Dream 24

Dream 24
This another dream that came out of the blue.
It is related to celluloid stars both current and aspiring to be.
Setting probably is in India and could very well be in Ceylon with so much Indian interventions from fishing trawlers to foreign ministers.
It is all about a mega advertisement.
First part of the dream was hazy.
It was related to a mega billboard of a current celluloid (male) star and a new comer (female).
The current star asked for a huge payment and the new comer was given only a fraction of the contract. In addition the designers of the billboard was also given a percentage according to the number of billboard that were displayed.
It was not clear who was contributing the money for the project.
For some reason the designers did not get their portion and that portion was also gulped by the mega star.
It was a lucrative deal anyway.
The the star came for another billboard contract.
This time the young female star had to expose more than what was desirable for an average screen print.
Since the star made a huge income the designers decided to ask for a loan from his previous income.
With some reluctance he agreed.
The female star agreed on the contract which was not shown to the mega star.
The female star had a plot to disgrace the guy who was arrogant to say the least.
She was not ready to expose that much cheaply but agreed on only one display print on contract document.
She also had a secret deal with the designers, if additional copies were made they should be made on paper that was light and heat sensitive.
In other words it was for indoor display only.
This was not told to the mega star and he was not bothered anyway.
He was given the proof read on proper heat and light resistant paint.
He was happy and ordered a large number of copies for outdoor display.
The interesting thing about the ploy was when the display was let out in the open in three to four hours the nude part of the female star disappeared leaving behind no trace of her image.
In 24 hours a silhouette of the mega star was visible and with a small print below “this screen print is only for indoor display”.
In 24 hours it became a national story.
The mega star rushed to the designers and they did not budge and inch away from the contract, He went away grinding his teeth.
Nobody would sign a contract with him thereafter and the designers got their money worth and the popularity they needed for future contracts.
On face value it is a nice Tele-Drama ploy but I wonder how Maha will react to the dream.
Immediately posted email to Maha Brahma.
He exchanged niceties and said you were not a Zombie this time.
I said the mega star was the zombie.
I asked him whether there was a second part to the dream and did the star go to courts.
To which he gave a negative response.
He said the interpretation was bit political and futuristic.
In future all the activities of politicians are videoed by law, day and night and if they fancy dancing with nude girls, they have to apply a light absorbing dye (like what one sees in black holes in the universe).
These light absorbing dye has activity that last about an hour and they are very costly and produced only for politicians in high office.
They are more costly than gold or titanium and actually the metal is imported from black holes by American astronauts.
Only rightful user of this rare metal is the American President who is current.
Fortunately rest of the American senators who aspire to become presidents do not care a damn to the video footage’s and the American public get all the videos relayed by satellites for daily consumption.

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