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Joli OS and FreedomBox

Joli OS and FreedomBox

 Update on JoliCloud
This is just to say I have installed JoliOS on my computer and writing through Google’s Chrome.
It Looks pretty fast unlike my work horse PCLinuxFullMonty which is temporarily out of commission since JoliCloud could not boot up my Linux since it made a hash of my boot loader.I have to reinstall  PCLinuxFullMonty TWICE which was bit of a hassle.
Fortunately, I copied all the downloads to my laptop (which is defunct due to battery failure) hard disk already removed and the laptop now resting in the attic, so to speak.

JoliCloud has to work on the Boot loader to satisfy me.

It must beef up its security protocols too.
Overall its performance is as good as any Cloud Service.
Thank you for electing me as a founder member.

Please note the following points in addition.

1. Do not install it on the laptop or desktop till they get a good boot loader.

2. If you are Linux guy or girl use UnetBootIn (which I have described adequately under CloudUSB (Ubuntu 10.04).

One does not need a password if you use UnetBootIn.

3. My cloudUSB stick with a password still works but it gets to its old web site, instead of

4. All what you have to do is to go to www, and sign up.

5. If you have already signed up just log in.

6. It seamlessly integrates with your email address and all the blog posts.
Thank you JoliCloud for doing this. 
I have forgotten some of them already.
Initially it integrated with dropbox without me logging into dropbox.
I actually have forgotten the password for dropbox.
When they (dropbox changed its initial contract agreement, I stopped using dropbox) made changes to the initial contract I was hesitant to trust them.

7. I am annoyed with Facebook’s nosiness and I deleted it from my page.

8. Make sure you have a powerful password for the EMAIL.
If you have sensitive data make sure when you install Linux encrypt at least your home partition.
I have no sensitive but painful data for Microsoft, so I do not encrypt my home folder.
Any Microsoft Guy / Girl can browse it, if they know how to do that but I will track them with Kali the dangerous Devil Queen of Folklore.

Problem with Linux including CloudOS is that they can see or mount, root (not the sexual rooting or mounting of animal) or load any partition of Microsoft and Linux at lib.

Linux is a dangerous animal to deal with including Google’s Android.

Unfortunately digital Andoid does not have male hormones for sexual activity.
I think the one who coined this word would have been impotent sexually by default. 
One need not be fully potent to enjoy Linux FREEDOM in a modern Unisex Digital World.

Sex is not a barrier to use Linux but fortunately it is dominated by males who have extra hormones but one less or dysfunctional chromosome.

If you love anonymity try tails or anonymous.

9. Then register with the Help Center and ask for the applications you prefer.

I asked for AbiWord and LibreOffice which I have not yet got.

10. Do not be paranoid with a password for the USB Key since you may give it to your friends to boot with it. 

One does not need to download CloudOS.

11. I am extremely unhappy since the EyeOS which had all the tiny utilities is hijacked by a Spanish Company, I believe and they do not let you log in.
I had a log in password with them before this was taken over by a company.
EyeOS is the tiniest cloud utility and I still have a CD of it.

I may post it (image) in a public folder for others to copy since it was mainly Open Source.

My only problem is like that of the Email, when I KICK the Bucket or when I expire either due to old age or faulty memory who will look after my CLOUDs of Clouds of OLD Age.

I will have this sorted out with the Maha Brahma, who is the chief of all the Eastern (not Western or Muslim gods) GODS.

Joli Clouding to ALL!

This is posted by booting with a USB stick.
I will certainly take all my USB sticks to be interned with me on a sealed blackbox when I EXIT properly from this planet/world for the computer guys / girls of the next century see that their was mad Guy by the name XiT.

Joli OS and JoliCloud.

My investigation into Linux has taken me into Cloud Computing (I have written a book on cloud computing, too) many uncharted quarters.
This is one of those Happy Moments.
I am considered a founder member of the Jolly Cloud.
They have now developed the Jolly Drive.
Go to their site and download the CD image or windows exe file .
They say it is less than 700 MiB but unfortunately Windows exe file is over that limit and one need a DVD.
I am not going to try it on a windows since I do not use Windows.

Making a Flash drive is bit messy.

I would use my net booting utility instead of their USB Creator.

In fact Linux sh file is dysfunctional with lot of garbage.
One may use the USB Key to boot up or use the USB Key to install it on the hard drive partition. 

