We hare having something special for them in my neighborhood.
certainly it is not me. If we did not have the industrial action I would have failed to observe this phenomena.
It was more fun bird watching than listening to out treasury secretary who was very god at evading rather than finding a binding solutions.
They love problems without solution so that they can prolong our agony and  stay on course happily ever after of IMF target figures.
I had another observation.
I think birds hate very warm weather and there is total inactivity (no singing at all) when the temperature is above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This has something to do with their myoglobin physiology which nobody seems to have done any worthwhile research.
Moment there is little rain (not downpour) there is hive of activity.
They love the mulberry tree and the butterfly larvae.
Rain pattern was the most bizarre this year.
Heavy showers followed by equally dry weather that if i do not water plants wilt away.
Some of the Angle plants never grew shoots in spite of my close attention.
Flowering was erratic and the oldest pineapple plant had a flower. That was also  after I uprooted it with the weed which had invaded its rooting system with its stem rotting and I put it to final resting in a dustbin, “so to speak” thinking it might die.
Then of course the commissioning of the Coal Power Unit make us 100% electricity for year 2012.
I will not go into it now but wait for another year with my critical assessment of the effect of Coal Power on this tiny island and its non-human (avian to be precise) beings.
They are not earthly wise but confused and did not know which way to fly with warm air overhead with coal power burning 24 hours a day.
1. The pattern of air currents have changed.
2. Temperature has changed.
3. The rain pattern has changed.
4. The flowering pattern has changed.
5. Flowering of water plants changed.
6. Behavior of the angle plant was not normal.
7. Fish did not die (I was doubly protecting them this time).
Almost everything changed except my observations.
7. Above all the Indian Oriole did not go home.
Yes miracle is happening in this country. Even the birds who come here get confused not due to alcohol of course.
All the sign of miracles are heralding.
Watch for my own Earth Summit.
That will certainly will happen if I see young Orioles bred here in this country.
One has to wait for a few months only, if they do not (they will not now that the winter is coming) go back and die on their way, they will certainly will breed here.
Who said miracles cannot happen in this country.
If not in the human world it will happen in the non-human world which is fast disappearing, for good with IMF development strategy.

Global Warming and IT industry, any connection?

I was post postponing writing about global warming for sometime and it was related to bird watching (that will come soon) and not IT industry.
I predicted this 5 years ago (Flooding) and at that time every American Scientist, including Scientific American was skeptic but the email doctoring incident bared before the Earth Summit (in which only European Nation New Zealand and the former PM Helen Clark stood against that conviction) and all Scientist are in broad agreement now that global warming is taking shape in real time.
I never though the floods in Thailand would adversely effect the IT industry.
There is acute shortages of Hard drives and the supply will fall behind demand by over 6 months.
The best Christmas present one can give this time round is a good external hard drive.
I cannot go for a SSD but bought a hard drive on loan since the vendor guys alerted me well in advance.
Even the computer manufacturing will come down and this will add to the HP Saga and it is supposed to be stockpiling hard drives (supposed to be ordered for PCs they discontinued producing) to make gain of the losses they had with tablets.
This is a strange world and one does not know which will hit you first(debt crisis or floods).
So don’t load your hard drives with videos and if you have money buy at least an external drive.
Happy Christmas for guys and Girls in the IT industry.
I will be writing about global warming in Sri-Lankan perspective soon and not about computers and IT.
Guys this is a good time to promote Cloud Computing and their Server Capacity.
Hurry Up.
Read my book on Kindle if you have spare time.

Cloud Computing and what one can expect in year 2012?

Cloud Computing and what one can expect in year 2012?

