Dream 19

Dream 19
This dream was in two parts
I was trying to free my arm from a fence which looked liked a barbed wire fence.
I could not.
When I pulled my wrist it got dislocated at the wrist joint.
Rare indeed.
I was trying to reduce the dislocation and I could not.
I cannot remember which part came first.
This part probably came second while I was on the roof.
Our family was getting ready for a flight.
They were suppose to pick us at 3.00 pm for the flight.
Our luggage was in a place where car could not reach, strange indeed.
We had to carry the luggage which was heavy.
My daughter could not carry her luggage, which was heavy.
I took both and proceeded up a steep hill like terrain.
I felt I was climbing something very steep.
Finally I came to the top and threw the two bags above.
I managed to climb to the top.
There was no car.
There was no airport in sight or no fixed wing aircraft or not even a helicopter in sight to take us away.
We missed the flight!
I was on a rooftop with my family stranded.
What a holiday for us.
This dream was not that elaborate.
Can you guess what it was.
Have you seen animals climbing trees.
No except primates when in danger.
You haven’t seen elephants climbing trees.
But I saw a photograph of a dead elephant on a tree in Sri-Lanka.
What was the reason.
When do Sri-Lankan climb the rooftops.
1. To wave our politicians who never had a bicycle before coming to parliament but now fly over our heads.
Why do you do that?
That is simple logic.
Get their hands off the joystick when they travel above us.
Then they take the hands  off the joystick to wave at us.
Then the pilot will take over when they fly above our heads. 
The pilot not the politician will maneuver it and fly safely and not the politician joyride like with our economics.
We are safe.
They are good only for joyride in politics not in real life situations.
That way we can prevent the aircraft crashing on our roof.
I thought you were genuinely waving at them.
What nonsense?
2. When the roof is leaking to patch up the leaks.
3. Of course one has to climb to the roof when flash floods come.
What then was my hand trapped in a fence?
And my wrist getting dislocated and I have never seen a dislocated wrist joint.
The incident was that you were trying to help your local MP.
He grabbed your hand so hard like grabbing a bribe when in power.
What happened to him.
You were more worried about your hand and he succumbed to the waves.
I never do such a thing even to a politician.
Calm down son, it was only a dream
You must keep talking about global warming and weather changes for an average person to understand the logic behind what you say.
 He left swiftly saying beware of flash floods if you happen to go to Colombo.

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