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Very rare Counselling Episode

Very rare Counselling Episode
This is something I wrote in a blog post as some help for someone who is trapped in a legal strings (trapping).
I am  doctor who does not practice (now I am a teacher but it is very boring stuff) and take my advice with pinch of salt..
I never do counseling, even I am paid.
This is an exception.
I must tell you best of my creativity came when I stopped practicing my trade looking after only the sick (not looking after healthy kids is abnormal).
1. Your kids are healthy I believe and supporting them is not a crime (if your ex-wife takes the money and does not look after them well that is a CRIME).
The fact that you do not see them may be a good thing and you can concentrate on your well paid job.
2. I believe your are top notch professional and giving up that job may make you miserable.

In my case it was a blessing, stop doing postmortem was a blessing.

3. when you are professional one sometimes does not have an escape route.
I found two.

a. One is Linux Computing.
b. Then writing about (more of blogging) Linux.
4. My job is poorly paid but less stress teaching a thing that is in my bones and second nature and simple.
5. We had a long drawn out industrial action and I was bored and started gathering my writing and wrote a book for the first time.
I never thought I would write a book in my lifetime.
I had three months of holiday (paid-I had a reserve to last even 6 months) but because I could not leave the place on a vacation, I was self imprisoned.
The creativity comes when one is trapped like that and you are trapped by legal strings.
If I were you like Alucher I will write a book (both of you get together and do it, it will be a best seller for this century) stating how bad and how one sided the legal system is.
Any correct Legal system should balance the evidence and should not be crude like in your case.
There are lot more people like you who does not like the legal system which needs reforms.
You won’t believe me, I wrote three books on Linux soon after the strike. I am not a computer man but a simple doc.!
You are not a legal man but your experience make you a better judge than the one who sat on your case.
Mind you must not refer to your case (contempt of court and you might end up in prison) in your book but take other relevant information, not necessarily not in your country of residence.
Or think of a hypothetical country or as a dream (anybody can dream).
I wrote a book on dreams and in that book all what was relevant to out strike was included and nobody take me to court.
To get some ideas (business strategy) read my book dreams available in Kindle.
Amazon Books  Dr.Asoka.

I believe you need a break and I hope over the last 6 months you had that.
Good Luck.
KIT (Keep In Touch) with your friends.