Computer BIOS should let you boot up from the Flash Drive and an old BIOS may not have this option.

Sign up with their Help Centre and follow the instructions.
I have forgotten where I have kept my USB Key.
I finally found it having booted about 20 USB sticks with various Live Linux distribution in them. 

I rarely use USBs now.

Why use them when I have many computers with many Linux derivatives running including Ubuntu 12.04.

I have some more things for future including why I should not buy anymore hardware or SSDs.
It is because of FreedomBox which is platform independent Debian Cracker.
It will run on Rasberry too.
Still at development stage and good one for Linux article writers.
I will write about it once I have digested the trend.
Already downloaded the image not a iso file.
Just Joli OS
Bring your old computers back to life.
Create the perfect Internet computer.
Buy a new computer, get a refund on Windows (applies in certain countries.)
Keep Windows
Choose Windows or Joli OS at start up
Use your Windows files from Jolicloud.
Remove Joli OS at any time

Cloud Computing and what one can expect in year 2012?

Cloud Computing and what one can expect in year 2012?

It is too early to predict but we are gearing up to lot of innovations.
These innovations come not because we ave become groovy but because of necessity.
Already some writers who have seen the “Sea Change” making analogy to Volkswagen Era.
It is Hitlers creation but it outlasted him by a century.
The people car , the Volkswagen (People’s Wagon) he built to take advantage of harsh conditions in the Africa where water for cooling was not available Beetle was even built in  Uganda in latter part of the last century.
Now the analogy is different. Fossil fuel is becoming exhausted with www in vogue and the whole world connected one need not travel far to get new technology and the freedom for innovation open for everybody.
In comes Amazon Kindle and its Silk Browser to go with the Cloud Computers we are in for a sea change.
Amazon will lead at a time whole western economy is collapsing due to “greed based economy” that was developed by greedy high flying CEOs.
One need not fly one need is a fast Internet and only a Silk browser to be connected and high flyers are wasting money of their own and cloud will actually make many people redundant in the IT  industry employed by corporate clients.
There is centralization and decentralization going in hand in hand.
When there is economic crisis redundancy will not be tolerated and machine will take over.
In this case the computer.
In another 20 years it is predicted the “cloud cluster computers” will surpass human intelligence and CEOs become redundant.
Small become beautiful and big and bigger (IBM mentality) mentality will be replaced by “Ant Philosophy”.
Each small unit of computer power (Linux Clustering replaced Super Computers and even NASA used it when the money supply went down) will add and make “a cloud of computers” super powerful that few companies (they can thing big though) will inherit this phenomenon. Companies who ignore this will have to buy the resources or become subservient.
I will list the order of things in small to big with or without the company involved.
1. Silk Browser and Amazon
2. Kindle Fire
3. Amazon Cloud Service.
Mind Amazon has only silk Browser and the Linux Utility to run the cloud systems and have no OS.
4. Eye OS and any free software browser from Dilli to Midori to Gecko go with it and the Apache.
It is available at SourceForge free.
At eyeOS, we believe in free software as a way to share new technologies and make a contribution to the community, to the explorers who have great ideas but lack the resources to build upon them.
Open Source runs in our blood. It is our story and our legacy. eyeOS was born as an Open Source Project 6 years ago and since then it has thrived with a growing worldwide community of 16,000 active members, 70 minor and major releases over time, chapters in more than 60 countries and downloads that have recently passed the 1 million mark.
5. Suse and its Cloud Service.
One can own a Cloud with Suse.
OpenSUSE comes with customized Eucalyptus, OpenNebula and OpenStack. It also supports ownCloud 2.
This is a do-it-yourself Web-based storage cloud application. OpenSUSE claims that “ownCloud is different from solutions like Google Docs, Dropbox or Ubuntu One in that it lets you own the data.
6. Not to forget Ubuntu ONE comes next.
7. Google with own OS will be the next with little community support but corporate mentality unless it decides to make amends and forge with open software.
8. Even though small Puppy Linux derivative Slako will be there to take us to the post.
9. Then the other players like Dropbox will take their due place.
10. Number 10 is any combinations above which include Meebo, JoliClouud and CloudSUB.
There will be 5 tier service protocol that will emerge.
1. Mini Browser like Silk Browser.
2. Thin Clients with lot of OEM guys having to port cloud services by default without an operating system bias. They have to produce Thin Client systems with or without proprietary operating systems.
3. Cloud Service with Clusters of Clouds in the backyard (even in my own backyard if an N.G.O will provide me the resources).
4. Mobiles (Meego, Meebo and Mobilin derivatives to link with cloud.
5. Then the all important Tablets Galore from Kindle Fire, Barnes Noble to all that come from China (China has not done anything in the line of Linux but it will flood the market first the mobile and then the Tablets).
In this 5 tier system where does the Desktop stands?
It is nowhere and most of them in the attic or porting eyeOS with Apache and Midori and become a server instead of a stand alone desktop.
Desktop era is numbered and even laptop is not immune unless, they reduce the price and add some battery power and docking mechanisms to go with it.
Instead of laptops S.S.D type of Microchip will storm the market instead of Flash Drives probably with James Bond type Audio-Video capabilities.
I may be dead by then.

