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French patched up with English

This is a comment I posted on blog post where the blog poster (new word for English Language) who mixed French with English.
French is a beautifully spoken language which I started learning at 50 (fifty) with my daughter.
We decided to (but never did that) tease Amma (Mother in Sinhala, my native language) in French, with beautiful sounding words.

I can read but never understand the spoken French (language) well enough.

But I have never heard anybody mixing English with French and I am going to try it myself one day. 

I do speak little Tamil and never mixed two Western languages but we mix English and Sinhala (transliterate, we call it) very nicely in spoken language.’

Now, I realize it is a talent some people have including your father and please keep improving (both languages) this talent. 

Even though French will hate you for that but we who speak  English will love it in spite of tongue tie and twist that it may cause us / you.

I promote Linux (computer operating system) and give bonus mark for Linux distributions  with multi-language capability.

Currently I promote Linux with Sinhala and English.

Please visit my blog site asokaplus to know about Linux and I posted a few French Phrases there and one day there will be some French Editions too, even broken French, patched up with English.

I really enjoy your wits!