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Fedora is going great guns!

This is a comment I made in response to a scathing remark on Fedora on HP platform.
My advice is to tell you, that one should not buy HP products except Cloud Services.
I never speak for a company or corporation. I agree with you in that context. I speak only for the users, using old and new computers. In this part of the world most of the users, use pirated copies and they are reluctant accept Linux.
I try my best to promote Linux and not making a headway still.
The type of remarks you make kills the Linux philosophy.
I have tested over Linux 200 distributions ( I use about 10 computers and a laptop- no netbook used in for testing) over the past one year and I have not found a single distribution that satisfy all my needs. When I find a problem I immediately report it and I am glad to say unlike Windows, the Linux developers find a solution within three months. They never disappoint me in finding a solution. I have many examples but no need for me to elaborate. In your case you should have done the same thing and just wait for three months and you would have found a solution.
That is what a corporate person should do.

I have worked with corporate clients in the past and that is what I used to do when a problem is detected.
There is nothing Linux cannot solve unlike windows.
In scientific sense scathing generalization is very bad. That is what you are doing. Please do not take it personally but I have seen this often with many others doing the same.
I have already published 3 books (digital and print) and one on Cloud computing with user in mind. I have addressed some of the issues you have raised in my books. Just Type Dr. Asoka (I do not like to use this medical term in the web) at Amazon’s books, you will get to the books which include other fields.
Computing is not my major it is my hobby.
Update on Genome Live just posted at parafox.
Unlike Ubuntu’s Unity, Fedora Unity Desktop (I think it is Unity-I may be wrong) is amazingly beautiful and a new desktop experience.
They have iron out the problem with Workplaces and they are placed on the right hand side for easy manipulation for right handed guy/girl.
Its application arrangement is good unlike in Ubuntu Unity, which is both Applications and Software management.
We have to get used to this new desktop and give them constructive criticism.
I love the new experience in my old age and have to go through with this learning curve, like a kid which invigorate me and make me feel young.
It has a nice introduction and help page, too.
As regard to HP, the information is coming from Tech-Republic and not my own.