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Dream 14 and its Interpretation

This was somewhat of a bizarre dream.
I was incarcerated in a godforsaken place.
I was certainly not in a prison.
I would not do a silly thing to be in that predicament any way.

Knowing how the law operates in Sri-Lanka, there is no real reason why one should not be incarcerated.
Even simple hooting incident or a verbal outburst may be just enough for one to get landed in prison.
Even fighting for one’s own country may be enough for one to be incarcerated.
But I was not in Sri-Lanka, this was outside Sri-Lankan jurisdiction.
It was not another country, certainly not USA. In any case the things I write about USA is enough for me not to get Visa Entry even for a holiday, there.
The Americans have become paranoid again with the heating up of the election campaign.
They are monitoring me daily and the visitors to my blog by enlarge  are from America, probably from FBI.
It was certainly not UK and even if it was UK it was not a mental asylum of some sort.

It is somewhere in between Sri-Lanka and another country and that again  was not  in a toilet in an airport with stolen or swallowed items in my stomach.
It had some strange nostalgic feeling about the place, something like mosquitoes hovering around, freely.
It got to be some part of India.
I had very light weight bag and I was trying to get out of the place in a spiral staircase  that one sees in some high-rising building in Singapore where one has to go in a circular rotation to get to the bottom floor from top floor if one makes a mistake of not finding the lift nearby.

Then there was another guy with me who had the similar predicament and when ever I slip away from the captors he also uses the same route and follows me like a string following a needle.
Invariably they catch me with the other guy and put us back in separate cells.
This went for ages.
I get out and get caught like in the Alcatraz.
This obsession of escaping and capturing cycle went on endlessly and I was almost getting mad with myself.
I did not have an alternative strategy like what I normally do in a real life situation.
Then suddenly a buzz from a giant mosquito woke me up and I realized I was in the transit lounge of Mumbai Airport.
I have not gone to watch world cup match.

I have not gone on a religious pilgrimage.
I have not certainly gone to India to instruct the Indian Finance Minister to advice  him  on how to recover debts from a Sri-Lankan entrepreneurs especially the ones politically connected.
So what is this strange scenario and for incarceration in a transit lounge with lot of giant-sized mosquitoes.
I was baffled!
This is a part a dream and I got up before it was all over and I have not sent a dream to Maha for while and this one is the best to break ice and let Maha knows, I have already published my book on Cloud Computing for ordinary guy/girls and not technocrats.
I sent an email with an attachment of the digital cloud computing book.
He promptly answered my call.
He started with a laugh saying what a weird idea this so-called cloud computing is?
I told him that it is a brilliant idea and that we could not implement it due to slow pace of Internet and now that we are ready with super fast Internet (not Sri-Lanka unfortunately) and this is the way forward at a time of the global credit crisis.
Then he asked me what is this credit crisis and only credit we have in heaven is meritorious Kamma and nothing else.
Then I told him we (rather our politicians) live in futuristic world and we always think that futures is better than yesterday/today (it is very easy to promise for future than the real now, especially when it comes to salary increase-they say when the growth rate expands it automatically filters to ordinary masses with salary increase but they also promise that they can never stop prices of essential commodities going up when there is demand-in a demand driven economy, “the demand drives the market is the real economic philosophy”) and always look for a promised better tomorrow/ future.We take loans from IMF that we can never repay with futuristic demand and not real demands of the real and ordinary people.

