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Arboreal and the abuse of that freedom of lack of it.

Arboreal and the abuse of that freedom of lack of it.

Arboreal animals spend most of their time in trees.

Some live in the canopy, among the leaves. Some live on tree branches, on the bark, or at the base of the tree; some even burrow within the tree or live in a tree cavity.

Some tree-dwellers eat the tree’s leaves or bark, others eat animals that live on or near the trees.

There are many arboreal animal which include birds.

We humans who are descendant of arboreal apes have very well developed hands with adaptation to use tools.

We first used stones but now we use guns to kill all animals including our fellow beings.

The thing I despise most is the destruction of the forest that support many forms of life.

Even the forest has become a game and sports for humans.

Any animal who destroys its own dwelling cannot be described as an evolved and adapted animal to reside on the Planet Earth.

Man will destroy this planet by all his means and might.

It is a curse he left the arboreal life for a bipedal life.

It is not for evolution but destruction he became bipedal.

I do not believe god created this animal, in case if he did he ought to have weighed and balanced  the pros and cons for his existence in this evolutionary niche.

Failure of his judgment is a travesty of justice.

The worst of it was we in Sri-Lanka elect 225 + 1  of them as political animals and they kill each other in the so called Putrid Assembly (it used to be august Assembly).

Worst of it crimes is to throw a bottle of water in a country where many people do not have safe drinking water.

People who selected them are probably absolutely mad and over 60% are in my judgment come under that category and speak only one language.

I thank god for creating the other 40% who do not understand the language the other 60% who use disdain vulgarity in the putrid assembly.

I think we should not learn all three languages since even the language itself is being abused now.

Is this the rapid development of mankind in the 21 century?

I doubt it.

It is decadence.