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Linux Games I Love to Play

Linux Gamers Live, the Arch derivative is top of my list and Linux Ultimate Edition is close second and Knoppix 2008 December edition comes third and i could not find a new version of games in spite of Knoppix 6.7 was out and looks fantastic.Knoppix cannot be installed on hard drive.
Why I choose Linux Gamers Live was simply because its front end just looks like Apple front end and ready for games with icons instead of names.
It also can be installed into hard disk now.
Now instead of trying to outscore these three edition which have done a lot for Linus games, I will list my favorites below.

Even PCLinuxFuillMonty thought they have place for Linux guys and girls.
Indirectly FullMonty comes fourth.

1. Number one is Super Tux 2 and I enjoyed playing hours and hours.
2. Close second is Pingus and its environmental theme is commendable.
3. Number three is Extreme Tux Racer which is sweet and relaxing
4. Number 4 is SuperTuxCart (this is for the racing addict)
5. Number 5 is Tuxcart (This is for the training on racing)
6. Number 6 is Frozen bubble
7. Number 7 is any of the 100 of tiny games
If any of the Linux distributions fail to introduce any of the top 5 of mine selection i thought of giving them minus marks in my rating in future.
Mind you with Wine and getedit one can play windows , DOSand Atari games of the yesteryear.