Ubuntu One, Cloud Space and not so Cloud Friendly Linux distributions

I have a book for you on Cloud Computing at Amazon and Kindle for this Christmas.
It has a lot of tit bits for you.
In my writing I have not been fair to most of the Linux distributions, since all of them except Ubuntu has teething problems with Cloud readiness.
Even Puppy did not have a component and just recently SLACKO (First Slackware Puppy derivative from Wolfe Base) they getting into Cloud Computing.
I have already stated elsewhere what cloud utilities one can use.
Here is to thrash rather give a kick on the butt to all the guys who are sleeping and not come to term with Cloud Computing.
One has to wake up from slumber and at least go with Ubuntu One for the time being and provide this Linux Service to all Linux distributions.
Mind you Ubuntu was providing this service from 2009.

There is CloudUSB and JoliCloud and EyeOS and nothing else.

There was enough time for others to follow suit

It is not the job of Ubuntu because Ubuntu is doing a massive face lift operation with all plastic surgeons fully occupied with Unity.
Instead of criticizing Ubuntu One should pull up the socks and ask politely and get the code and work the required Tool-kits into the Library  each and every distribution.
Like what we did with UnetBootIn we should boot-strap cloud utility actually at the boot time and not after the installation.
PCLinus is not Cloud Ready.
This is what everybody should work on together before recessing to Christmas Holidays.
Year 2012 won’t be the End of the World but it is the year of Cloud Computing in full gear.
Don’t grumble that Ubuntu is in the lead again come December, 2012.
Lot of catch to do by one year. that is not god for the newbies trying Linux.

Choice of Cloud Utilities.

This is an email I have sent to my friends.
I have already sent you an invitation for you to join a cloud (open source) utility called EyeOS.
It is cute and it can be organized around your email.
I like it because of its simplicity.
I am into cloud computing and have tried three already with varying degree of complexity.
1. Dropbox is a commercial variant but its contract is bit dicey.
2. Ubuntu One is a good one with 5 GiB storage.
3. CloudSUB is elegant
4. JoliCloud is elaborate and from there only I found EyeOS.
5. EyeOS (this is a cloud desktop and a very thin client).
Is also a Web OS. I have a live CD called EyeNux which can be booted from a the Live CD with access to files in the hard disk for uploading.
Pick your choice.
In time to come all of us have to give up desktop and use cloud desktop and it is the way we have to shape. this will prevent one get hooked to Google’s tablets which is getting too commercial even though i supported its from the very beginning.
It keeps its android as proprietary (open Source though) making people to get fixed, somewhat similar to Microsoft.

Installing JoliCloud in Linux (Flashdrive)

JoliCloud 1.2 is another cloud based Linux distribution.
I downloaded it and booted up and I am confused what they are going to achieve with it. 
Could not even exit from the live Cd and had to do not honourable Ctrl+Alt+Del procedure which I hate to do with my laptop (thank god I tested it with my old IBM, annoyed as I was switched off the power button).
Then I went to their web site which has elaborate tutorial thinking most users are still at kindergarten level and downloaded the Linux utility and tried it on my PCLinux and I could not mount the script to boot the USB stick.
The I forgot about it and today early in the morning (on leave) after long nap wanted to do something exciting copied an image of JoliCloud to a CD and then mounted Ping Eee and tried UnetBootIn with the image CD on the CD Rom.
No more hassle I got a Live JoliCloud in a USB stick which booted up and telling me what to do and not what I wanted to do.
Annoyed again I am posting this.
I am not sure what JoliCloud (it was not Jolly for ME) is going to achieve.
If prefer CloudUSB instead.
But knowing myself even I am critical of any Linux distribution (always constructive) I will carry both sticks with me when i am out an enjoying myself.
Which I am now.
Guys and girls please do not spoon feed your user base especially Linux guys and please check whether your sh-script work on all Linux distributions before giving elaborate instruction to newbies.
Please tell them what i did with UnetBootIn or better incorporate it in your next version.
I am watching your progress from the ‘Cloudy Sky” like an eagle.

