Dream 23

Dream 23
It is long time since I had a good dream.
This one was exciting.
I was in Malaysia for some unknown reason.
I felt sick and I was taken to a hospital.
It may have been a tommy upset and pain and I cannot remember that part.
I can very well remember they were doing an ultrasound.
I could hear one saying it is unbelievable this man is pregnant.
And one was trying to pull my underwear down to prove his point.
I was bit annoyed and said aren’t you watching a recorded ultrasound?
Then he realized I was not under any anaesthesia and turned round the display so that I can see it live.
I am scanning again and this time I am recording it too, he said.
The I went into some shock mode and i could not remember anything at all.
They may have given a sedative to calm me down.
Then after a while I was in another place.
Again the guys were showing my ultrasound to a prospective buyer of my wonder baby inside my belly in exchange of a three year old.
I can remember his name.
His name was Mutthiah Rouf, bit confusing both Tamil and Muslim names given to this boy.
I thought of giving away the not born baby away and looking after an already formed kid was a good idea.
How to take the baby away was not discussed at this point and it would have been a certain laparotomy to relive my pain.
Mind you this is the first time a baby was auctioned for the highest bid before born.
Finally everything was finalized and I wanted ask one question before signing the documents.
Mind you I cannot be taken to court since court has to prove that I was capable of producing an offspring on my own.
To prevent me making any claim later would have been the reason for the exchange of the boy.
I asked the boy can I change your name.
He said no.
Then I disagreed with the agreement and said no to all the dealings and said I will have my baby.
The man went away with disgust.
Then I asked the surgeon what was all this about?
He told me there was a mishap in an earlier occasion where an in-vitro embryo was misplaced with the tag number.
The father (the man) of this embryo was that old man.
The mother of the baby was his youngest wife who was infertile and with greatest difficulty they had harvested an egg from her.
By some stroke of accident they had put that embryo inside your tommy when I was there, last time.
That is interesting.
How come.
They were doing a laparoscopy and while injecting CO2 the anaesthetist had put the tip of the suction catheter where the missing embryo was lodged by accident into your tommy and you were effectively implanted or in-vitro fertilized.
My goodness I said.
How did you know that whose property was the embryo?
When we preserve the embryos we put a radioactive (label) tag and your / his baby has it on his back. 
We saw it on the second (later) US.
This man has sued us and while you were under anaesthesia we got our lawyer to negotiate a deal.
And as a safety protocol we used his adopted son and like a good man you agreed to all what we said until your last question which blasted everything in toto.
Now then can I sell the baby to you?
Of course.
What the prize?
Unfortunately before I could finalize the deal I was woken up with an urge to go to the loo.
I scanned my tommy with the hand and there was no sign of any baby inside and made a full void and went back to sleep, this time with some sanity in my mind.
Immediately in the morning I posted the dream to Maha Brahma.
He responded quickly and for about 10 minutes he was laughing his heart out.
He told me, you were a real zombie.
You said yes, yes to all the suggestions those guys were making.
I had no control, I said.
They would have given me a zombie producing drug.
What zombie drug?
You were ashamed of yourself with the baby inside.
I finally made you to ask that vital question about the renaming the boy.
To get you a good deal even in your dream my boy.
Then why did you interrupt at the last moment.
I did not.
It was your bladder. 
Can this happen in real life?
Even in your dream you were very futuristic.
This is the type of thing that will happen on a daily basis in future.
Human error as well as computer errors.
With STEM Cell Research well in advance in future, there are every type of human organ, cell and embryo produced.
There will be labelling errors that will creep in at all levels.
Mind you all these stuffs are microscopic and the labeling is going to be the most difficult.
Even the computers that store data can be manipulated by hackers.
In your dream case it was faulty suction pump.
In future it will be database errors.
See you with another dream and he vanished.

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