Dream 17 and its interpretation

Dream 17 and its interpretation
This dream was short but I was again in trouble.
The beginning of the dream was in real dreamy state.
I wasn’t sure whether this happened in the kitchen or in the bed room.
I was doing something boring with my computer, I got up to the pantry, to make a cup of tea.
Then I saw either kettle or the iron on the surface of the table which looked my bed plugged to the wall but nobody there and the gadget either kettle without water or the iron on full throttle.
What ever it was there was some impending danger.
My flash of memory was not me who left the gadget unattended by my wife.
Mind you I am also very good at doing similar thing but this time no alibi to blame.
I quickly pulled the plug out but before I could do anything there was some flames coming under the gadget and in a second it spread all over.
I tried my best to damp it down but in a minute everything was on fire and my books and the some stuff I prepared for some urgent meeting was in flames.
I quickly ran calling to my wife and was looking for my dog, in case the fellow was caught up in the fire.
Before I could put the blame on my wife I was woken up visibly shaken up by the dream.
Then when I came to senses, I remembered of a similar incident in UK where the house of my friend was almost completely demolished and they were living in a temporary accommodation till the house was refurbished.
I remember they told by email by this Christmas they were likely to move in again and would be in Sri-Lanka for short holiday.
I attributed all this to that incident and try to go back to sleep but for some unknown reason I could not fall back to sleep again, which is usually automatic with another minor episodic dream.
In any case I decided to post this dream to Maha Brahma for subsequent details.
In the background of his voice mail I felt he was laughing meekly at me.
I asked him you we laughing at me aren’t you?
It is nice to see you when frightened and how silly you looked when trying to douche a minor flame. 
You did all the stupid things one should not do at a scene of fire.
1. Number one you were trying to find a culprit for the offense.
It could have been you yourself to be blamed in the first instance.
Never try to find a culprit at a scene of a crisis.
2. I pulled the plug out, didn’t I?
That was the only sensible thing you did.
3. You took a cotton pillow and tried to hit the flame with it.
That was first thing that made me laugh. 
4. Then you put the pillow on top of the fire and took some books and tried to thrash the fire. 
I know you treasure your books and why the hell did you took a book in hand.
Did I?
May be my gut feeling and I only had to do something to protect my other books.
That is why I could not stop laughing.
5. Then you made a quick exit without closing the door.
6. You did not look where your dog was?
He usually sleep under your bed doesn’t he? 
That was naughty of you.
7. You were going for the throat of your wife and forgot about the dog, didn’t you?
I suppose so.
I had to intervene in your dream, if it continued your wife would have thrashed your nut with a MoleGaha (with  a pestle).
That was the second part of the dream wasn’t it?
Where did this happen?
In your bedroom and you were the culprit of leaving the iron switched on.
I don’t iron my cloths usually.
But you were to attend a workshop on Linux as a resource person.
Don’t con?
When they mention about Linux they have a hearty laugh at me, saying that MAD Linux DOCTOR.
He was poor in his medical knowledge that is why he talks about Linux.
Do they say so.
Unfortunately Yes, SIR.
I thought they respect for your wits.
Not anymore Sir, this new minister had made us look like stupid axxxss.
No I am thinking of leaving no sooner I get a better place.
Is it that bad.
But you had very good dreams when you were on strike know?
We have to go on strike again to have a good dreams, this time of course with a better salary structure, Sir
Don’t be that optimistic, son.
You won’t get anything better.
I know Sir, they are already withdrawn the 25% from some of the researchers.
Hidden clauses in the circular which they fail to interpret favorably.
Did you have a protocol.
On what?
Will I get the 25%.
You have to wait and see.
Or I see.
Aren’t you interested about the interpretation of the dream?
Sorry Sir.
It is good news.
Your book on Cloud Computing will hit a niche in the cloud market.
You are going to be invited for a forum to discuss future plans for free software cloud strategy.
You are going to direct a Cloud Consortium.
You must stop buying books from now onwards.
Even yesterday I reserved book on philosophy of Science.
Stop buying BOOKS.
Wait for digital books and in future there is no place for paper books.
But I love books and their smell. 
I cannot resist if I see a good book.
In that case only that book, NO MORE!
Cloud will have all your published books in digital form and the print format will go for few archives in central museums.
In 100 years from now your books will be chosen as the best of the last century by a panel of judges.
You will have to burn all your old books for firewood and nobody will read them.
That is why I said do not by any new books.
In any case I have to do that, Sir.
They are expensive and I cannot afford them.
 So become a digital bionic, will you.
Are you writing any books.
What are they?
Water Logic and Water Politics.
Loss of Biodiversity.
There were species called birds in this planet.
Air pollution.
They are all wonderful ideas and children 100 your from now will call you not Santa Claus but Puppy Linux PUPPA and his stories.
No Santa Claus then?
See you soon

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