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I.P.L., Cricket,Politics and Money

I.P.L., Cricket,Politics and Money
I made few decisions sometime ago and they were the right decisions and I spend more time on Linux and Linux games now instead of cricket.
One of these decisions was to not to write about Sri-Lankan cricket.

Cricket Administration (Sri-Lankan) was so rotten and digging its dirty linen in public was not my intention and let mediocre journalists do that for their own living.
Second was I will watch only when it is played in good spirit and irrespective of the side to or the country one belongs when a player players a good innings enjoy the moment and praise the praiseworthy and condemn the bad acts.

I am not Jeffry Boycott and I love listening to him on the BBC radio like terry Vaughan the Irishman.
Mind you there is an Irishman playing cricket in a flamboyant one day style English Team.
Can you believe that?

He always says don’t be diplomatic and his Yorkshire humour reminds me of the my Yorkshire time, which was very plesant.

What it means is do not be partisan or make political capital out of cricket like the cheap Indian and Sri-Lankan soap opera (yesteryear) actors turned politicians.
I also hate people who take up politics while wielding a cricket bat and we have ample in this country.
I may sound anti-Sri-Lankan (I am anti-politician, does not matter which side they are in, who are corrupt to the core) too but that is my nature.
I may sound anti-Indian and but certainly not in Cricket and one example will clear any doubts.
There are many but I will state only one.
When Vivendra Shrawag, one of my favorite opening batsmen was denied a century by letting 4 byes and balling a noball next (all three of them are in our Sri-Lankan Team currently and it is a shame) and when his sixer was not allowed or counted, within seconds I vented my anger and blogged it.

This match was played in preparation for the world cup and we were the least prepared team then and it was wonder we came that far afterward.

That is the lowest we have gone ( on the field and off the field must be too numerous to mention from selection to ground preparations) and on that count alone we did not deserve to win the world cup.

There are many including a bogus doctor looking after our team and many political insinuations.

The second incident was when Andrew Srauss played a brilliant innings and match was drawn in the Wold cup.
I said, a Star of Wonder was born for England and everybody was prepared to dish him out of cricket after their elimination at our hands in the world cup.
He may not be a brilliant tactician but a very good cricketer and today he proved beyond any doubt (by beating India comprehensively) that he is a test class player.
Now coming to what happened to India?
Many will be written in India but I will be brief.
It is the IPL which started the rot.

There was easy entry for Indian (Pakistani too) businessmen and bookies who were only interested in money spinning that ruined the cricket in general and Indian cricket particularly.

In this context Ravi Bopara’s act of not accepting the IPL should be commendable.

The second factor is too much of cricket and ICC should take the full blame for it (the CEOs also looking at money but not players welfare).

I feel sorry for Shrawag, Dravid and Tendukar (they have done enough for Indian cricket) but not for the rest of the team or on the bench who came up from IPL ranking and showing how good they are to the world.

I have no sympathy for Dhoni too.
He has to take the blame for not saying enough to BCCI and standing up to them and saying my warriors are battle fatigued and they need a decent rest in between major fixtures.
That is his crime.

I cannot forgive him for that error of judgement.

IPL in essence ruined our cricketers (Sri-Lankan) and our young prospects too and we won’t recover for decades.

That I do not care.

We present Sri-Lankan who cannot even fill a form in Eglish at an airport love to have air ticket free and money on the sly, often illegal foreign exchange and lot of other dealing besides cricket (that include journalists, commentators and perhaps umpires too if not cricketers and their affiliated guys and girls).

What we need is national integration not too much of cricket or too much Sinhala jubilation’s.
I thank gods for losing the Worlds Cup (we made billions of Indians happy) and in England.
If we won our politicians will be basking in sunshine and doing sweet nothing for corruption at all levels.
They have to work hard and show the voters that they are worth the 5 years pension they get for doing sweet nothing for five years.

The Common misinterpretations of a Pali Verse that states the body decays but the Name and the Tribe does not

This verse I have heard many politicians of yesteryear utter in tandem with political speeches, I often wonder from where it originated.

This has nothing to do with Buddhism or Dhamma.

Somebody with knowledge with Pali had coined this verse and all politicians of yesteryear and present use this as a phrase to propagate his or her name and tribe. This is how the post-colonial culture and politics developed.

Rupam Jirati Majjanam (Body decays)

Nama Gottam Najirathi” (nmae and tribe do not)

The face value seems all Buddhist in nature but its implication in modern day is really disruptive to the nature of Dhamma as stated in the Tripitaka (the Three Baskets).

There is no problem with the first statement.

The second statement destroys the whole tenet of Dhamma in its entirety.

In Buddhist phenomenology self (Nama or Soul) does not exist and the tribe (Gothra) is an illusion that originate from the above wrong premise.

I have to restate the same with my own invention as below.

The meaning I am trying to derive at is that the Mind State does not vanish at death but (Patisandhi) re-link with the next Bhava using Kamma as the vehicle or the driving force.

Rupam Jirati Majjanam

Nama (means Mind here) Kittam (means Kamma) Najirathi

(The Gotham is substituted with Kittam-Kriya)


In Abhidhamma context it is realistic to use the above version of the verse (even though I am not a Pali scholar) to express the conditional existence of Bhava. The term Nama Rupa (stated above in first chapter) occurs frequently in Abhidhamma and Nama is used interchangeably with the Mind. The term for body is corporeality and not Rupa in Pali context.

Who perpetuated this myth is immaterial but the damage it has done is enormous. In that context writing something of my own contradicting the statement is appropriate even though it is a departure from the original tenets of this book.

This I think originated with the British rule. It is common for us to blame the British for every little mishap we are going through in our modern history. But this one is a direct antecedent. They are the one who started naming the streets even in Kandy with British names of inheritance and their Governors. All the streets in Colombo have some relevance to British authorship. In their tradition it is a normal and is all welcome by every British administrators big and small.

What went wrong was that we adapted this tradition without scrutiny in the post-colonial period and continue to do so even now. Instead of naming the street with some meaningful road traditions like main street, cross street, first lane or second lane we started adapting our own names. Politicians in turn for their gain started naming these streets with the names of their kith and kin. They invented and used the above jargon riddled Pali verse for the propagation of the political agenda.

Even though the tradition is British the wrongful doing is our own ill vision, political patronage and heritage.