Dream 15 and its interpretation

The Dream

It is long time since I had a dream to  post to Maha Brahma and true to my nature when I am on holiday mood but not going for any holiday due to cash trapped problems or cash-strapped eventuality, I dream a lot.

I have already spend my November salary and I did not go out on Saturday even to the bookshops due to the same reason. I finished all my house chores which included feeding the fish and attending to water plants and the Internet browsing and went to sleep like a log.

I cannot remember what time but I could not see any (did not bother seeing them anyway) digital editions of Sunday papers.

Linux downloads were painfully slow.

It got to be before midnight.

I could remember having a big tea and loads of cookies, bananas and chocolates, since my intention was to, not to get up with shivering (winter cold is hitting us now) in early morning with hunger pains.

Long nap was due in shape and nothing interesting to do on Sunday morning except sleeping to my heart content.

I did not expect to dream, though.

But there was lot of it.

Dreams and dreams.

I was invited to a Water Summit.

It was not an Earth Summit and even in my dreams they do not invite me for Earth / or Environment Summit. They are scared that I come out with bare facts of mother nature not some bizarre concocted figures.

Everybody who was somebody was greeting me and to my surprise even Environment Lady Helen Clark was there to greet me.

She greeted me and that was the first time I met her face to face and before I could even start a conversation with her, I was ushered to a big platform which looked like Antarctica to me and I was elected as the earth representative with a big applause.

I had a strange feeling as if I was in heaven.

Everybody who was somebody was known to me and there were no enemies at all. Only missing person which I dearly expected was my dog and he was not there. There was nobody from home and in my dream and I knew instantaneously it was a dream for sure and I could please Maha Brahma when I wake up and I went into real dream’s dream mode, so to speak, if I may.

So I was taken into water polo event and then another event and another event and it was never ending high fun.

No distractions at all.

Finally they let me rest in a far corner of this dream land where there were no mosquitoes.

I remember telling one person who looked like an angel, I like tea but hate mosquitoes.

I remember them asking me  “tea or coffee” not with the British or American Air Hostesses’ Accent but very very sweet pronunciation with an appropriate pause in between, indeed for “is it with sugar and / or milk”.

I had a very invigorating cuppa and without batting an eyelid I was in “Metta Meditation Mode, the 3 M Mode of my contemplations, without mosquitoes. I must tell you that I cannot practice even in my dream Metta Meditation if there were mosquitoes around which are plenty now in this blessed land affected by global warming. It was simply due to my medical training where we were (like in dogs) trained to tune into subtlest of or a faintest of murmurs and the mosquitoes beatings (somewhat similar to our Suntush’s Music) down my ears are like bomb blasts to me.

I was in a prolonged Metta Mode and nobody disturbed me.

Then I woke to the tune of my dog who was greeting the visitors.

I looked at the clock.

Past 1 P.M.

It was 14 hours of long sleep and 14 hour-long nice healthy dream.

I washed my face and joined the lunch few minutes late without a cup of tea.

It was very strange and usually my dreams are bizarre to say the least and nothing futuristic in content. Immediately posted an email and in return of post I get a Maha’s Voiced Mail (M.V.M).

He was in a jolly good mood but I wasn’t.

I told him this one was a dull dream and it was like my childhood days and now with lot of bad experiences, nobody would ever elect me as an earth representative (they won’t select me to represent even hell, though – they are sacred I do a good job there with my supercomputer program) and I knew in my heart it was a dream.

Then he told me, I was checking your heart beat and it was very slow and there were no heart sounds audible and your brain waves were very smooth and there was a nice aura around your vertex, I thought you were attaining Nibbana in your dream and I did not want to disturb you.

What nonsense I told him.

One of your angel guys told me that there were no mosquitoes and I did not believe him and I, as a good precaution went into energy-saving metabolic mode (E.S.M.M.) and that is why I did not exhale CO2 (to prevent global warming) and the heart was slow.

You thought I was dead.

Weren’t you?

He was bit embarrassed with my last tone of voice.

I nearly did but the aura around your vertex was visible and it was very pleasing.

You do not know anything about M.M.M. Mode.

Isn’t it?

One get this Aura when in Metta meditation I told him.

