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Reforms in Schools Service (Science to be precise) and Education

Reforms in Schools Service (Science to be precise) and Education

Following is a sketch of my proposal for getting twice the work output from limited infrastructure that we have now without building new palaces for the rich.
This was something in my mind for over two decades.
Since I am planning full retirement (to concentrate on things I missed when I was in full employment) and want to dissociate with current education reforms planned hurriedly by some non-educationists with IMF backing.
It is open to discussion by any who wants the education in this country improved with full access to all potential students.
1. Two sessions of 5 hours into six=30 hours including Saturdays.
2.  Ten 10 hours of work output which start at 7 am and finish at 6 pm with one hour break in between
3. 5S to the core when implementing.
4. Two tiers one paid (with scholarships) and one free but with freedom to choose from the other tier some specifics.
5. Input from Private schools and one tier to be spent on the public system with adequate renumeration for the service rendered.
One tier Only for private schools either 7 am to 12 pm or 1 pm to 6 pm.
6. Teacher training in Science and Languages before commencement (at least two years)
7. Public bus service in two tiers and should cover 6 am to 8 pm, a total of 14 hours
10. Maximum of 8 hours on the wheel for drivers, ideally 6 hours (2 hours of break in between)
11. This could be extended to University once the first batch of school leavers enter the university (intake increased by twofolds)
12. Benefits twice the work output with twice the number of jobs
13. In fact this is practiced in hospitals now and works smoothly.
Shift 1-7 am to 1pm; Shift 2-1 pm to 7 pm; 7 pm to 7 am (night shift)
I believe universities should be open 24 hours not 8 hours as it is now.
But there will be big protest from medical people since, they work more hours in private practice than in public.
I would not spell out the subjects (Science, IT and Languages are the subjects of my choice) or the curriculum until we decide on the work hours and work ethics.
14. This is my antithesis to current proposals of starting private medical schools (at the expense of public education) and pruning the existing.
15 Money earned should be funneled to both tiers but government contribution should be 50% to 70%.
16. Student will have extra time for sports or academic or other extra-curricular activities much more than what we have now ( 7 hours of extra time).
I am sure present politicians won’t understand the logic of my argument.
Private Tuition should be banned and they should be taken into the two tier system with incentives for tuition system to develop to help the weaker students within the two tier system.
17. Do away with the outdated free books and encourage authorship of new books.
18. Develop E-education in parallel with and supplementary to the two tier system with Moodle as a base for resources. 
One third of the resource should be channeled to E-Learning.
All this can be done if properly planned in one term of office of the elected but with the current set of politicians in the parliament they will argue the case for and against till donkeys (not cows) come to their home, the parliament.
Most of them are donkeys in human cloths.