This IMF is it International Military Fund?
No. No.
But they have military muscle and power to squeeze everything out of poor countries.
They latest countries squeezed are  Sri-Lanka and Greece.
I asked is it possible for me to think laterally, centrally or obliquely?
For you yes but not in public places and only in private places where nobody suspects that you thinking and exercise your free will.
How come?
It is like this.
Ordinary people should not think, that include you too.
They should accept the fate and like the first year students that enter the university. They should obey every blessed thing the Minister or the Government think is appropriate for them.
They should stop thinking.
If they want to think freely they should pay a fee and enter a private university or go and join a university abroad.
It is OK know?
For 12 to 13 years they have stopped them thinking in schools independently and that is what they practice and preach and they ought to read only the free government books nothing else.
One should not read especially political freedom and history of the world politics.
I see nothing exciting about it.
No stupid they want you to stop thinking creatively especially about Cloud Computing and free the Amazon tablet that you would get from a friend of yours from abroad with loads of books free  with Amazon cloud’s account activated.
If the dream was left to its full conclusion after your 100th attempt they put you in a tower with no books and no staircase with open windows on all the sides.
Only exit was to jump and you will succumb with the fall  or you go insane instantaneously without books or Internet connectivity, if you stay up there.
It is very unfair.
What is wrong with creative thinking?
The Americans always believe and want one to think creatively.
Don’t you realize?
These political guys do not have creative thinking and they want 100 of advisers to think for themselves (politicians) creatively, especially before the budget speech and somehow hoodwink the masses with jargon words and supernatural figures that come in trillions.
You know the stuff that Obama frequently does in America.
Or I see.
Stop thinking creatively OK.
What about writing?
It is OK if you do that in only English or better still in French.
If you write in Sinhala or Tamil they will start thinking creatively to start evicting the current politicians and the events might follow like what is happening in the Middle East.
I thought the Middle East crisis was created by NATO and its allies to protect oil reserve.
It is true but some of the guy/girls out there are really thinking creatively and positively.
You know this Bangladeshi Lady who walked off from a wedding protesting against the dowry and the bribes (santhosums).
That is exactly what they do not want to see in the Third World.
This dream was ordinary and not futuristic know?
It has a futuristic part which I have not told you yet.
Besides you diverted my attention with mundane politics of yours, you know?
Futuristic Interpretation.
You ignored the guy who followed you know.
He is the future.
In future guy/girls as soon as they enter the university, they implant a circuit in their brain with the latest scientific investigation in how to preserve dwindling resources.
The other guy whom you saw in the dream is the supervisor with all the latest information implanted in his brain with no voluntary control of his own. He just follows orders from a super computer.
He/she was tagged to any free-thinker in future territories.
He is like a zombie or a server.
He cannot think but he transmit all the information in a cloud of computers through his circuit to all university students doing scientific work.
You know in about another 20 to 50 years the computers behave like human thinking and that they have overtaken the capacity of human brain.
So humans do not have to think then.
Those computers are like our politician of today know?
Trying to stop us thinking creatively.
I do not like that scenario at all.
Don’t worry you are gone by then.
I cannot tell you that now.
You mean our present politician are better than those super cloud computers.
I suppose so.
One can laugh at them (politicians) but one cannot laugh at a computer doing trillions and trillions of thinking calculations for the human living then and they exterminate any human being at the slightest thought of interfering with the processing power of the cloud of computers doing the thinking for the humans.
It is a very dangerous predicament know?
That is what human are heading by giving prominence to  the computers and not to ordinary human beings with simple needs and thoughts.
You mean to say world is better now than the futuristic world?
I was dumbfounded and did not have any more questions.
He left saying “you come back with another futuristic dream will you?”

Ubuntu’s Unity-Dream Studio- Is it a dream Come true for newbies?

Ubuntu’s Unity-Dream Studio- Is it a dream Come true for newbies?
I think so and thumbs up for this distribution which I could download overnight with 2.1 GiB.
there were only four Seeders but it was pretty fast.
Go and download it and increase the number of seeder proportion in relation to Leechers and enjoy Unity experience.
It is new experience for old hand of Linux like me who never used Ubuntu on regular basis except for demonstrations.
Regular Ubuntu users will grumble but I have told you what to do go ahead and have both old version and new version in the same box and enjoy the difference.
Sinhala capability was there which I did not test but probably need some smooth ironing which is another plus point.
It has Libre and Blender new version (Maya).
Please do not call it Apple like but call it this Linux Unity desktop.
It sure is a winner at the time of debt and cash crisis.
For good effects find a good compatible graphic card.
that may be the only thing you may have to change in your computer.
My old computer graphic was enough to take advantage of Unity.
few glitches I had with the unity CD with Terminals has been reasonably taken care of and I could load all the workplaces with a a running program and with a click it goes into full screen image.
Play with it and I do not know how far one can configure it to one’s needs but it is good as   it is why configure and make a mess?
Thank you guys and girls for doing hard work.
You guys and girls also need a rest and do not worry about complaints and by Christmas we all be saying well done to you.