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DoKuWiKi and WikiSpaces

It is time for me to expand the horizon of words world and go deeper into the program world where work is done almost on Unicode.
Let me be fair to the Linux Community and illustrating DoKu WiKi in no way undermine there efforts that are for professional programmers.
Vi is my number one.
Gedit is the one I used when editing files in Redhat 8.

Then there are Bluefish, Cream,Quanta and many more which I have forgotten the names.
I was abroad when early changes in computing (Commodore, Atari, Sinclair, BBC Basic) were taking place and when windows came I wanted to buy a (last item in my shopping list with little money in my pocket and my wife having a hawk eye view, that I would put my last dollar on a worthless junk machine-very expensive then) a computer and going around the few shops in the high street selling computers (price over 2500 dollars) the salesmen were ever willing to show me the tit bits and sell.
After the demonstrations I asked the guys what program language I can type on this machine they were speechless (this little guy from Asia talking like a programmer) and told them I would not spare my money on a machine which I cannot write at least 100 lines of code for fun and promptly exited saving my money making my wife very happy.
The rest is history till I got into Linux where from Python to Ruby to C to C++ were there but very rarely explored them since my medical duties tax my time to the hilt.
While me doing night duties and you programmers were doing wonderful work with mid night commander and burning mid night oil.
So thank you guys and girls.
I am in no way excluding your efforts but this is to expose the newbies to the real world of computing and using DoKuWiki is only an introduction.

DoKu WiKi I downloaded was only 2.7 MiB and AbiWord is 7.9 MiB and it does my word processing. It has tahs for Apache, DTHML, html, PHP and SQL.

I typed one line and saved it in UniCode (Graphic front end and code in the background) and opened it in Abiword and saved the line in abi.
You have two utilities using under 11 MiB which are super fast and minimal Macros, why you go for a Gorilla which you cannot handle when you are a newbie?
This is why I always say “Small is beautiful and bigger is never the best”

Now few words about Wikispaces.
It gives you 2 MiB of storage free which you can share documents with your class mates and teachers.
I have already opened a space for my students in the university and another for K-12 class, even though I use Google and WordPress almost exclusively for my blog activity.
WordPress is of course professional class and the best I have used.
I will cut and paste few of the comments at their site for you to read.

“You guys have great customer and technical support–about the best I’ve experienced since the Internet began in fact.”

“I am a HUGE fan of Wikispaces for its ease of use and its endless options for collaborative projects and have been encouraging all my teachers to create a wiki for their class.”

“Thanks for making it so simple for my fellow classmates and I to connect. We’ve got a 20 year reunion coming up, and there’s no better, easier, and fun way than through wikispaces. I truly appreciate your efforts!”

“I had 80 kids register for Wikispaces today in class. Almost all of them said they were going home to make another one for personal use. Great tool, keep making it better.”

“Let me say how impressed I am with your service. It always amazes me that such an organization still has that personal touch.”

Thanks guys and girls for your comments which I have reproduced here.