It is too early to predict but we are gearing up to lot of innovations.
These innovations come not because we ave become groovy but because of necessity.
Already some writers who have seen the “Sea Change” making analogy to Volkswagen Era.
It is Hitlers creation but it outlasted him by a century.
The people car , the Volkswagen (People’s Wagon) he built to take advantage of harsh conditions in the Africa where water for cooling was not available Beetle was even built in  Uganda in latter part of the last century.
Now the analogy is different. Fossil fuel is becoming exhausted with www in vogue and the whole world connected one need not travel far to get new technology and the freedom for innovation open for everybody.
In comes Amazon Kindle and its Silk Browser to go with the Cloud Computers we are in for a sea change.
Amazon will lead at a time whole western economy is collapsing due to “greed based economy” that was developed by greedy high flying CEOs.
One need not fly one need is a fast Internet and only a Silk browser to be connected and high flyers are wasting money of their own and cloud will actually make many people redundant in the IT  industry employed by corporate clients.
There is centralization and decentralization going in hand in hand.
When there is economic crisis redundancy will not be tolerated and machine will take over.
In this case the computer.
In another 20 years it is predicted the “cloud cluster computers” will surpass human intelligence and CEOs become redundant.
Small become beautiful and big and bigger (IBM mentality) mentality will be replaced by “Ant Philosophy”.
Each small unit of computer power (Linux Clustering replaced Super Computers and even NASA used it when the money supply went down) will add and make “a cloud of computers” super powerful that few companies (they can thing big though) will inherit this phenomenon. Companies who ignore this will have to buy the resources or become subservient.
I will list the order of things in small to big with or without the company involved.
1. Silk Browser and Amazon
2. Kindle Fire
3. Amazon Cloud Service.
Mind Amazon has only silk Browser and the Linux Utility to run the cloud systems and have no OS.
4. Eye OS and any free software browser from Dilli to Midori to Gecko go with it and the Apache.
It is available at SourceForge free.
At eyeOS, we believe in free software as a way to share new technologies and make a contribution to the community, to the explorers who have great ideas but lack the resources to build upon them.
Open Source runs in our blood. It is our story and our legacy. eyeOS was born as an Open Source Project 6 years ago and since then it has thrived with a growing worldwide community of 16,000 active members, 70 minor and major releases over time, chapters in more than 60 countries and downloads that have recently passed the 1 million mark.
5. Suse and its Cloud Service.
One can own a Cloud with Suse.
OpenSUSE comes with customized Eucalyptus, OpenNebula and OpenStack. It also supports ownCloud 2.
This is a do-it-yourself Web-based storage cloud application. OpenSUSE claims that “ownCloud is different from solutions like Google Docs, Dropbox or Ubuntu One in that it lets you own the data.
6. Not to forget Ubuntu ONE comes next.
7. Google with own OS will be the next with little community support but corporate mentality unless it decides to make amends and forge with open software.
8. Even though small Puppy Linux derivative Slako will be there to take us to the post.
9. Then the other players like Dropbox will take their due place.
10. Number 10 is any combinations above which include Meebo, JoliClouud and CloudSUB.
There will be 5 tier service protocol that will emerge.
1. Mini Browser like Silk Browser.
2. Thin Clients with lot of OEM guys having to port cloud services by default without an operating system bias. They have to produce Thin Client systems with or without proprietary operating systems.
3. Cloud Service with Clusters of Clouds in the backyard (even in my own backyard if an N.G.O will provide me the resources).
4. Mobiles (Meego, Meebo and Mobilin derivatives to link with cloud.
5. Then the all important Tablets Galore from Kindle Fire, Barnes Noble to all that come from China (China has not done anything in the line of Linux but it will flood the market first the mobile and then the Tablets).
In this 5 tier system where does the Desktop stands?
It is nowhere and most of them in the attic or porting eyeOS with Apache and Midori and become a server instead of a stand alone desktop.
Desktop era is numbered and even laptop is not immune unless, they reduce the price and add some battery power and docking mechanisms to go with it.
Instead of laptops S.S.D type of Microchip will storm the market instead of Flash Drives probably with James Bond type Audio-Video capabilities.
I may be dead by then.

Cloud Computing and Kids With Cancer

Cloud Computing and Kids With Cancer
When it comes to computing power guys and girls in the medical field use lot of computing power but they rarely understand the logic behind computer power but they want reliable logistic to back up their failing clinical acumen.
MRI is a good example where the human eye fails to beat a computer eye of imaging.
When it comes to cancer early detection is mandatory and we are yet to develop cellular level tagging mechanisms to detect early cancer. It is possible but with genome project well in advance scope for personalized treatment for cancer is breaking news.
Following is a statement regarding a cancer that come early in life and amenable to treatment probably if diagnosed early with genomic tagging mechanism to evaluate the effect of treatment.
How can the cloud computing help?
If all the current data available is put to a “Cloud Cluster” and then this information can be shared with the rest of the world. Computer resources are centralized but the actual clinical data are shared.
Instead of one institute putting their eggs (expenses) in one basket we are going to have eggs planted all over the planet and share the cost of computing.
Prototypes are emerging and it is a very good thing in medical filed.
Already we have an enormous amount of information in the Medical Library Systems an often this information is redundant if not put into good use.
It is time WHO wakes up and see the potential and develop it.
It has to be integrated with the curricula of medical training programs.
Below is an attempt to integrate data into a Cloud Cluster.
I hope this experiment generate impetus for far bigger projects.
“It’s easier to develop treatments for adult patients because there is typically a large sample of people to study and there’s a wider variety of FDA-approved drugs and dosages to choose from, Jeffrey Trent, president and research director of the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), said at Thursday’s press conference. TGen will operate the cluster at its facility in Phoenix”.


My comment about YOGA.
I am sorry I have to be medical again.
People are not bone equal and some people are different.
I am one of them.
I have a straight back which never bend backward or forward to injustice.
It is a very bad trait in this part of the world.
Yoga is an injustice to my body and my back.
When I was kid (then I was very clear about myself) I tried to sit like Lord Buddha with legs strapped in front like a serpent.
Buddha was in this posture, so the story says, when a cobra hooded itself and sheltering Buddha from rain and probably as a friendly gesture  Buddha imitated the cobra twist..
It was a pretty good act.
I am not a snake (their vertebrae can slide or subluxate after a heavy meal) and I could never do that posture and never wanted to try YOGA in that reptilian posture.
All YOGA GURUs think we descend from snakes (evolutionary may be) and want us to be snakes like without any charm.
This is where I agree with your comment..
Going bit further one can be in any posture while doing moment meditation and fact that you are not an acrobat in reptilian posture should not deter you trying meditation.
YOGA is a true distraction to MEDITATION and that is my view.
One’s leg muscles need free flow of blood and if not one gets Venous Thrombosis which can kill you like the Australian kid who died playing more than 24 hours of Video games.
One can do meditation while walking, that means one is catching two birds (not hitting, those poor guys) with one stone.
Indian traditions however die-hard even in the 21st century.
Let them perfect the YOGA and market it and not me.
By the way I was a very good athlete and a sportsman, in bygone years.
Either one takes up YOGA or do sports and enjoy.
I wonder whether the guys/girls doing YOGA enjoy it or is it a daily dose of routine.
Is it better than a cup of tea in the morning?
I wonder?

