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Bird Watching, Global Warming and Unusual Findings.

Bird Watching, Global Warming and Unusual Findings.

This year was unusual for me.
Our industrial action taught me how to be proactive and make best use of the extra time I had for intellectual studies not related to my paid academic activity.
Boredom would kill me if I do not use my creative thinking for some useful earthly activity.
Bird watching was one of those earthly activity I was engaged in.
I know many of us use that for mundane topics, politics or gossips.
With my connection with Maha Brahma now I know that gods do not gossip.
That does not mean that they are not interested in human activity or earthly activity.
They do because they have a lot of free time.
I have good news to break.
There was a lonely cuckoo without a mate.
I complained to Maha and he seems to have answered my call and the cuckoo has found a mate.
Thank you Maha for your kindly gesture.
You have done a another miracle this time.
The Indian Golden Oriole (Sivuru Hora) who migrates from Northern Part of Asia did not go home this time. They are supposed to breeds Uzbekistan, E Turkmenistan but I bet my bottom dollar that they did stay here and probably started breeding here for some unknown reason. I will keep a closer look at this pair and if I see more of them come February, it is most likely they are now breeding here.
We hare having something special for them in my neighborhood.
certainly it is not me. If we did not have the industrial action I would have failed to observe this phenomena.
It was more fun bird watching than listening to out treasury secretary who was very god at evading rather than finding a binding solutions.
They love problems without solution so that they can prolong our agony and  stay on course happily ever after of IMF target figures.
I had another observation.
I think birds hate very warm weather and there is total inactivity (no singing at all) when the temperature is above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This has something to do with their myoglobin physiology which nobody seems to have done any worthwhile research.
Moment there is little rain (not downpour) there is hive of activity.
They love the mulberry tree and the butterfly larvae.
Rain pattern was the most bizarre this year.
Heavy showers followed by equally dry weather that if i do not water plants wilt away.
Some of the Angle plants never grew shoots in spite of my close attention.
Flowering was erratic and the oldest pineapple plant had a flower. That was also  after I uprooted it with the weed which had invaded its rooting system with its stem rotting and I put it to final resting in a dustbin, “so to speak” thinking it might die.
Then of course the commissioning of the Coal Power Unit make us 100% electricity for year 2012.
I will not go into it now but wait for another year with my critical assessment of the effect of Coal Power on this tiny island and its non-human (avian to be precise) beings.
They are not earthly wise but confused and did not know which way to fly with warm air overhead with coal power burning 24 hours a day.
1. The pattern of air currents have changed.
2. Temperature has changed.
3. The rain pattern has changed.
4. The flowering pattern has changed.
5. Flowering of water plants changed.
6. Behavior of the angle plant was not normal.
7. Fish did not die (I was doubly protecting them this time).
Almost everything changed except my observations.
7. Above all the Indian Oriole did not go home.
Yes miracle is happening in this country. Even the birds who come here get confused not due to alcohol of course.
All the sign of miracles are heralding.
Watch for my own Earth Summit.
That will certainly will happen if I see young Orioles bred here in this country.
One has to wait for a few months only, if they do not (they will not now that the winter is coming) go back and die on their way, they will certainly will breed here.
Who said miracles cannot happen in this country.
If not in the human world it will happen in the non-human world which is fast disappearing, for good with IMF development strategy.

Global Warming and IT industry, any connection?

I was post postponing writing about global warming for sometime and it was related to bird watching (that will come soon) and not IT industry.
I predicted this 5 years ago (Flooding) and at that time every American Scientist, including Scientific American was skeptic but the email doctoring incident bared before the Earth Summit (in which only European Nation New Zealand and the former PM Helen Clark stood against that conviction) and all Scientist are in broad agreement now that global warming is taking shape in real time.
I never though the floods in Thailand would adversely effect the IT industry.
There is acute shortages of Hard drives and the supply will fall behind demand by over 6 months.
The best Christmas present one can give this time round is a good external hard drive.
I cannot go for a SSD but bought a hard drive on loan since the vendor guys alerted me well in advance.
Even the computer manufacturing will come down and this will add to the HP Saga and it is supposed to be stockpiling hard drives (supposed to be ordered for PCs they discontinued producing) to make gain of the losses they had with tablets.
This is a strange world and one does not know which will hit you first(debt crisis or floods).
So don’t load your hard drives with videos and if you have money buy at least an external drive.
Happy Christmas for guys and Girls in the IT industry.
I will be writing about global warming in Sri-Lankan perspective soon and not about computers and IT.
Guys this is a good time to promote Cloud Computing and their Server Capacity.
Hurry Up.
Read my book on Kindle if you have spare time.

Physics, Ash Plantains (Banana) and Global Warming.

Physics, Ash Plantains (Banana) and Global Warming.
I am writing this on a backdrop of a 20 year vilifying investigation of a Polish American doctor’s plight to fight American mechanics and silence him.
I am not gone Bananas but some American Scientists and Regulatory Bodies have gone bananas!
They are going to study billion pieces of temperature data to see their accuracy.
They are getting a physicist to study a biological fact (climate issue).
Time and temperature are two dimensional elements and the time is a unidirectional concept and temperature is a perceived or measured concept.
Both are not adequate to study biological effects at random.

What we need is bio-indicators.
For one good bio-indicator of quality of water is tadpoles and frogs.

The Universe is billion bullion years old and earth is of billion years.
Then take a  sample from the last 50 years of supposed to be inaccurate data of temperature and CO2 and making policy decision, especially political but not scientific is ridiculous.
They are spending millions of American money on it and come up at the end of it, with inconclusive evidence for and against a given argument or a premise.
They could have spend it for a tree panting exercise globally and reap benefit in no time and provide at lease some fire wood for the poor.
I always ask a question philosophically of course, when I am at my tether to bring down an argument to a conclusion, if nothing is coming out of it.
Is the money and time well spent?
Problem with this question is, it generates a plethora of publications for and against and at the end of it the answer is again not conclusive.
This is how science works for us today.
This is what I call the uncertainty principle and statistics jargon works around it.

