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Ten or More Things Apple Mac won’t tell its customers.

Ten or More Things Apple Mac won’t tell its customers.
1. It is a Unix derivative i.e. BSD (Berkeley Systems Distribution) which form the basis for both Mac OS X and the iOS that powers the iPhone.
2. It was hooked to a O.E.M platform (Power PC) till recently.
3. BSD is what Darwin is based on.
4. Darwin is Apple’s Open Source Unix operating system foundation.
Somebody should revive this, now that Steve Job is no more.
The Darwin kernel is equivalent to the Mac OS X kernel plus the BSD libraries and commands essential to the BSD Commands environment.
5  It uses Open Source OpenGL – Standard 3D graphics library
6. jEdit  4.3
7. Perl  5.10  Accessible through Terminal under Utilities
8. Python  2.6.1  Accessible through Terminal under Utilities
9. Python  3.3  Accessible through Terminal under Utilities
10. Ruby  1.8.7  Accessible through Terminal under Utilities
Items 6 to 10  are programming languages (now mostly platform independent) which made the backbone of  Linux.
11. Audacity   is a Linux derivative
12. Thunderbird is a Linux derivative
13. VLC    Media Player is a Linux derivative
14. Geogebra             is a Linux derivative
No operating system is Pure and I have not used OpenOffice or Libre Office since they originated from Sun Solaris system and later became Open Source.

Yellow Dog 6.2

Apple MAC guys now you have a free version of Yellow Dog.
Go and download it run it and send me a post to write about.

I don’t have an Apple Mac and I don’t intend to buy one soon in spite of it’s nice Final Cut.