Very rare Counselling Episode

Very rare Counselling Episode
This is something I wrote in a blog post as some help for someone who is trapped in a legal strings (trapping).
I am  doctor who does not practice (now I am a teacher but it is very boring stuff) and take my advice with pinch of salt..
I never do counseling, even I am paid.
This is an exception.
I must tell you best of my creativity came when I stopped practicing my trade looking after only the sick (not looking after healthy kids is abnormal).
1. Your kids are healthy I believe and supporting them is not a crime (if your ex-wife takes the money and does not look after them well that is a CRIME).
The fact that you do not see them may be a good thing and you can concentrate on your well paid job.
2. I believe your are top notch professional and giving up that job may make you miserable.

In my case it was a blessing, stop doing postmortem was a blessing.

3. when you are professional one sometimes does not have an escape route.
I found two.

a. One is Linux Computing.
b. Then writing about (more of blogging) Linux.
4. My job is poorly paid but less stress teaching a thing that is in my bones and second nature and simple.
5. We had a long drawn out industrial action and I was bored and started gathering my writing and wrote a book for the first time.
I never thought I would write a book in my lifetime.
I had three months of holiday (paid-I had a reserve to last even 6 months) but because I could not leave the place on a vacation, I was self imprisoned.
The creativity comes when one is trapped like that and you are trapped by legal strings.
If I were you like Alucher I will write a book (both of you get together and do it, it will be a best seller for this century) stating how bad and how one sided the legal system is.
Any correct Legal system should balance the evidence and should not be crude like in your case.
There are lot more people like you who does not like the legal system which needs reforms.
You won’t believe me, I wrote three books on Linux soon after the strike. I am not a computer man but a simple doc.!
You are not a legal man but your experience make you a better judge than the one who sat on your case.
Mind you must not refer to your case (contempt of court and you might end up in prison) in your book but take other relevant information, not necessarily not in your country of residence.
Or think of a hypothetical country or as a dream (anybody can dream).
I wrote a book on dreams and in that book all what was relevant to out strike was included and nobody take me to court.
To get some ideas (business strategy) read my book dreams available in Kindle.
Amazon Books  Dr.Asoka.

I believe you need a break and I hope over the last 6 months you had that.
Good Luck.
KIT (Keep In Touch) with your friends.

Fedora is going great guns!

This is a comment I made in response to a scathing remark on Fedora on HP platform.
My advice is to tell you, that one should not buy HP products except Cloud Services.
I never speak for a company or corporation. I agree with you in that context. I speak only for the users, using old and new computers. In this part of the world most of the users, use pirated copies and they are reluctant accept Linux.
I try my best to promote Linux and not making a headway still.
The type of remarks you make kills the Linux philosophy.
I have tested over Linux 200 distributions ( I use about 10 computers and a laptop- no netbook used in for testing) over the past one year and I have not found a single distribution that satisfy all my needs. When I find a problem I immediately report it and I am glad to say unlike Windows, the Linux developers find a solution within three months. They never disappoint me in finding a solution. I have many examples but no need for me to elaborate. In your case you should have done the same thing and just wait for three months and you would have found a solution.
That is what a corporate person should do.

I have worked with corporate clients in the past and that is what I used to do when a problem is detected.
There is nothing Linux cannot solve unlike windows.
In scientific sense scathing generalization is very bad. That is what you are doing. Please do not take it personally but I have seen this often with many others doing the same.
I have already published 3 books (digital and print) and one on Cloud computing with user in mind. I have addressed some of the issues you have raised in my books. Just Type Dr. Asoka (I do not like to use this medical term in the web) at Amazon’s books, you will get to the books which include other fields.
Computing is not my major it is my hobby.
Update on Genome Live just posted at parafox.
Unlike Ubuntu’s Unity, Fedora Unity Desktop (I think it is Unity-I may be wrong) is amazingly beautiful and a new desktop experience.
They have iron out the problem with Workplaces and they are placed on the right hand side for easy manipulation for right handed guy/girl.
Its application arrangement is good unlike in Ubuntu Unity, which is both Applications and Software management.
We have to get used to this new desktop and give them constructive criticism.
I love the new experience in my old age and have to go through with this learning curve, like a kid which invigorate me and make me feel young.
It has a nice introduction and help page, too.
As regard to HP, the information is coming from Tech-Republic and not my own.