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Higher Order Discipline not in Higher Education!

My virtual connection with Maha Brahma (yesteryear Kandy dog now the Maha’s Assistant acting on his behalf of, on leave of absence on a long vacation, Maha, the Proper Chief) was a blessing in disguise.

1. Maha tells me to dream even though the dreams never come true, like the dreams we had prior to the elections that disappeared into thin air.

For example healthy salary hike and retirement benefits (even the bonus interest for senior citizens who worked hard without going aboard for greener pastures was nullified within hours of re-election) we dreamed of are no longer valid even after lengthy industrial action.

2. Then he tells me to not to do any Kusala or Akusal Karma and only do Kriya or actions to suit the day to day living.

He says if I do that I will dream futuristic dreams which he can interpret for our consumption which is his hobby.

3. Then he tells me not to be a voter (de-register) and remain anonymous in the electoral list, so that I won’t go to hell and can remain as the Apaya (The Hell) Web Master General’s earthbound and worthwhile adviser and software engineer.

The last point I was practicing for the third decade but has not produced any tangible results but pain.
The second point I had to practiced for sometime now almost 2 decades because of the war and I cannot agree killing anybody for any cause as a true Buddhist.
There is no justification of any Killing from America to Middle East to Ceylon.

The first point of dreaming I was not comfortable till lately and was never a true dreamer in any sense.

In actual fact, I never had a dream except when I am sick and running a temperature especially as a kid, as a result of hallucination due to overdose of aspirin given by our own GP.

I was very realistic and did not expect any favors or miracles from anybody, even from heaven but my association with Maha through virtual email has opened up another hidden aspect of the ability to dream futuristic dreams like King of Kosol.

The third point above is the most outstanding realization of how democracy works here, there and currently.

In heaven there are no political parties Maha tells me.
Work is done with consensus and there is no room for compromise.
He tells me all the voters which ever party they belongs to end up in Hell and even in Hell they fight and had to be put in special cells for managing affairs in hell.

There is a proposal under study in Apaya to ban all political parties and their activities until the current server can transfer data to another super computer.

He tells me that giving political freedom to the poor Tamils in the North and East was wrong and many will end up in hell in future (as much as 50% who voted) unlike the time when Praba was running the show and many ended up in heaven due to no political activity or affiliations in them.

All these opened a new dimension in my thinking, just like lateral thinking of Professor De Bono’s.
If we ban political parties most of the division in society in disappear. That is his bone of contention and is not mine.

I was in fact thinking that we must ban all four major parties and re-organize our thinking on a scientific basis and form Citizen Groups of interest, just to represent pressure groups.
In other words make another political dimension and to which the Maha objected and asked me, if that fails like the other four parties what are you going to do?

I was speechless and his point is whichever the way we look at it, the democracy is as fallacious as it could be and never works.

Then I asked him shall I make a computer program to which he said Indian will find a way to manipulate it, like the IPL cricket.
Anyway go ahead and do something will you.

So I thought of a simple way to elect a President.

1. We give each human a ID nowadays and we can enter all the IDs into a computer (20 million data pieces for Sri-Lanka) server.
2. On the election day everybody keys in.
3. Computer selects the President from by random number generation protocol from ones who keyed in.
He becomes a President for three years irrespective of his intelligence or integrity.
4. The Vice President is selected with random number generation like before but with a slight difference. It has to be of the opposite sex of the already chosen President.
5. Cabinet is selected similarly with equal sex ratio and balance and all the relatives of the President and Vice President are ineligible for selection. Nepotism is rooted out.
6. One person can run in for three terms but never consecutively and if he or she is selected on two consecutive periods by random chance he or she has to skip the immediately subsequent period and let the Vice President takes over the mantel and after he/she finishes takes over without any election for the third period (save election expenditure).
7. If the President elect is incapacitated or dies of natural causes (if unnatural re-elections for both President and Vice President), there will be no President and a figurehead sort is, made of clay and the physical object becomes the President for the lapse period. This is the only period where voters (after the election one automatically becomes a voter even though he was a candidate just for a while) are not bothered by rulers and the Constitution and the Chief Justice takes over day to day running.

8. First priority of the first President is to re-structure the Constitution and make all existing constitution redundant.
10. The other important role is to arrest all the central bank administrators and their statisticians on charge of treason and make US dollar the currency circulating depending on the gold sovereign left in the bank if not stolen by thieves.

I do not know whether Maha will agree to this but in any way I am posting it as an email for his perusal and refinements.