Dream 21

Dream 21

I was in some foreign land looked like India.

I see a girl playing Video Game with the game console in a car.

She was shooting her boyfriend/husband umpteenth time, as  if she was preparing for the finer detail of a murder she was planning.

As this was the land of celluloid’s and I was getting bored thinking that it was a shooting of another film.

I was so sure this was a dream not real, even in my dream mode.

I was trying to get into my deep sleep without a dream.

In any case, I am not interested in Indian films or any shooting of a film that will come in the middle of year 2012.

I interrupted my dream myself, since getting to deep sleep was not coming instantaneously, and it was January first and I needed to see whether the Ultimate Edition 3.0 gamer DVD has finished downloading.

Got up went in straight to the computer but it was still downloading at 10 to 15 bit per second.


Anyway, I thought this was a good dream for Maha Brahma.

I posted it and in return mail I hear Maha’s Voice Mail.

He was annoyed a bit.

He asked me why did you terminate the dream on your own.

I thought it was my duty to do that considering your safety in the dream mode.


Then I told him, that the girl in the car would have been my wife know?

So I pushed the safety button.

Can that happen in your case.

I don’t think so Sir, I was joking.

I have an aversion to Indian films and even Indian dreams.


It is a done thing in Sri-Lanka, know.

Even politicians and murderers go straight to India for safety haven.

No.NO, Sir after L.T.T.E nobody looks for safe haven in India now.

Now there is no L.T.T.E. and old traditions must be getting established.

I do not know that Sir.


You must train to interpret this type of dreams yourself and improve on them when woken up.

Why Sir?

Then you can write a Tele drama or a screen play or two and produce a film for your own publicity.


Me writing Teledrama?

What nonsense?

I am only suggesting and it is not an order.


Well in that case I consider this as the opening episode and add a few more with future dreams and cook up a celluloid drama.

That’s right my boy.

Don’t you realize that all Indian films are in dream mode and no relationship to what happens in India, topically.


It was only when  Rabindranath Tagore was writing that real Indian life was portrayed.

I know that, Sir.

Was there a second part of the dream Sir.


The girl who was playing the game was murdered soon after.


She was actually watching a real video of actual murders committed by her boyfriend.

So he did not have any choice.

Who was he?

He was a contract killer for hifi families.


He records all the scenes at the murder site and the murder itself as a video record.

He actually has to produce a video evidence of the murder to the actual contractor.

Otherwise the payment is not made.


The contractor enjoys the video and he keeps it as a souvenir and if the police does not figure out the murder he produces it as video film dubbing the one who was murdered and the murderer with robot  as actors (digital film star).

Then he sells the video on the street parlors.

They go like hot cakes since  those who buy the video knows who was actually murdered and by watching it figure out how it was done in the first place.

This is very futuristic know.

Yes it is futuristic.


There are no films in future and no theaters.

There are no film stars.

There are no Sunday papers with gossip columns.

There are no political analysis on papers.

All are in digital form.

Everybody has a tablet and and the story comes to the tablet (DRM) when the digital right manager is taken of or removed by the video producer after a profitable street sale.

He sells the stuff in the street first with DRM attached and then revoke the DRM once the sales are over.

These videos sell like pop corns.

Later he or she makes a video game.

That is really futuristic to me.

Will I live long to see them.

No my dear.


See you with another futuristic dream.

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