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Calibre and DRM (Digital Rights Management)

Calibre and DRM (Digital Rights Management)

Testing Linux distribution plunge me into deep waters but very often I find some interesting stuff.
Calibre is an Open Source E-Book Management System I found already installed in Pinguy / Ping Eee.
If you don’t have it go to its website (there is a good demo) and download free. I belive it has a Microsoft version too.
It does the following.

1. Manages your E-book library

2. Converts the E-books to the device format for Reading

3. It synchronizes the device with your computer and exchange device to computer and vice versa

4. It is a E-book Viewer

5. Download e-books and news around the world

If you are good reader like me this cute little program is for you.

Now then what is DRM?

It is Digital Rights Management system by which publishers and device (OEM) developers prevent infringement of copyrights of the digitally available material.

There are four main ebook formats at present.



EPub and PDF.
The Amazon Kindle uses Mobipocket and Topaz and it also supports native PDF format ebooks and native PDF files.
Other ebook readers mostly use ePub format ebooks, but with differing DRM schemes.
Some call it Digital Restrictions Management and whatever the way one interpret it there is a law that prevent copying.
Not only e-books, audio, video and even TV shows are protected.
In time to come even in the developing world we might see tablets and E-readers instead of slates and slate pencils which I used when I was a kid.