My recommendation of Sleep and Dream habits for Married Couples.

My recommendation of Sleep and Dream habits for Married Couples.

This applies only to married couples.
The young lovers should do whatever dreaming they do at lib and they should not read this article which is very obnoxious when infatuated.
I’ll try to be as brief as possible since married people have no time for heavy reading but reflex action only.
My advice to a young couple on sleep and never on dreams (since they are in a dream world which is going to end soon after the honeymoon) in good old days was one should match a couple with synchronized sleep.
Night sleeper who gets up early, late or indifferent.
Day time nipper or of 8 hour 10 or 6 hour sleeper.
Idea was when two of them sleep which is synchronized, they get up together and the home and office work is synchronized.
The advantage is only to the employer and not to the married couple any way.
That is my new finding not disclosed elsewhere.
The old advice do not stand to reality of married life.
One should have two erratic sleepers so that when one dreams other one is up and doing home or office chores.
Married life is 24/7 schedule and never 9 to 5. 
One has to be working while the other is having nap unlike in office life where everybody has to work whether enough work is there or not.
My recent but not published or disclosed data suggest the only time married people have a respite is in their real dream world.
So enjoy them even they are bitter to the opposite sex. 
After all they are dreams.
Have you ever seen a couple who relate their dreams when woken up to the opposite spouse.
In my experience never.
The realty is that the dream is heavily edited to satisfy the opposite spouse.
Usually all the dreams are if not majority are obnoxious ones which even in realty extend from blue murder or downright slanderous.
If they truly relate these dreams the marriage won’t last even  three months.
Most of the breakup are due to recurrent incidences of these obnoxious dreams.
One should never go to hypnotherapist for help and they (are the worse) will record them and use them to blackmail when his/her income is dwindling or volunteer to supply the information secretly to the defense lawyer of the other side for inappropriate black income.
This specially happens in Sri-Lanka. 
If these dreams recur it is alright to go to a divorce lawyer but never to a hypnotherapist.
Who knows one may take undue advantage.
One has to bear them, bite the teeth and boldly take them in, one go at a time, like a true and mature married man or woman.
One should not give this information to doctors since they will give you a sleeping pill and inadvertently stop the only entertainment one has at his/her leisure time activity.
That is simply disaster.
If you want to prolong and succeed in marriage one has to edit every dream to suit the partner and occasionally relate them saying,
I had a lovely dream about You KNOW with all the blah blah.
This has worked for me and I do not know about my wife.
All bad dreams are censored by default.
Now I write about dreams, nobody trust my dreams except Maha Brahma who never dreams in real life.
His hobby is to listen to my ones and interpret them with wisdom.
If you have any bad dream about your spouse (not your secret lover) please post them under comments.
I may consider sending them to Maha’s perusal and interpretation.
I assure you he never keeps any record of them since I am the virtual registrar.

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