Pendrive Linux My Love

The name Pendrive Linux has disappeared from the web scene but the is there i you need some help for mounting any Linux distribution.

Long before I went in web search for 100 Linux distributions my only aspiration (inspiration too) and last thing I wanted in my possession was to have a Linux booted from a 1 GiB Flash Drive. Flash Drives were expensive then and our download speed was hopeless and only thing I wanted to bring home was a globe trotter and a Mandriva Pendrive Linux when I went abroad on a different assignment.

By that time I had (with some trial and error) got a Puppy Linux on a Flash Drive but all the efforts of preparing a Pendrive Linux were not successful.

Then of course in one of my friends room abroad I got my Pendrive Linux loaded well pass midnight and I still have it and it is still working.

All these were done on a Windows computer with gemu (Gnome emulation) executive EXE file on board.

It was a huge achievement for me then.

But I ended up buying a Laptop without Linux for one third of the price then with hard bargaining and almost fighting with the dealer.

Doing this on a Linux was painfully long process for a busy person like me and I never tried it on Linux having got few of my favorite Linux distribution in few of the Flash Drive. The again everything on FAT partitions and not on Linux partitions with boot, root, home and root permissions.

My bad experience with vendors abroad got me into firm resolve to promote Linux not in this country where use of pirated copies is the rule (which I detest as a simple Buddhist) and is Banana Republic ‘s futuristic motto (Bana is daily sermon and Na is not following or listening but not slippery plantain we eat to avoid constipation by listening to the Bana of the politician who do not practice virtues but the voter has to do that on daily basis.

I am glad to see most of the visitors are from abroad and many from USA and they get Linux and healthy dose of anti-capitalistic views which even Obama is pursuing for betterment of the down trodden masses.

My venture into Linux 100 was bumpy but and I am in a better position to talk about Linux and cloud computing.

All what you need is a CD/DVD and a Pendrive to be be cloud ready a savvy or newbie guy/girl and not Andoid Craze or HP WebOS.

However the distribution i talk about need to shed some fat (client) and become thin clients.

Follow Me.


What one’s needs are CD/DVD and two (2) Flash Drive and little free time and one need not do that in one go.

1. Download CloudUSB DVD (1.2 GiB).

2. Download your favorite CD/DVD of Linux distribution and copy as an iso file not as bootable Live CD/DVD.

3. Find a computer (ideally with USB booting to test your work) DVD writer.

4. Boot Up CloudUSB.

5. Use Boot DVD / USB creator; click and follow instructions.

6. Now you have a USB stick to clone many Pendrives.

7. Boot the Flash Drive with CoudUSB.

8. Go to UnetBooiIn click and follow instructions.

9. Load your favorite Linux CD/DVD containing iso file into the DVD/CD ROM.

10. Plug in your Second USB Drive

11. Give the path of the CD/DVD Rom as where the iso file is.

Wait a while and in the second USB drive you have a new Live distribution of your choice.

12. Then register your company and start selling your products (Live Linux Distributions on a stick). But do not jack the price up like our Buddhist monks who sell Bana on a pirated copy of Microsoft CD.

I have not given the finer details which vary from distribution to distribution and why I used CloudUSB is that it promote Cloud computing in style including Ubuntu One and Dropbox and it has all the utilities (FAT Client though).

In my case I use Ping Eee which has more laptop friendly utilities.

CloudUSB and Cloud Support

Now I can report that CloudSUB gets exactly 1240 points what Ubuntu LTS got.
In my scheme nobody gets 100 (I believe we have to approach the target of 80%) since when one delete a feature, in this case the distribution cannot be installed into hard disk and it misses on some points and it get more points for adding cloud support which Ubuntu has from its version 9.
This is where I defer from developers that base their activities on previously developed and established distribution which sometimes limit or cramp up innovation by design.

