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Why one should not change habits for the sake of market hype?

Why one should not change habits for the same of market hype?

I will ask few question?
One.       1
Would you change brand of tooth paste tooth brush?
Two.       2
Would you change your razor blade or electric shaver?
Three.    3
Would you change your hair cut?
Four.      4
Would you change your tie?
Five.       5
Would you change your computer or the Operating system?
In my case I will only change my tie.
I rarely wear ties nowadays but I have over 100 ties collected over 30 years.
Some of them were presents.
I have enough ties to make a rope and hand myself if I need to.
But I keep them in an accessible place not (in the attic) and pick at random when I need one.
But when I look at ties others where the ties ave broad long and intrusive. It Looks like tie hides your personality.
I do not think that ties have personality.
But I always get a comment, your tie is short or it is narrow, especially from my daughter.
But i do not go and buy a big one.
I do not need to hide behind a tie.
I know who I am.
If somebody is inquisitive I go little bit further.
I am going to remove this moment the function is over and back to my base.
You know is somebody is angry with me I do not let him/her use this tie to strangle me.
This is why our politicians never where a tie in public.
I wish them  do, though.
We do not need fire arm to kill a fellow guy.
Of course police can say he strangled himself in disgust of not coming on top of the preference list.
Real reason that I am immune to change,  is that if one wears a tie one has to either wear a jacket or coat.
It is not the tie that matters in that context.
It is the coat or the jacket.
The the tie becomes an accessory.
It does not matter whether it is big or small it has to match the coat in colour and size.
Who is going to wear coat in this tropical country with temperature over 95 degrees Fahrenheit?
Coming back to question 5 one should not change the computer or the operating system, if it is doing the right donkey/horse work for you.
It is just a waste of time.
I am almost (probably I will go on till December) finished testing Linux distributions.
The latest releases come from now onward till January and I have to check them for the sake of completeness and archiving.
In fact I have published my findings in a book at Amazon.
(” My Selection of Linux distributions” along with “Buddhism Made Simple”  in memory of my mother.
They are available now).
The most important thing is that if you are not changing like me, make sure you have an archived copy of your operating system.
After 5 years one cannot find a copy out there in the web.
There are no archives.
It is going to be so because of the “sea change” happening.
Tablets and Cloud computing.
I have a nice DVD with all the utilities which I downloaded when was abroad in 2009.
Linpus DVD, which is pretty good and all the utilities and Amaya too.
I cannot find a archive to download it.
Instead Linpus Light 1.4 is there which is for tablets.
They are changing.
I could not download ALT Linux English Version (from Russia) like the Linpus Linux when abroad.
It supports schools in Russia and I was thinking it would be useful for us too in Sri-Lanka.
After some hours of search, I managed to find the English Version and I am trying to download it for the last 10 days but could not finish it.
Once the point to point broke at 1.2 GiB.
Then after another search found the torrent and has only two seeders and one is always in sleep mode.
It is currently 2.5 GiB and need another 3 days to download at the current speed.
The bottom line is keep your CD/DVDs safe.
You do not know when you need them.
When you really need a copy it is no longer available for you in the web.
Mind you unlike Microsoft there is no limit for the Linux CD/DVD to use for re-installing.
That is another reason I love Linux.
I have huge archive now and may never use them for my work but if a guy /s having searched and was crying that he/she could not find a copy he or she may  approach me and kindly ask please could I have a copy.
I will oblige.
But you must not forget to say “Thank You”.