State without a Religion, the Faith, Fate and Fanaticism would Fail us.

State without a Religion, the Faith, Fate and Fanaticism would Fail us.

Have you ever thought of a state  without a religion?

Yes it is possible.

In the mind’s world it is quit possible to attain this level of independence, however powerful the governing power state may be.We have been going through this process mentally over very long period, the next stage would be a state (or states) without religion.

Signs are obvious even in a small state like Sri-Lanka.

Even though,  we have many religions we are functionally a state without a religion.

I won’t elaborate on this any more except stating how justice is being done in this state.

Yes, criminals coexist with religious dignitaries in our parliament.

That is not an over statement.

However theses religious dignitaries are either oblivious to the fact or shamelessly disregard the consequences considering their personal perks in high office.

So the climate is right for a change.

There are already people who belong to rationalistic groups.

I personally do not believe they would contribute statistically significant role.

They belong to a highly intelligent group of people who see that there is conflict in what they perceive as is right and what they see as in practice is wrong.

They try to bring objectivity to this scenario but there is no subjectivity as far as the growing number of followers are concerned.This is simply because their approach is an intellectual one of high quality which cannot be sustained at grass root level where the intellectual capacity is limited.

What I am discussing is this average minded majority who become alienated with how religions practice their dogma without adherence to basic tenet of human equality and justice.

For an example if a religion states that one who kills an infidel, he or she goes to heaven is not tenable in modern day of justice and fair play.

It becomes more relevant if the same group does not believe life after death or rebirth.

Even, rebirth is a concept that cannot be validated by substantial evidence.

I am bringing these two extreme examples to bring the spectrum into light in like minded thinkers but not to ignite “flame war” as seen in Linux communities.

So with world wide web taking over human communication by the scruff of the neck, an avalanche is ready to befall on mankind.

My writing it here not to say it is right or wrong but to sate that it is slowly emerging and we are not ready for it.

We have not got enough philosophers to take the void.

Yes mankind had few philosophers over 3000 years ago, before the religion emerged as a dominant force.

What I am saying is when the religion falls and fails as a dominant force we have no similar development in sight to cling onto.

Mankind needs something to embrace and cushion over this period.

The world wide web is not the right medium, even though every one of us is in it already.

I see this as a failure in our eduction system from preschool to primary school.

What will happen is that even morality outside religious conventions would fail.

All the signs are visible in this small country and we are not ready of its outcome.

Faith, Fate and Fanaticism would Fail us.

Even the very democracy and governance are failing us.

The political systems are failing to see  this predicament and the emerging context.

It is going to bust in some form or other.

Let me dispose the few of the state that practised without a religion and how they fared.

China comes to my mind first.

Its rigid enforcement of family planning that forced couples to commit infanticide is a case in point.

Economic concerns and poverty took its toll.

Yin and Yang was not practised in essence.

It was same fate in Russia.

It got involved in superpower mentality in the cold war period disregarding the average masses.

It led to corruption and breakdown of the communist empire.

Both these countries concentrated on economy before people and what ever gained did not filter down to the average masses.

But corruption rules the higher echelon.

In the last 50 years they did not of institute a system take over the region.

They ruling party became the religion and there was no alternative for the ruling party.

The system drags on while embracing open economy in a closed system of administration.

There is no new developments but increasing dissolution among the average person without any outlet to express the inbuilt frustration.

All these are symptoms of a state without a religion.

That make people to embrace many personal ideologies and beliefs but won’t make the emergence of new religions or religious leaders.

Not only they dislike the system in place and lose faith in religion too.

The system without religion continuous without any alternative strategies and the money becomes the driving force.

It is a communist state with capitalistic mentality.

Now takes a populous country, like India.

It is country with many religions and the division of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India is based not only on land but religion.

It has many problems, the women have no place and female child is an outcast.

Equally there is caste system that divides people but fortunately it is not rigidly tagged to the religion but to birth of a person or heritage.

What will take us to the next phase?

That is my question.

This trend will become increasingly visible in the next 30 years which is a generation gap in my scale of predictions.

I will be not there to see it fortunately.

I had a belief that Buddhism will stand to this emerging trend at least in this country.

But my observation is, now that the monks in robes have taken politics as a way of life and survival, it cannot stand on own grounds to the rigours of emerging trends.

At the moment some elements are already arousing the very essence of tolerance that is embedded in its core.

It cannot be compared with Bible War but it is as bad as any hegemony that preceded it

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