Reason for suggesting start from the scratch below is based on that observation and premise!

Below is a user comment about CloudUSB distribution and I use the comment below of this particular user as base to give some of my views.

Mind you I have not tried it myself except booting the Live DVD.
I tried the UnetBootIn but could not open the Download Folder in PCLinux in my hard disk where the CloudUSB image was downloaded. The distribution in my hard disk was PCLinux and it may have been different if I had Ubuntu in the hard disk.
There was conflict of download folders of Ubuntu and PCLinux.
I have unity in my laptop and would try this again when I have time and report to you later.
However, read my writing on UnetBootin elsewhere in this blog site for further details.

“CloudUSB is a USB-based Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
The idea is that you can carry your own Linux distribution with you for use anywhere, thus allowing anyone to use Linux on any computer and keep their data safe in the event the USB key is lost.

In practice, this is more limited than suggested by the Web site.

To use CloudUSB, you need to download a 950MB ISO image and a script to copy the image to your USB key.

The script makes use of UNetbootin to copy the image to the USB key and set it up correctly.

It takes about 10 minutes to copy CloudUSB over and get it ready. You’ll need at least a 4GB key to use it effectively, and larger is better if you have a significant amount of data. I (not me) used an 8GB Seagate “puck” USB drive. The configuration routine allows you to decide how much room to allocate for data, so I split it evenly between 4GB for the OS and 4GB for personal data”.

My comments about CloudUSB.
1. This idea of integrating with cloud service is excellent but implementation has some glitches.
2. It is not a service but it is a cloud client (same terminology as in Torrent downloads and there are many clients for Torrents but Torrent is the best Linux service available for third world).
3. It is tied to Ubuntu and it can very well use the Ubuntu One Service which is 5GIB. Mind you simply because of this I have switched off my lack of allegiance to Ubunutu and I now have Unity in my laptop and not Ubuntu 10.10 L.T.S.
I use a USB hard disk and not a USB stick and my favorite is now Ping Eee.
Thin SATA laptop hard disk can sit in your front pocket and one can buy one for three GiB Flash Drives’ price.

4. Next point is relevant because of Ubuntu switching to Unity desktop, the CloudUSB will have some teething problems.

5. My biggest critical comment is that it is not a thin client but a very very fat client. It needs to shed its dead weight of Ubuntu and “start from the scratch and be distribution indepwndent”.

6.Its integration with Dropbox is scratchy and Dropbox gives only 2GiB free and its policy re-evaluation has caused some bad taste in the mouth.

7. It should take a cue from Peppermint (it is supporting Google plugins) as far as the general users are concerned but must give a serious thought to the developers and Linux administrators (they will love to carry it in the pocket when on service duty away from home, may be in a foreign country).

8. Adding UnetBootin, WireShars, Emac and Skype (? now Microsoft’s) are good money but adding more dead weight to already chunky Linux chocolates.
Cloud is going to rule and we have to re-engineer everything and sometime from scratch.

My vision.
1. Make it very very thin client. It should be for Administrators and Developers level at this level. In the line of Puppy Linux and under 200 MiB. I am surprised Puppy does not have a cloud client.
Do they?
It should have gparted copy image and the like. When it is is light the problems that you have encountered with Ubuntu LTS won’t arise. Go for Dilo or SeaMonkey instead of Firefox which is getting bloated and unmanageable.

2. Then a Middle Weight client in the range of 500 for users.
this is the Peppermint style!

3. Then the Business Class with a full blown heavy weight distribution and Dropbox, Skype, Web Editor, Emac, Wireshark and all security and encrypting utilities added.
I suppose with Ubuntu going in many direction base ought to be Debian.
I suppose one should start with redobackup by Debain.
It may be a good base to begin with and in notime it will be bloated to Business Class with developers helping.
Mind you one does not have to abandon CloudSUB but add the ones I have mentioned to the repertoire as additional CDs/DVDs.
I am in the process of realigning myself to think what is the minimum I should carry in a CD or Flash Drive (may be even to my grave and the coffin may not be that heavy to carry then with all the unnecessary paraphernalia she in advance).

Come up boys and girls do some exercise to she weight around the belly or belly button.