Dream 25

Dream 25
I was in an air port.
This airport was different and I had to purchase the ticket from the airport counter itself.
There were lot of other people queuing to buy tickets.
Lot of them looked like refugees trying to enter a new country.
I had one heavy luggage and a light handbag.
Somehow I managed to get a ticket for the immediate flight.
I checked the heavy luggage in a hurry.
Then I entered an area which looked like the departure lounge but looked very primitive.
I went into a gate to inquire and they checked my ticket with the only computer they had and said I have to wait for another 9 hours, for the flight.
When I asked why?
I was told that the pilot had not reported for work.
I felt strange.
They then told me the real departure lounge is a walking distance away from where we were and there are no taxis to take you there.
It is a nice walkaway, by the side of the Hotel International, I was told.
Since I had a very light hand luggage, I decided to take a stroll.
I walked past the hotel, thinking it was only a joyride.
Moment I passed the hotel, I went into a heavily buildup area and lost my way.
I asked a passerby to show me the way and he said go straight and down.
I went up straight and ended up on top of a steep wall and there was no way to climb down.
Then by stroke of luck I found a side walk which was dirty and rickety.
With difficulty I finally reached the bottom which led to what looked like a street market.
There were a lot of people who were doing lot of road side buying and selling.
Quite like, London in medieval times.
I felt I had been laid the wrong garden path.
To begin with, I lost all my belongings with my heavy luggage at the entrance of what for all intents and purposes was a bogus airport.
I was frightened and woke up immediately.
Posted this to Maha Brahma after the dream 26 was posted, thinking this has no relevance to it.
Maha immediately responded and asked me why this was not posted with the other.
I said I did not see any connection.
He said this has a direct relationship.
You will know it better when I expand on the story.
In your dream 26 I said one has to follow 10 points.
If Sri-Lankan do not follow those instructions to the letter, what I am going to say now will happen in about 50 years, he said.
Things are not rosy in 50 years time.
Can you guess?
Global Warming.
Global warming is already set in and it won’t change.
I think so.
It was only yesterday my pet fishes were almost cooked to dinner from direct sunlight.
All of them were floating on top of the water and I rescued them in nick of time and put them in some buckets that contained cooler water.
Had I come half an hour late, all of them would have been dead.
What did you do afterward.
I changed the water with some cool water I had collected for an emergency.
Then I covered the top and side with black plastic sheeting.
Fixed a new filter.
Put the air compressor on full throttle.
Did your fish die.
Thank god, not this time!
I checked the indoor temperature later which was 90 Fahrenheit and outside was probably higher.
Fish die at 84 F and it was touch and go scenario.
Can you have a second guess.
No fossil fuel and no planes.
That’s right my boy.
In fifty years from now there are no fossil fuel and no airbus industry.
The airports built now will be idling and the industry that were built around them will go bankrupt.
Soon the jungle take over the periphery.
But there will be few animals and the entire elephant fleet in the jungle is not more than fifty.
They roam in 5 to 10 in a herd and go violent moment they see humans.
Since humans now do not have jeeps or vehicles and have to travel by foot elephants do not fear humans anymore.
They rule the little vegetation that is there.
Global warming has caused untold misery in this country and it is no different from Dubai where England now play cricket with Pakistan.
Why did you interrupt my dream?
If I left it for another five minutes you would have lost the hand luggage and, you thought of hiding in the jungle nearby.
Had you entered there for cover the elephants will trample you to death.
I had to intervene for your safety.
Can you tell me where this place was?
The name is something like Hambantota.
I got it.
See you soon.

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