Dream 20 and its interpretation

Dream 20 and its interpretation
Dream 20 was somewhat different.
I was investigated for being in my birthday suit.
Twice I had being availing myself the freedom of not wearing cloths in a godforsaken place.
Not at home
Not in my office
Somewhere in my dreamland I cannot still figure out.
First time was brief.
I was guilt stricken.
What will my home people say?
What will my colleagues would say?
Then the second time was more of time for it to be detected by the outside world.
That include my colleagues.
The end result was an inquiry into my behaviour.
Unfortunately for me inquirer was a female with whom I had strained relationship on some unrelated academic matter.
The inquiry went like this.
Why did you do that on the first occasion.
I said it is my privilege and right to be naked when I wanted to be.
I was born naked and I do not understand why I need to wear a dress except to protect from elements.
Especially when the climate is too hot to wear a tie and a coat.
Then I was asked why you did it for the second time.
I said well it is easy the second time.
It is difficult to lie the first time but the second and third lies become almost spontaneous.
So me being naked in public was less of a problem
Didn’t you have any guilt or shame?
First time yes.
If my family members knew it would have been a difficult ground to defend and they would have assumed many more reason for me to be stark naked.
What about the second time?
Well now my home people knows it before it becomes world-wide gossip, it is the done for it to be repeated, say while watching a cricket match which is dull.
The the question, why did you do that?
I said it is my human right.
Animal can do that.
My cat does it.
My dog does it.
Even the big elephants do it.
So why not me?
I do not find any logic in it.
When I see young ones, often the married females do almost everything to bear themselves free, almost naked in public nowadays why when a man is found naked it is obscene.
This expression the lady investigating me a back step.
She was appropriately dressed.
I hope if she was more bare perhaps wearing only a tiny weeny bikini to witness my innocence.
Besides I have only a very limited span to reveal unlike in the females.
Some soft parts and some hard parts were revealed.
Then I said the soft part was not made hard anyway?
The the lady in gear was in a state of shock and the investigation abruptly ended without any conclusion.
I was left without any objective finding what the rationale for wearing cloths which are getting expensive by the day especially the foot wear.
I expound the wisdom that only underwear should be absolutely expensive but not the over-wear or the overcoat to protect us from elements.
This was good one for Maha to interpret.
I include two more and he was promptly available by Voice Mail.
He asked me why did you send three instead of one.
The I told him I was down with a flu and the first two were when i was down a bit.
The last one was when I had almost recovered except I could not bear the rain and the cold weather accompanied.
Then he asked which one I preferred interpretation first.
I told him the last and the others were under bad weather conditions physically and I told him the last one I enjoyed the most the inquiry into my simple behavior change.
Before he could commence, I asked him do gods wear cloths?
No he said.
Don’t co?
Yes we do not have to wear cloths and we merge our bodies with the environment as it were one whole gracious thing.
I cannot understand that.
You got to come here and see.
I am not supposed to tell.
So if I am coming to heaven it is no point having a nice dress rehearsal for the funeral parlor guys.
Why do they spend a lot for the last dress which I am not really wearing myself, anyway.
You got to ask the funeral guys we are not experts on human clothing.
You mean to say if one is going to hell, he or she should wear a nice dress.
Yes, I suppose so, the guys in the hell won’t let you have one or borrow one to wear.
You go to be ready and be naked if necessary.
Then I am the one who is going to hell. 
In my dream I was without any cloths in my birthday suit.
Isn’t it?
Well it is not like that.
If you really won’t to be naked you may choose to go to hell but coming back to the interpretation, you were handling the inquiry very well and I was enjoying your real human logic.
then why did you stop me in my dream?
I did not.
Who did it?
The lady did it.
Don’t you realize?
She has not had a real HARD one for sometime.
Didn’t she?
That is why some of them get involved in investigations and administration and NOT REAL LIFE.
Or I see.
Are you really want to hear the interpretation.
It is not at all related to you.
It is futuristic.
In time to come with debt crisis rising to trillions in America people will not get good salaries.
The food prices will go up.
Clothing will go up.
More importantly the global warming will hit America if they wait till 2020 to rectify the CO2 issue.
They form clubs called NAKED TRUTH and NAKED APES especially in California.
You were dreaming one of those places you wished you would have gone on your holidays in retirement but could not.
It was not my faculty.
Thank you for that information.
Who was that lady investigating me.
She was from the American Embassy for VISA processing and documentation.
The people who wish to go to America stark naked and without any corruption in Sri-Lanka get preferences.
She was picking the docile ones without hard parts, lest they get into trouble once they land in California.
So people with soft parts as opposed to hard parts get VISA.
See you soon.
Wait for Dream 18 and 19 interpretation. 
They will come soon.

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