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Version 1 has come. It is fantastic and I have it in my K-torrent archives. I will seed it for at least 4 weeks.

Enjoy the fun while it is there.It is 3.7 GiB.

I have temporarily suspended testing Live CDs and thought of downloading a few heavy weight DVDs, just to satisfy some of the Linux fans who go for heavy weight fights without having fun with light weight guys.

After three days of downloading 2.4 GiB of Gravity and Weight and tested this Ubuntu derivative that come from Italy.

It has fantastic collections of artistic utilities including Blender, Adobe Flash and Wine.

The collection was fantastic but there are a few proprietary packages that might have problem in the West.

I must tell you I enjoyed watching CNN News with Adobe.
Once I was trying to download Adobe for Suse and their was a hitch and gave it up.
This is about the third time I had problem with Flash.
Genu should develop gFlash as soon as it is feasible lest I miss CNN News Flashes.

This is a good one for everybody.

There is something for everybody.

Thanks guys from Italy if you are inclined to read this in English.


Another Live CD based on Ubuntu which has packed lot of audio utilities.
It is Xfce based hence, boots fast and has many extras.


This is one of the best live CDs I have.
It is the brain child of Denis the RoJo, whom I call the Bob Marley of Computer Music.
In a single Cd he has put everything including, music, video and graphic and the internet.
Believe me even the blender is included.

This the gold standard of computer music and it gets over 1000 points easily in my scale.

It has used the KISS principle working.

Keep It Simple and Small.

New edition has not come after 2007 November.

Proof of the pudding, when one keeps it simple bug fixes are a rare commodity indeed!
Only gorillas carry heavy footage like words 2007.
This is one of the best live CDs Linux community has produced,
Please donate generously.

It is coming from Italy an unlikely event given the ground conditions and underground world looking for money.

The Football Team of Italy should take a note of this.

How much volunteers can do without fanfare and money.
Money corrupts everybody including Footballers.
RoJo is a Hero.