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Flying Linux-Jet-Jock-Linux

Flying was one of my pastimes not as a pilot but as a passenger and once as a flying doctor too.
If I was a given second chance I would have become a pilot and even though I did biology I offered for Applied Mathematics for ‘O’ Level in case, I changed my mind.
But I was fully engaged and did not have spare time even to try training flights, even though I lived nearby a training facility.
That is something I missed in my life but I still follow blogs related to flying (sometime very boring for the pilots).
Then to find a Linux distribution with training simulation for Boeing 737 was a pleasant surprise.
Quickly downloaded it.
Thank you guys for posting it at Linux tracker.
It is Slackware / SLAX based distribution and is a pretty good one.
I could not install it but I can understand the developers concern that somebody might use it inappropriately, especially a teenager.

Thanks again.