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Making Customized Linux Distributions “On the Go” and “In the Cloud”

The idea I am proposing is not anything original.
It is something done before on a trial basis.
At least for the record Suse has done it by way of Suse Studio.
My idea is to support the concept but not Suse.
My concept is not bound to one Unix/Linux derivative.
It is the point where all the Linux Utilities could handshake (UBUNTU LOGO).
If one is a commercial Linux Enterprise like Redhat or Suse  they cannot enact what I am going to state.
This is the only way we can give our due respect to Richard Stallman and Linus Torvald.
This is an extension of FOSS philosophy and to save Developers who come from various background to unite in force and specially to save their precious time.
Like O.L.P.S, the commercial enterprises like Oracle who has a head start in database warehousing might try to kill this idea.
As a side effect my blogsite may be attacked.
The visitors who were less than 24 per day have gone up suddenly and it looks like some zombie type of attack was engineered by somebody  out there but until now it did not materialize.
There are Cyber-terrorist, I cal them, out there.
Concept is simple.
1. Linux Kernel/s are housed in the cloud with on house bug fixing.
2. Live Script is hosted on another cloud with various way to enhance it versatility.
For example language support for particular language.
It should evolve like the Universal GRUB.
3. X-windows are housed as cloud utilities from Fluxbox to LXDE to Unity to New Gnome.
4. All repositories need to take the tags out of their distributions (their tagging can be kept in their own clouds) and host them in clouds of package utilities.
A Universal Package Manager (UPM for short) should evolve
5. Script to reach the above  four (4) on a stepwise manner should be designed.
I call it the plugger.
One can call it the Universal Connector (like the electricity plugs of various countries) and it is virtually wired to the utilities through cloud.
6. Once all the required components are assembled an automated procedure should make a customized CD/DVD for testing on a virtual machine in the cloud.
All stages up to this should be virtualized.
7. Any developer community could then use the product to customize more if necessary and put it out with a Linux Brand name of their choice and maintain it for that community and the customer base.

By this way it won’t kill the community with over 300 active and 300 inactive distributions.
The reason for the inactivity is often due to one developers does the main work and rest follow his or her footsteps and when the chief retires due to domestic reasons there is nobody to step in and succeed.

This is the difference in the Linux customer architecture which become dormant.
Whereas a failing commercial venture like HP, there is somebody to step in till complete bankruptcy is claimed.
Linux do not go bankrupt it goes into hibernation like some animals.
My idea is to wake up these beautiful animals from sleep.
The cloud can be the place for them to hibernate till some metamorphosis of this animal can occur in its sleep mode unlike in real animal world.
This metamorphosis is good for Linux.
There a lot of steps missing in my concept but I firmly believe that it can be done and accomplished if the right steps are taken before commercial clouds invade us an blacken the sky like a rain cloud.
As a beneficiary I would be able to make my customized Linux in the cloud once a year.
My planning are yearly basis to the grave and not for a century.
But the above concept should outlast me by at least a century with cloud computing on the horizon.
I bet USA/Russia/China cannot do this alone.
U.N.O cannot do it.It even won’t try.
But Linux can do it since Linux Guys/Girls do not have racial or national boundaries.
We are all together.
All will be benefited.
Any commercial company can hijack this concept of mine provided they acknowledge that it is coming from a small country called Ceylon (not Sri-Lanka) which is trying to recover from 30 odd years of war which  the Commonwealth (it is not common anymore than it used to be) is hell-bent to destroy.
They company also should not send the product Free to Ceylon or on IMF Loan to us as long as I am alive and well.
They may try to kill my idea after investing the money but not me.
Even they kill my idea, lot of nice guys/girls are out their with brains and community spirit.
It will be reborn again in some far corner of this planet/globe.
With cloud computing we are going to be truly global.