Sabayon-7.0-Linux Update

Sabayon-7.0-Linux Update
If one is fed up with the changes happening with Ubuntu one has an escape route.
It is Sabayon Linux.
Sabayon is Gentoo derivative and has working XBMC as a media center.
Gnome three for me is much better front than Unity as it is now.
Sabayon has LXDE,XFCE,KDE and Gnome.
For me a KDE convert new Gnome gives a very pleasing experience.
Sabayon is the most complete Linux distribution available currently.
It even beats PCLinux since PCLinux is still behind with the work for 64 bits architecture.
Unfortunately it is not cloud ready yet.
My top five are (in my order of choice are)
1. Pingue Linux
2. Ubuntu Unity and its derivatives including Ultimate Linux and Ultimate Linux gamer.
3. Sabayon
4. PClinux Fullmonty.
5. Suse / Fedora
Mind you I have not mentioned my favorites.
They are Puppy Linux, Knoppix and DEBIAN.
There 95 more Linux distributions and i have all of them with in my archive for demonstrations.
I am fond of all of them equally and if I did not mention those 95, they are mentioned here at parafox and asokaplus.
You are free to browse them.
Reason for choosing Ubuntu is its ability have its nose in front and being proactive with Cloud Computing.
It is behind with Sinhala but blame goes to Sri=Lankan polity we were practising war games and still spread hate philosophy 2 years after and we have no time for our mother tongue with Linux.
Nobody should blame for lack of Sinhala but thanks to Anuradha Debian has Sinhala Capability.

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