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Did you ever thought of who would come for your funeral (Party)?

Did you ever thought of who would come for your funeral (Party)?

I have never given thought to this question but a reason observation have made me to sharpen my observation.
I will come to that later.
But rest assured all the following will be there at your funeral.
1. Almost all your enemies without any exception since they are happy to see you are out of sight. They of course like to see your loved one in distress.
This is similar to the God Father Story and one of its funerals and how the rivalry is taken up by the next of kins.
2. All your creditors (you have not settled your debts) will be there to see who are the next of kins to get back the money.
In this context your banker including the Central Bank representative will be there for sure.
3.  A monk, a priest, a rabbi, mullah even if you a  robber baron.
This is the only sure thing in this world.
4. All your neighbors come even though you have been there in the locality only during the last few months of your worldly stay. This is to make sure that any one of their kith and kin bid farewell at least the quorum in numbers are satisfied in the next funeral.
5. Your local politician will come but because now there are no local representation the number has diminished.
In any case you are dead now there are no more of your vote left why the hell one should attend?
The 6 and 10 of the list are your supposed to be friends (but many of them will find an excuse not to come).
Now to the story which I should bare free now that the 3 months Dhana Ceremony was over.
This was the funeral of a don who had passed away.
He was one of my teachers.
I had close association with him when alive.
There was no official representative from the university even though like a fool he left his village and come to live near the academic environment.
This was a pity.
What was shocking was none of his children came who were supposed to be professional.
It is no point having  doctorate or PhD if simple ethics are forgotten for good.
The bottom line is if there are many in one’s funeral most of them are one’s worthwhile enemies and please don’t look down from heaven and count the numbers.