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Free Blog Sites that I love to be assocoated with

The are number of free blog sites that are available free and having worked with Google and WordPress I decoded to to have a go.
Before that I must say few words about my progress.
Free blogging started in Kandy for young kids with talent in writing and improve English at
At the beginning I also contributed and it became clear to them my topics were coming up frequently in the top 10 and the administrator decided to block my topics coming up without any intimation.
I did not mind that but continued to contribute but less and less there.
A man brought up with democratic traditions I felt it was not ethically right.
Then I found Google and association with writeclique became a past tense in pastime and I decided to distance myself from it.
I even wanted to delete the posting but thought deleting is giving into their desires and that is also not ethically right.
Blogsite at Google

It is a very good site but I cannot categorize my entries.


WordPress is the best in town with lot of feedback and improvements.
In a few minutes I imported all my Linux 100 live CD comments to wordpress.
It looks like one day I am going to run out of space there and what I am trying to do is to have a daily post (one post a day) there. I missed few days but for the last six months i was posting there daily. Daily posting was good a incentive for me to put my thoughts into words.

Above all it is based on open software unlike Google and that is the very reason for me staying with them.

Then the plunge
University industrial action gave me lot of time and I decided to pull my socks and pull out all my writing from writeclique into categories elsewhere at different sites.

I found the following agreeable to me.

1. OnSugar

Very good site with lot of advertisements.


Very good site with lot of advertisements.

3. Livejournal

Another good site 

Squarespace is good and I signed in there and they charge you after 2 weeks of trial and I would not go with it.
Webnode is free but I found difficult to organize myself. 
Weebee is too heavy and proprietary. is good but it is a derivative of wordpress free software which I am already using.

So guys and girls if you want blog, it now the time, before everyone of them start charging you for the service.
But make sure you do not upload videos and photos a lot which will gulp up the free space in no time.