India Turning Tables on its neighbor Sri-Lanka

India Turning Tables on its neighbor Sri-Lanka
It is nice to see true colours of Indian politicians who are bending backward to please US.
I cannot believe why was the rush for  US to bring the resolution against a tiny country.
My gut feeling now is US was tacitly helping India and Indira to manipulate on Sri-Lanka and when that failed, cry foul both with India and Sri-Lanka.
From Hiroshima to cluster bomb in Vietnam was one chapter in US history.
What did UNO did to help Asia then.
Then came 1967 to 1973 destabilizing the Middle East.
What did the UNO did then.
Sweet Nothing.
That is the second chapter of US sponsored global terrorism.
In Africa what they did including killing Che Guerra is only a side dish (chapter) and were helping all the war lord in African continent.
The third chapter is Iraq and Afghanistan and it is continuing unabated.
What they did to national museum in Iraq is vandalism of ancient culture and I believe many of the artifacts ended up in USA.
Can we appoint Americans as champions of human Rights?
The answer is BIG NO.
One cannot dump history like a prostitutes and potatoes.
History repeats and remain vivid in everybody’s mind especially with the old and mature.
Remorse at old age when close to grave is no good.
I expected Obama being young would be different.
He wants to show the Americans that he is a Big Bully before the elections.
His strategy certainly will back fire by December.
I hope Americans will give him the exit signal next time round and to me Bush was much nicer guy who was less duplicitous in international affairs.

He meant what he said.

Less said about Bun Ky Moon is the wiser counsel; he has become a singing parrot for Americans and a Darling Dolly of the West.
He has forgotten his Asian roots where two third of the world population lives.
Asians including Indians are still living in absolute poverty some of them do not have water to drink and for sanitation.
UNO is a white elephant and got its priorities in wrong order.
People have to have basic living standards to enjoy living like humans.
Then only they can talk about human rights!
As for Pavans who raped Tamil girls and the price for which Rajive had to pay with life is still the living history and not yet gone down as past, yet in the minds of victims.
What did Indian politicians do?
Sweet nothing.
These girls had to come to Colombo and get their abortions done almost freely.
When a ship sinks rats come out but when the going go bad before elections politicians hold on to any straw, Human Rights included.
Fortunately there is no difference in Indian and American politicians in that regard.
They look like two sides of the same coin!
They want to hold on to power.
History should be accurately recorded.
That should be true for Sri-Lanka.
Otherwise we cannot be proud of our past.
Tamils who remained in Sri-Lanka in spite of the tremendous odds, deserve a better deal.
They are our true brethren.
Not the ones who went as  economic refugees, never to return but cry foul from a comfortable distance from their own brethren.

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