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World Cup Cricket-Final Count Down

Well before the Cricket World Cup, due to many a reason, I decided not to write about Sri-Lankan Cricket.

This not the time to list them except to say, there are many who have never played or watched cricket except on TV (armchair cricket pundits) who have entered into cricket fray and making money at the expense of poor cricketers in the Asia subcontinent.

IPL can be taken as an extreme example but what I mention here is much more subtle and lot of politics involved.

Cricket is going to enter into a different era with all the contenders of the West except New Zealanders have been eliminated and gone home already.

I feel really sorry for Strauus, who played a gem of an innings at the beginning and showed all the signs of long winter of cricket and petered away in an almost burnt out or run out of steam fashion.

He has lot of cricket left in him and all the cricketers except a few in the team deserve the respect they deserve for trying out hard under extreme whether conditions. It is easy for the normally grumpy (politicians and diplomats included) Britishers who sit like potatoes in front of the TV with an ancient Axe in hand and try to destroy them.

I was expecting some unruly Sinhalayas with anger towards harbouring LTTE in their political and diplomatic folds make some unwelcome gestures towards the team. Nothing like that happened but they expected a real beating at the hands of Sri-Lankan cricketers.

When several catches were dropped, it was uneasy for everybody watching but England failed to capitalize on them but capitulated themselves.

Our boys were ready for Australians but since weather prevented it and India had done the honours, the cricketers were ready to pounce on England as an alternative.

It is as if we wanted England to score over 200 hundred (only a wishful thinking, catches were badly dropped) and getting two centuries was a record that is going to be in our memory for a long time.

As for Ricky Ponting unlike Strauus, time has come to say good bye to Asian Subcontinent and his century was glorious. We want to remember him for that century and as a cricketer of high caliber, somewhat steely like Steve Waugh, and not as a rugged Australian who lost the Ashes.
Good luck for his future.

For Graham Smith, I was thinking that they had a chance of lifting the cup but when they lost to England, I knew something nasty will happen eventually and I was actually banking on New Zealand to do that.

I like Smith’s demeanour very much and he was my most favorite captain of this world cup even surpassing Sanga for that category.

In my mind he made the mistake of opening the innings and he would have come down the order, may be one down or two down. If he was there in the middle when chips were down, unlike the younger players, the outcome would have been very different.

We are going to miss hm as the most amiable captain of the world cup.

Now there are only four of the captains left to prove their mettle and Daniel Vittory is an ace who may even challenge Sri-Lanka when chips are down.
Watch out for him. even with injuries.

He was of the same caliber as our Murali when injured and even though he was not our captain he (Murali) was the one who every opposition captain envied and every Sri-Lnkan captain revered, as a god send messenger of cricket.

He is our ambassador of cricket and long live his memories, only the good ones not the bad ones that come from Australia.

Yes Man’s Luck and the Pedigree Dog’s Exit

You might not realize that the pelican’s misadventure with our yes man has resulted in some interesting chain of events.

He turned up immediately at the heaven’s doorstep with a certificate not signed and left blank by our pelican.

It was soon checked to see whether it was authentic and was found to be a true copy given by our pelican.

He had to stay till pelican returned from earth from his routine rounds for further verification..

In the meantime the Maha’s Assistant let him sort out the mail and the documents for the next round of delivery.

His demeanor was very appealing to him and asked the yes man whether he could be an assistant to him for three or four days till pelican returns.


True to his nature he said yes, yes.


Eventually pelican returned and when he was asked whether he knew about the yes man.


Or Yes he is my yes man and when I asked him whether he is ready to die without any hesitation he said yes and that was why he had to abruptly stop his training in mid air.


Given some training he could fly any plane anywhere with at least three more pilots provided that he does not manipulate the flying gear but coordinate his actions with the air hostesses at the rear at meal times was his reply.


With this recommendation Maha’s Assistant was very impressed.


When Maha gave a call from vacation to ask how the things are at heaven, assistant told him the story of the yes man and asked whether he could take some leave and appoint the yes man in his absence.


Maha asked why not leave altogether and return to earth and learn some tricks from Paraya dogs so that you can follow suit just like the clever Paraya dog who attained Nibbana with no entry request.


Besides. you have been very helpful to me and this is the longest vacation I have had in all my life and you have found a suitable candidate to take your reins, I have no more questions from you and said Good Bye and Good Luck till we see again from earth may be in about 15 years time.


Our pedigree dog turned Maha’s Assistant soon afterward call our yes man and asked him whether he is ready to take over.


He promptly said yes.


Just before he left he told him, you are Maha’s Assistant and nothing more.


I knew it from the very beginning Sir he said.

How come?

You never took responsibility and let others take responsibility of your actions and that is the type of job I was looking forward and comfortable..


I could never take responsibility on earth and neither in heaven too, he said.


You are too good to be here and this arrangement is mutual and when you do come back here I will say yes to anything you ask including the job back.


No dear, I now have a better strategy than that but I have to learn the finer points from a Paraya dog.


The last Paraya dog whom I met was so clever before I could ask any help he was gone with the wind.

I have to meet some of his relatives in Sri-Lanka and will be back soon in about 15 years.

Till then Good Bye.

As he went he heard somebody saying Yes Sir!

Tribute to my Mother

The hands that

Took care of

Me and the rest

Of the filial


Equally well

Tended the jasmine

The floral and fragrant



They in turn





The fragrance

In the still and

Cold air


The clock

Stopped ticking

But the

The fragrance

The brilliance

The Jasmines

She cared for

Still dominate

The ambiance

Telling me

The story

Of tender loving care

Which she was

Able to radiate

In abundance


She was strong

At 91 in 2010

But she was

Very very feeble

In the cold frosty 2011,

So cold we had

To say Good Bye

For good!

Jasmine the Fragrant Flower

My mother bid good bye, the day before my birthday.

She was 91 strong but not 92.

The day of her outgoing trip, I wondered around my little experimental garden to see what flowers were blooming.

I wanted to pick few and throw on her pathway to heaven

We had very horrible wet weather,

I did not  expect any in this horrible weather.

Yes the Jasmine were not blooming.

The roses were not blooming.

Water lilies were not blooming but yet there were four water plants of the Amazon Family were blooming with only a single white flower at the tip of floral stem.

This is the plant which blooms only when the atmospheric temperature is well above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

They do not have the fragrance of jasmine but they were beautiful enough to be laid on the path to heaven.

Then for little while I had trance of meditation, wondering what little secrets she had for long life and what little secrets she had taught me as a kid.

She was very good with her hands.

What ever she plants grows and grows like wild fire.

Then I remember how she tender the Jasmine plants to grow shoots with roots for replanting.

Only she could do it, not me.

Then I remember after her last birthday (91) I bought three varieties of Jasmine (Lankan Wild, Lankan with Fragrance and Indian Jasmine) and all three of them were blooming during the hot weather.

When the horrible weather came I decided to practice my mother’s secret tender care of jasmine.

Yes two of them are rooting now and probably the third one  will be in due course.

She had implanted her secret of long life (TLC) the Tender Loving Care on me too.

I do not remember ever she wearing a flower on her hair.

The jasmine flowers was always for the offering for the Lord Buddha.

Lord Buddha has taught us that the life is like a flower that blooms and fade away.

What matters to me now,  is remembering the life she lived like a fragrant of jasmine.