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Ten (10) or more reasons why I do not use a cellphone

Now that WHO has released the warning for radiation and cancer PHOBIA, I should state why I hate using cellphone.

Some of what I say below are scientific in nature and nobody has done adequate studies.
This is based on the premise animals have more evolved senses for their protection and navigation especially at night.
For example some snakes (who do not have ears) infrared sensors to to detect their prey namely rats.
Hearing is not essential for some animals and mosquitoes probably have thermal as well as olfactory (smell) sensors to feed us at night.
What it means is that whole energy spectrum is used to various degrees by various beings including insects.
They all originate from sun rays and most of them even do not reach us and reflected in the stratosphere.
Any artificial high intensity laser included have adverse effect on life on earth especially the animal species.

1. There is scientific evidence emerging telecommunication signals effect navigation of bees. Apart from the suspected virus infection, I believe the microwave and Telecom signals are the one that effecting the bees. whole chain of events and food cycle will be effected by this impact. Instead of wasting time on cancers WHO and WFO should investigate this context seriously.
We know the bees are diminishing.

2. These energy waves and other waves generated also effect birds. Birds who carry seeds around the world also will impact food scenario of other wild animals. Bird population is diminishing and we do not know how these energy sorcues affect eggs when they are hatching. We know that most of the agricultural pesticides concentrate on eggs and their shell and diminish fertility of birds.

3. When birds are diminished, alarming rise of parasite on domesticated animals will rise. For example ticks which infect cattle and dogs.

4. We do not know what other animals wild and domesticated affected by these artificial energy and bizarre propagation. We do not know even how it affects dogs who have powerful hearing senses.

5. It takes generally 20 years to discover facts and by that time (brain tumours) one generation is affected by the ill effect.

Those are scientific speculations but what about day to day effects.

6. I am one who believe talking reduces of working capacity.
I hate when the telephone ring when I am engaged in some intellectual activity. Even the mosquito is enough to disturb my activity. Imagine I am or a meditator deeply engaged in Ana Pana Sati insight meditation and one mosquito is enough to distract the attention.

7. I prefer both my hands free when on holiday and hate somebody send a SMS on the road crossing highway.

8. Cellphone contributes to road traffic accidents.

9. Imaging I am engaged in a group activity or suturing a coronary artery bypass and the cellphone rings.

10. Many use this as a ploy to get out of a important meeting to make decisions. Politicians are good at this and they slip away leaving a mediocre guy to listen to trade union guys.

Cell phone takes the thinking capacity and concentration away and few years from now research will indicate it was the most bizarre invention of ours.

Enjoy it now and very soon there will be legislature controlling use of cellphones.
Remember I said it.