Dream 22

Dream 22
Very short but a futuristic dream.
Beginning of this year we were celebrating the 50 years of the Peradeniya Medical Faculty and we have produced some outstanding graduates and postgraduates.
Some of these luminaries were addressing the academic sessions.
Unfortunately, I was involved in examinations and could not listen to all of them and the youngest guy who addressed the gathering had done some pioneering work on stem cells for his PhD and that included myocytes.
Went to Kandy for a bit of shopping and I forgot even I did not have my breakfast.
I really had some stomach pain which I dismissed as hunger pains.
Came home late and the lunch was cold I decided to have a little nap after a cup of tea.
But I woke up again and went to the loo and decided to skip the dinner thinking something amiss in my internal system and its physiology.
It was colicky and I would even pass it for a renal colic.
Night was cold and with empty stomach I was getting up almost every two hours to go to the loo.
I had SLF (Scientific Linux Fermi) Linux in download mode and once the power went off and I had to get up to switch off the computer and then on again when power was restored.
All these conditions were good enough for me to go into dream mode.
You may wonder why this preamble.
If I am in good physical condition I do not dream.
All the above irritations were enough to trigger a dream mode which I could remember afterward because of the interruptions.
The Dream.
I was in some miracle place which was a wide open space as if the earth was ready and collaborating with an alien ship.
I was the only soul who would dare to meet them in that open space.
I may have fainted on the floor at the sight of them or I may have been in real dream mode dreaming.
Either way it was a very pleasant moment.
Then I saw four columns of light rays gray in colour flat in disposition beaming on my tommy.
I felt quite nice.
Mind you I did not take any hallucinating drug to counter my stomach ache.
In a moment my pain disappeared (in the dream mode).
I was not in anaesthetized mode and I could sense all what was going on and all in all very pleasing experience.
At one point I felt as if an alien was performing some operation to remove a stone in my bladder but I never saw a ship or any hint of it.
Then of course I woke with an urge to go to the loo again.
That is the long and short of the dream.
Since I have not sent a dream to Maha Brahma for a long time, this I though was a good entry point.
Posted it today being a Poya day, nothing else to do except installing S.L.F.
I must report to you this is the longest  Linux installation in my life and I guess it will take more than 16 hours.
I started it at 8 am and it is still at 833 package out of 1279.
Now it is stuck at Open Office.
If I did not have the dream by now I am very close to the pain of a heart attack.
My regular computer is at my disposal for communicating with the heaven.
Unlike our Telecoms Maha was prompt on voice mail almost immediately.
He asked me.
You did not go to the temple.
This S.L.F (Scientific stuff was taking the longest time of my life for installation) but my dream was sweet but short, I told him.
You could have still gone to the temple with the installation on, wouldn’t you?
No Sir, if the power goes off I have to start it all over again.
Did the power go off?
No Sir.
Well then, it is good.
I was entertaining the aliens didn’t I?
You were in a private nursing home and they were doping you with drugs.
They were about to blast the bladder stone with ultrasound.
It is a simple job know Sir.
What nonsense.
They had put your ringed hand behind your back and had taken an x-ray and they thought it was a big bladder stone and tried to blast it in the theater.
Sir, I do not wear any signet rings with stones.
I know that.
It was a stone or ring (left behind) of a patient X-rayed before.
Or I see.
Then they would have seen the gold part of the ring know?
What gold it was a plastic ring.
The plastic part they interpreted as calcium and the central part they interpreted as uric.
Did they show it to the radiologist?
He was on leave and was meditating, a Poya day know.
You mean to say I did not have a bladder stone.
If they blasted the no-existent stone they would have blasted your bladder full of urine and you would have gone to heaven without my help.
That is why I interrupted the dream and made you to go to the loo.
My goodness! 
Can this type of thing happen in this country?
It happens every day.
But I never hear them know?
You mean to say that the nursing home will give you a call and tell you all the mishaps.
I suppose they will not.
Anyway thank for saving my bladder.
But I was stupid to empty my urine to a urinal and see whether there were any little stone pieces.
Did you see any?
That is right, you did not have any stones.
It is only a gemstone under your buttocks!
Who will blast a gemstone in this country?
It will lose its carat weight, know?
In that case what is the interpretation?
In future they will depend on all technology for diagnosis.
There is no bedside diagnosis like in the good old days.
The kids are trained to become doctors from the womb.
They put electric probes into the brain and kill all other interests except medicine.
Then they transplant all the latest medical textbooks chips into your brain before one is  born.
The parents pay an enormous amount for these electronic chip doctors implant in utero.
They have wireless connectivity so information is stored as and when necessary like in a hard disk.
It is actually a little S.S.D (solid state hard disk in your brain) implanted with sufficient memory to pass the final examination in Medicine.
Do they really work?
What nonsense?
If the wireless part breaks everything goes for a SIX.
They use the wireless connection  during medical examinations and help the guy or girl to pass the examination.
That all.
You know that medical textbooks do not get upgraded like Linux distributions.
Then what happens at the bedside?
One incident you have already seen in your dream.
I do not have to tell you some more.
No Sir.
Would you post this in your blog.
Yes Sir, almost immediately.
I am duty bound to reveal this for those who want to use their brains to become doctors without chips implanted in their brains.
Dream well and see you soon.
In a flash he disappeared.

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