Dream 26

Dream 26.

I had a long night sleep and woke up with a very nice dream.
I was in plane and I was 20 years younger.
The scenario played was as if they were trying to match me a girl who was of a different race and quite young.
The instruction was to interview the said person and handover an important portfolio to the lady.
It was very important portfolio and the interview had to be done inside a plane where radio-communication had to be dead.
Nobody could know that this interview has had happened on terrestrial arena.
This was like an American President  makes a very important decisions while on flight from one city to another.
I did not ask why they selected me for this interview as the interviewer.
It was top secret mission.
The opening scenario was like matchmaking and hitchhiking.
I was introduced to the lady who looked smart by his brother.
He was teasing her and saying that she ought to be able to play good old games and not modern games.
There was an obvious a generation gap and I felt old myself.
My opening question was could she play card games.
She looked at her brother and said, that 94, Ormie ans 304 (last two are  Sir-Lankan card games and the first one I have never heard, before).
Then I asked can you play bridge?
She said no.
That’s very good.
You may be able to make a nice cup of tea or coffee, instead of teasing your brain with bride contracts.
Then I was woken up quite pleased but baffled
Today is our Independence Day and this must surely have some important logic.
I immediately I posted this to Maha Brahma. 
The dream I had before this dream was kept in reserve for a future date.
As usual Maha was prompt in his M.V.M (Maha’s Vice Mail).
I asked him, why did you interrupt the dream.
I did not, he said.
You may have interrupted it fearing a heart attack with the possibility of a match making with a girl half of your age.
I said it is a done thing nowadays in this country and the fellow dies soon and the girl inherits everything what the first wife would have got.
I said I was interviewing for an important protocol and it was not light hearted.
I said I was crossed with that interruption, with whoever who did it in the first instance.
Then he said, it is most likely a politician who had tapped into your system.
I have no political inclinations.
But you love peace, don’t you?
YES, everybody likes PEACE.
Do you like to hear the interpretation.
Do you have any dealing with A.P.C.
I do not belong to any party and I have no connection to All Party Conference
Besides I am not a MP but a good citizen by descent but have no role to play.
You are wrong.
In your dream you were selected as the best person to represent ordinary people.
You had a 10 point plan.
Did I?
All of them are good but politicians hate your proposals.
That may have been the reason for interruption to your dream.
I told him I cannot remember anything about the 10 points.
Calm down my boy.
I have recorded them for you.
Can you state them slowly.
I want to write them in a piece of paper and post them in my blog post.
Can I state the copyright belongs to you.
Media freedom is available only to a few in government guys like FBI, with this SOAP operation, in full swing in America.
Is it globally applicable.
Are you ready?
Yes, SIR
1. Number 1
Abolish the Presidency.
My heavens!
How can we do that?
This, American president can take any country to his palm and decide its fate now or never.
Why never?
If the country does not listen he can decimate it with a press of a button.
One nuclear arsenal is enough but some countries like Israel are protected.
I do not know?
Ask the president and the secretary.
Can this be applied to Sri-Lanka.
You got to be kidding!

2. Number 2
Do not have a National Flag.
That is a wonderful idea.
We do not have to hoist it on a cold January morning and only two third will rise to it and one third will not.
In times of war it is one less item to be carried to the war front.
Besides American would be spared of this gesture of burning it in front of their embassy with religious flavour.
What about the UNO?
If we do not have national flags UNO could be closed for good.
That is excellent predicament. 
3. Number 3
Abolish all political parties.
I don’t like it Sir.
Two reasons, Sir.
We become a one party state.
Second we will not have the fun of watching the ruling party making all the tricks to destroy the aspiring opposition.
Beside we do not watch cricket now and this is the only game to watch on daily basis.
Without politics people will starve to death.
If coconut goes to Rs.100/= we have a party to blame, especially those who are in power.
I do not like that idea at all.
We all are political animals.
4. Number 4
Ban all the National Anthems.
That is a very good idea.
We can start a football game or any game without hoisting the flag and the anthem.
We can finish all the games five minutes early even if one is watching them on TV.
If we count the number of games played in and year and multiply by five we have an enormous saving for productive work for one’s own country.
Do you have national anthem in heaven.
5. Number 5
Ban allocating colours to political parties and countries.
I do not see any advantage of that at all in that proposal.
This is an environmentally friendly gesture.
The we will have only greens and nothing else.
Besides it saves a lot in paint usage for political purposes.
Colours are only for the advertisement industry.
Every time a government changes the industry guys / girls do not have to paint their business place with the colour of the ruling party.
I am sorry I did not think that way.
6. Number 6
Cancel Elections
This comes as a collateral advantage of not having parties.
7. Number 7
Have one universal language.
I am not going to propose any current language.
It should be like a computer language.
8. Number 8
Cancel the Z-score
That is very exciting.
How do we conduct examinations?
I have a very simple solution.
Give a common paper.
If all the students do not get 100 out of 100, sack the teacher.
Then re-train the teachers to teach.
That looks promising.
9. Number 9.
Close all universities for good.
That is very retrogressive know?
No it will save a lot of agony for the current government.
There is no minister.
There are no professors.
There are no salary issues.
There are no industrial actions.
Then what happens to me.
Go and start treating patients instead of teaching good values.
What are you going to do with the money saved?
That is a very good question.
10. Number 10
Ban all weapons of destruction globally.
The money saved should be used to teach this.
That is the only education mankind needs now.
All these schools should be raised to University Level.
Only have one professorship.
That is the Professor of Peace at all times.
Then all these institutes like Amnesty International and the N.G.Os who are selling Peace for Money will cease to exist and world peace will prosper.

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