Dream 16 and its interpretation

Dream 16 and its interpretation
This dream was short but I was in trouble.
I was trying to find a toilet for fast number ONE and not number TWO.
I was on a holiday of some sort in an unfriendly remote corner of the earth.
Place looked like Alaska.
It would have been in Alberta or on Alaska looking for tar sand or rare metal deposits.
Trouble was I could not find a self-contained cubicle to do that job out of sight and out of open view.
Finally I found a place without the roof but only the squatting plate made in marble.
A posh site without bystanders and also without a roof in open air.
It got to be Alaska or Alberta.
Then I sat down but its size and proportions made me to realize it was not made for a man of my size but probably for an elephant.
The second problem was to find a little plastic container to fetch some water to do the final bottom clean up.
Unlike, the guys and girls of the west who use paper toilet we still prefer the wet toilette and getting wet in the process.
Finally I found a thrash can, in actual fact three in number placed one on top of the other.
It looked like a vessel left by a pre-historic man and it had almost fossilized.
I dug it up from the snow. 
I was finally ready armed to the teeth as it were, now ready for the plunge or the big DROP.
I was figuring out how to make a simple do and quick exit before somebody click an ireport on my exploits on a hitherto barren land and send it to CNN for a quick FLASH of NEWS.
But I was rudely interrupted by a guy who looked to me like 5 star janitor wearing something which looked like a spacesuit which I had never seen before.
It was of bright golden colour.
Other strange thing was he looked like he never touched the ground as if he was levitating.
He splashed a golden creamy stuff which looked like egg shampoo to me on the marble floor and then splashed double the amount of the stuff on the bath tub / tiny water pool and turned round in a flash towards me, telling me, that I should position my feet on the correct alignment marked by what looked like to me elephant footprints and to my amazement he was trying to positioned my feet (not my bottoms on the correct trajectory).
It was strange feeling. 
I was trying my bottoms in correct alignment in this massive cesspit but he was trying to get my feet aligned and he was about to hold one of my feet and I felt ticklish and embarrassed.
Next thing I knew was I was holding my right foot with one hand and the other hand on my bottoms to see whether I had some accidental runs in my sleep.
Woke up but not in need for any voids.
In any case in my half dreamy state I walked to the toilet and tried the big one.
No need.
Tried the number TWO, a tiny dribble.
I soon realized I was only dreaming and quickly went back to my bed for the second round of my sleep without any interruption from dreams or mosquitoes.
I am hard for a good dream and Maha would be equally pleased to interpret this in any case, decided to email it when I am up and in correct senses.
True to his character he answered the dream in KIND. 
I asked him was there a second part.
NO he said.
Is it futuristic?
Yes he said.
Was it Alaska?
Where was it?
Can’t you guess?
It got to be heaven!
It got to be me going to heaven?
I am not supposed to tell that to you in advance.
It was very dull dream, I reflected on it.
No son, it is a very good one.
In case if you want to come here it god for you to know the heaven protocol, Isn’t it?
Yes Sir. 
Are there marble toilets in heaven?
We really like marble floors on toilets.
Eve on our final resting places on earth are marble floored and lined, I told him.
The last thing you see before you leave earth and say good-bye to, is toilets.
We do not have toilets in heaven.
But we have a small area designated for earthlings just before you enter heaven.
What you saw in your dream is the quarantine in practice.
Who was that guy doing the quarantine?
He was a guy working in the parliament in Ceylon.
He was the one who used to remove all the offensive language before entering in the hanzard.
Is that enough to enter heaven.
In that case no parliament MP enters the heaven.
Thank god for telling that truth.
Shall I tell you the protocol before entering the heaven.
Yes, SIR.
We have 10 steps to proper quarantine at the gate of heave.
I will give that in a list form.
OK, Sir.
Protocol before entering heaven for earthling.
1.  First we give Bowel Wash.
2.  Hand Wash and body wash
3.  All Food in your bowel washed out during stage one are incinerated. 
4.  Then Head Wash
Most of these items are done by the funeral directors, aren’t they?
Yes but still we prefer a follow-up clean.
5. Brain Wash washing the brain of rubbish that are put on you by the psychologists
Under hypnosis a psychologist on earth will tell you that one swallows 3 to 10 spiders a night on an average. 
This type of false propaganda has to be washed out completely.
6. Brain Drain is a technique to get all redundant information like
Positive thinking
Creative brain
Logical brain
Lateral brain
Use 10% of the Brain
Then we drain all the psychological theories put on your brain by management trainers on earth.
They are all rubbish and has no validity on heaven.
This is the most difficult part of the clean up process.
The I told him we spend an enormous amount of these trainer training programs.
That is not my problem.
But if you can avoid these American programs it is so much the better if you consider entering heaven.
You mean to say lot of Americans will never sight the heaven.
TRUE my dear.
What about their M.B.As and Emotional intelligent training, they teach in HARVARD.
They are useless in heaven.
7. Brain Train
Then we train them to think.
After the above seven we start on Moment Meditation.
I was very good at present moment meditation training and since I am very short of memory especially the past..But I am very bad at Metta Meditation since i do not have any enemies in heaven. In my past lives I had only friend and that was a long period.
That is why I am very bad at Metta Meditation.
That is why I asked you to tell me how to practice Metta to enemies.
8. Present Moment Meditation
I do it myself.
9. Metta Meditation.
I actually delegate this part to earthlings who come here.
But when I saw the nice aura around your vertex, I was naturally inquisitive.
10. Trained Brains Train for other earthly beings.
Then when we get those Trained Brained Guys (T.B.G) from earth come here and  asked me for big favours, I put them in a TRAIN and put one of their guys to on control room and take a break.
These clever guys on earth must get to very good places in heaven, won’t they?
They drive themselves to HELL.
Don’t you realize that one needs very little brain to enter heaven.
You only need a big brain to hoodwink another big brain.
That is necessary only on earth.
Not in heaven.
Don’t be too brainy and he disappeared.

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