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Brain Myths, the Malady of the Democracy

Brain Myths, the Malady of the Democracy
There are a lot of myths spread by Psychologists.
This is an attempt to bring some sense and reality into day to day life.
I may dispute many a myths but my attempts are also not infallible in each and every situation one may encounter.
Making right or correct decision at a given moment is a knack which many of us lack.
If we delay acting on a given (it may be right or it may be wrong) problem even for a fraction of a second, the most destructive procrastination sets in.
Then any given solution is the base for next round of further procrastination.
But if we keep an open mind and believe in what we intend to do given a difficult problem or a preposition, the solving of the problem may come naturally, to anyone.
This is not easy though.
Lot of training actually hinder this ability.
That is what we call common sense.
Lot of experience also may be a hindrance.
Basically we have several approaches to a given problem.
Just think of a Game (Video game)
One’s approach may be (not comprehensive here)
1. Offensive
2. Defensive
3. Neutral
4. Random
5. Cool (not procrastination)
The best approach is the last which has all the above components assessed in a fraction of a second. 
Only a few has that cool talent.
They are ones who become successful.
The COOL people are actually very observant.
But many of us use the useless procrastination approach (usual approach of a politician).
What it does is to kill the attempt at solving a given problem from the very beginning.
Unfortunately many of us use this method since we do not believe that some problems can be addressed, if we care to divert from the common approach.
This is what Professor De Bono calls Lateral Thinking.
It is not vertical or analytical or direct thinking.
Side track a bit,
Focus on the problem,
Leave behind the past experiences for a moment,
Give attention
To the present moment of time
Then in a FLASH
A new found solution
Springs up.
Then if we have few others with equal interest and talent get involved in the same problem we get endless stream of solutions which we have never thought of because of the redundant past experience.
We call it brain storming and it really works.
If one does not use common sense what I say here is superfluous.
We use our past experience to solve a given problem.
Sometime past experience is useful.
Sometimes past experience is a hindrance.
Past experience is sometimes a hindrance to creative and pragmatic solutions.
Good example can be taken from politicians.
When somebody is opposition for a long period of time and then come to power, he / she makes many mistakes due to past misfortunes.
They have lost the ability for creative thinking.
Unfortunately this happens when one is power too, and they do not realize what a wonderful thing to be in opposition.
The people in the opposition see the problem realistically but they do not have the muscle to power the solution through.
It is the malady of the democracy.