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Comparison of PCLINUX KDE wit Berry Linux.

PCLinux is updating its CD series in preparation for probably Christmas recess.
The image is probably highly compressed when I looked at the underside of the CD almost two third of it was clean without the a track.
I did not boot on my old IBM and I was worried the image was not written properly.
The I booted with my relatively new (that is also old by the way) IBM it did boot up.
There is nothing much to report the CDs will to go my archive.
It has no Cloud component like Ubuntu One bu has Dropbox download script.
It has no UnteBootIn and I do not thinks USB creator has not been upgraded.
It has no office installed at least Abiword.
Libreoffice manager is there.
I downloaded Berry Linux it has all (it is Redhat based) what one needs K3B, LibreOffice and Wine.
It has LXDE desktop too.
If you are newbie trying Linux I advise you to try it instead of PCLinux KDE.
Berry Linux is a clear winner.
It comes from Japan and has English version too.
There is keen context now and Fedora is in front by a nose but it has no office package but has new Gnome which is a new experience.
Download Fedora is the fastest.
Berry comes second even though point to point.
PCLinux is the slowest without seeders. I am trying downloading its Openbox there are no seeders and on a leecher uploading my 150 MiB of my half image.
You got three to try this weekend and all three are less than one week in the web for download.

I think Fedora is slightly ahead with new things bu I recommend berry Linux if you are going to install and do not bother about downloading.