Or, I see.

Yes, we do not have anybody to feel jealous or angry in heaven and Metta Meditation has no value in heaven.

My gosh?

You mean to say we earthlings have to have enemies to make the effort of Metta Meditation.

Don’t con Sir.

We in this blessed land practice Hate Philosophy and it is the only valid currency.

No Metta for even Generals who were veterans of Hate Philosophy if one is not of the same colour or race or creed.

I cannot believe it.

Calm down Son.

You practiced Metta Meditation even without having major enemies (except of course mosquitoes) and it is a good practice.

I saw you were levitating and not touching on the bed below at one point.

Don’t con Sir.

It is true and it is better to go into Metta meditation in your dream.

But there is one problem Sir, I did not dream anything in that long period and there was a long inner silence, Sir.

No dreams?

Yes Sir.

He was taken aback.

Dream or no dreams can you teach me M.M.M.

No problem Sir.

Just recite Karaneeya Metta Sutta (KMS) and you get the feel of it, Sir.

What is this Vissudhi Magga?

It is what is recommended, isn’t it?

Don’t worry about it Sir.

That is only recommended for earthlings who spread Hate Philosophy and love dead bodies around them or see the enemies undergo untold suffering in prison and not for nice godly people like you.

Is there a second part to my dream?

Yes, YES.

Why didn’t you interrupt the dream?

There was no necessity and you were not at all in danger except your slow breathing and the slow heartbeat but your brain was in full swing.

I see.

What was the second part?

Well, well it was not good at all.

Do you want to hear it.


What I am going to tell is not good news but here it goes like this.

1. They had excavated Sethsundaram and got only a very little gas and petroleum but the money spent was not enough to pay for the debts and income was meager.

2. There was a long period of drought.

3. They continue to use coal as energy source.

4. Global warming peaked and Alps were barren land no snow for skiing.

5. Nasty earth quake shook the Indian plate.

6. The crack went though the belly of India dividing it to two North and South.

7. Another deep crack went through Sethusundarum and Sri-Lanka was pushed towards Australia and to the south.

8. There was a strong tsunami and that took all the Maldives islands for good.

9. Within months of this catastrophe what looked like a black hole exploded and the effect was to have great amount of radiation and heat enough to increase the earth atmosphere by 10 ° C.

10. Two thirds of the Lanka was down and under water what looked like the port was near Gampaha and the rest is history.

What happened to the parliament?


Don’t con?

11. I must tell you one important thing and you must not tell present politicians.

Will you?

No, I promised.

Long time before the episode I mentioned here happened, Sri-Lankan voters had created a Digital Monster (DM-not DiyaWadana Nilame) and every time a politician lies his tongue get blown away and the second time they lie the heads get blown away and there was long period of good governance.

Then, they had a budget speech one day and everybody was having the after budget cocktail and what was called the Third Force / Third Revolution digitally coined blasted the entire parliament.

What happened was a mistake.

They had programmed the server to detect even the tiniest of lies of digital content and the programmer forgot to include the proviso, one can have a little lie as a yarn to illustrate how old politicians perennially lied and as a joke in the tea party time.

He, the MP did not say it was a joke and before the crowd could laugh the computer thought he was lying and automatic automated activity instantaneously activated to blast the entire parliament with it members.

This MP was the youngest in that crowd and he actually took oath on the same day and he was not told of the parliamentary etiquette before the tea party.

Then there was a long period without party politics and that was the best period in Sri-Lankan living history till the above natural catastrophe took a turn for the worse.

You mean to say there were only two recipes for the civil society.


1. Do not lie.

2. Do not have party politics.

You mean to say if we keep one precept of the five precepts there will be wonders in this land.

Yes, but it has to be digitally controlled with population expansion and explosion.

But we are digitally backward and only 132 with 26 computers use Linux in this land.

Only Linux and not Microsoft can achieve that target of developing a Lie Free Server (L.F.S) in this country.

That will take eons in the present rate?

Don’t you realize?

You got a big responsibility to promote Linux before you kick the bucket and not Microsoft.

You have to persevere and promote Linux with same enthusiasm with cloud computing to help you.

Will you do that?

Yes SIR.

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