Dream 32-About doctors and consultations

Dream 32-About doctors and consultations

This has nothing to do with the Aurvedhic Physician or a Dos-Thara trying to kill one of his fellow beings. It looks like they are following the practice of Western doctors who has employed this method to eliminate rivals in his practice. 

There are few on record of recent times, where doctors were involved in this type elimination strategy but not healthy competition.

This is beautiful happening in this Buddhist country where Dhana is taken as a high precept where Wessanthara (Bodhisatva has ) had even offered his head to gain higher perfection.

It is also noteworthy these guys and girls obtained their qualification from FREE education.

When, private Medical Schools come into practice, they will start killing each other in their students dates and before graduation since all of them will start private practice to recover the money spent on Education.

This country will become a Killing Field, when these graduates come out from their Prospective Private Universities since we do not have any ethnic wars to practice killing each other.

I wish I should be dead before these guys/Girls come out of Medical Schools.

My Dream

My dream is related to me visiting a Skin Specialist.

It was nice feeling to become a patient where most of my life I practiced medicine free except for a brief period during the dark days when everybody was threatened with life in dark days of Southern Insurrection.

I took the risk of treating needy patients when all other outlets were closed due to insurrection.

Some of these guys whom I saved may have become even doctors now.

I never imagined this country will go down in history with these incidents occurring on almost daily basis.

Prolong period of war has brought us to this sage where life is not counted as something worthwhile.

Doctors prime duty is to save life but not to kill or harm.

What a nice introduction for Maha Brahma when I send this for his interpretation.

The Treatment Center was like an open Meditation Retreat.

I went and paid the entry fee and was waiting for my consultation.

It took a long time and I would have dropped into sleep on the floor (no chair was available for me since all were occupied by others) when suddenly, I was woken by a messenger boy or girl asking me to see the Skin Doctor (I went for a skin condition which was not getting better but I was thinking that it was a cancer) immediately.

I asked, Why?

I was told because I was a retired doctor, this was a very special call.

I went in to see hundred of patients seated on the floor what looked like a mas hypnosis session.

He looked a towering figure beautiful in attire and pleasant composure.

Before, I could open my mouth, he said.

You look very thin and sick.

Are you a diabetic?


Do you have cancer.

I said I do not know.

He was bit taken by answers and he took a deep breath.

It looked like, he wanted the diagnosis from my mouth.

I was expecting him to do the diagnosis anyway.

I asked him, what is my secret of being slim and thin?

He said he has no idea.

I was doing a little cross check to see this guy is actually a doctor that he claims to be.

I told him I did not eat rice for one year.

He was more taken up now.

Is that so?

Yes and before he could ask a relevant question to follow I said.

It was voluntary act of mine.

You know there is a guy in our cabinet who asks us to eat only rice and no bread.

I wanted to treat him with disrespect.

So I made a resolution one year ago not to eat any rice and eat only JUNK food, like potato chips, ravioli, pasta, spaghetti, pizza and the like.

You were trying to save money.

No they were three times as much.

Little pasta with garlic garnish is over Rs.200/= and chocolate drink that comes from India is over Rs.300/=.

I told him that we had a long strike and during that period I was practically starving and at the end of the strike, I was catching up with my calories.

Did your wait go up.


There was no risk involved I started eating rich chocolates, mousy and all rich things I became an envy of the house.

My wife had a little respite and she had to cook only one meal.

Then I started eating sweet potatoes (Rs.100/= a Kilo and Wal Ala Rs.200/= Kilo) and was giving a list of prices.

He suddenly disappeared from my sight almost by divine intervention.

I could not tell him my main complaint.

Then I went out and waited in the entrance for him to come out after seeing the other patients.

Sure enough, he came out but it looked like he was not interested in seeing me.

I told him, I forgot to tell about the small wart in my writing thumb which affected my touch typing (this is not true in true life; I do not have any wart on my thumb or good at touch typing).

To my surprise he disappeared into thin air without giving my money back or any consultation.

I was in a panic mode and got up instantaneously with my hand over my chest saying You squandering rascal.

However, I had a nice feeling when I got up since I had not send a dream for Maha Brahma´s perusal by email.

I got an instant audience from Maha, the Greatest.

He was laughing.

You did not get your money back, did you?


You must have squandered money from your patient and that is why you lost it.

Not this life but may be in my past lives.

Then I told him I finished my book on Rebirth Revisited and it is available in print and digital mode.

Shall I send you a digital copy.

It won´t have a market in heaven.

I can see many lives but most of the guys even they do not have the divine ability to see back and forward, they have to come to me for permission for such activities.

Why is that?

Then I have no running currency in heaven as the all mighty.

It is an offense in heaven to discuss rebirth without my permission,

Only human can do that.

Then I told him, that I wan´t be able to publish the second edition of my book Rebirth Revisited from there.

Not unless you take my post.

Are you interested?

Not at all, I told him.


It is a boring job know?

You can´t dream like me know.

Thank you and long life on earth.

He returned with a big noisy smile.

I love your dreams and specially about Sri-Lanka.


No body comes here from Sri-Lanka now and all of them go to Hell Know.

Even, those who sacrificed their life for the country.

I am afraid that is the sad part of the war all of the killers go to Hell not heaven.

Do they come back to earth?

Yes, a few.

In that case what I stated in my book is more than the likely statistics.

Yes, my Boy.

You did not eat rice for one year.

That is very good my Boy.


You must get used to price hikes on rice on earth.


There will be droughts in the near future.

The effect of global warming will be dramatic he said.

Thank you, I had been predicting them with my human brain.

What is the interpretation of my dream?

It is very simple.

In future everybody who is somebody can become a doctor by only using web as a resource.

Then there is no need for a Private Medical School in Malabe.

Yes and NO.

There will be many private medical schools in the web.

The problem will be that many of the sites´ computers can be hacked by even a teenager and they get hold of the past graduates and dead doctors and become Instant Doctors.

They even hijack their live practices in the web and use them as medium of instructions.

Actually, you were looking at a video display of a hypnosis session 100 years old in future.

What happened?

I switched off the server using my divine power.

To see your reaction.

That is naughty of you.

I would have ended up with a heart attack.

I paid high and it was like paying a ransom.

Not in the future.


In future Sri-Lanka there will be so many doctors, one can get a consultation for a peanut.

BUT peanuts are expensive KNOW, one Rupee a nut.

It will be Rs.250/=  a Jumbo peanut and I read your piece on peanuts on the blog site.


Was there a second part to my dream.


Do you have peanut on heaven?

We have only cashew nuts.

Are they cheaper than on earth.


Can you send some for me.

No and he disappeared in a flash.

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