In this world most of the terrestrial animals work best at around 30 to 35 C and yeast die at 38 C.

The range is very narrow and what we need to ask is what is the effect of given temperature and  rainfall on a particular species of plant (we do not need to study animals and all animals live ultimately on plant product called glucose which is a biochemical product and not purely chemical or physical).

When evidence is staring at you, Americans would like to dispute it saying there is no scientific evidence yet to explain.

In my life I have eaten lot of ash plantain cooked of course but very rarely ripe ones.
They do not ripe even if you keep it for a long time.
That is why we use it as a vegetable to cook and a good one too.
Few plausible reasons are that it’s skin is very thick and do not produce enough carbide.
Second is the temperature.
Third is its maturation while attached to the plant.
This week I was walking along a Gahala Junction and saw a vegetable vendor selling ash plantain.
It was very peaceful without students.
He was happy to sell, because nobody was buying them.
They were ripe.
He was greedy wanted to sell me everything.
I told him give me the ripe ones, I am going to eat them not cook.
Bottom line, even in Kandy they are ripening.
One reason alone.
Scorching temperature.
If any American scientist wants any more evidence s/he can come and visit me and my back garden and the rooftop.
I can show him or her over 20 biological specimens and water plants affected by high ambient temperature which I have stopped measuring now.
He should only buy a return ticket and he and his family can come here for eternity on the money wrongly spent on scientific investigation to prove or disprove a political point.
In this case he should be prepared for the mosquitoes whom having a whale of a time because of the warm weather and take few home to show his friends as a proof that he really visited Sri-Lanka and not got this information by Googling for fun.

Nuclear Accidents,Fire Hazards, Electrical Supply and Global Warming

Now that the Cricket World Cup is over, it is time for me to concentrate on more important issues relevant to safety at home and on the road. It is with deep sadness I edit this page that one of my students died and other seriously injured, a motor bike accident. I always say more people die on the road than a death toll in a tsunami.

Before that I would like to make some passing reference to why we lost.

I should pen it down here since our journalist are the worst stooges of the politicians and won’t make the comments I make below as points of reference in their daily chores. 

I may become very unpopular but I am not a politicians vying for votes rigged or otherwise.

First reason is that in Sri-Lanka we never were united after the war whereas Indians were all behind the Indian Team and Sachin.

Indian papers were critical but were not destructive.

1. In our case one of the government channels run by political stooges raised a claim that Mahela played to the hands of Pakistan deliberately. What I understand now is that this was done by players rejected or not selected to the team with political intent.

Of course, Mahela answered the critics with his bat like Ponting and that was the very best of Mahela after his 167 odd runs in his first appearance against India in home soil.

What is important this time is, it is on Indian soil with nobody behind him except his team mates.

2. We were not ready for the world cup and we did not have a regular team up for the finals and poor Sanaga had to fiddle round and use his gut feelings. While playing on the round robin stage he had to select the players in best form from the makeshift team given to him by the selectors. There were only  five or six who were worth the mettle and naming them here is not appropriate and others were filling the numbers from 6 or 15.

3. Then come the crunch game and politicians get activated and like after the war they want to reap benefit at the expense of cricketers and bloat their image while failing in their duties at ground and grass root level.

4. Now come the big political manoeuvre and Randive catapults into World Cup stage and comes home wicketless.

5. I have my praise for Gary Kirsten, graceful South African opener who did all the ground work for the victory after 2008 debacle. There were no politicos influencing him. Similarly the praise should go to Alan Donald the South African fast baller lifting the New Zealand team up to the Semifinals.

The difference here is everything form ground construction to ground preparation to celebrations have to be sanctioned by politicos or their stooges.

Everything is politicized and corrupt.

6. I feel sorry for army man Ajantha and poor but Big Ball Boy Dilhara who was worse than a political stooge. He was the one who could have taken the wicket of Tandukar in a crunch game. Yes, he might give some extras and few no balls but we did not want him to ball full quota of 10 overs. Three overs form him would have been better than full quota of Randive.

This whole episode destroyed both the big boy Dilhara and new find Randive.

Who is to blame I leave it open.

Lesson from Dhoni is that he took the full responsibility of Srisanth’s selection and he managed him accordingly but did not break his backbone like what we Sri-Lankan do.
We win the war and then break the backbone of soldiers.


That is the way we go up the ladder.

It is cut throat politics, even in sports.

This one for the Indians.

In the built up to the semifinals there is a little consensus among few of the intellectuals that if we win the World Cup, the government will increase the price of petrol and with it all the other commodities and Sri-Lanka should not win.

I also subscribe to this especially as a teaser, something that I enjoy when spirits are high and I was the only one in Sri-Lanka who supported New Zealand on the day. I went on to say to irritate my close friends if we played on a neutral ground we would lose knowing very well New Zealand would not make it through.

This is like a Sri-Lankan government official who votes for the opposition on the day of the election and goes to work on the next day attired in a blue dress and a red or gray tie.

In my case if somebody volunteered money I would have put a bet for Sri-Lanka to win and support New Zealand in front of the TV.

Here money and win matters but usually it is the Santhosum or political bribes that do the job.

In India the commodity prices may not go up but cricket corruption and betting will surge with this win.
Even though I subscribed to the view that petrol will go up in price after New Year and before New year if we win the World Cup as a teaser for my friends, I was of the strong opinion that our politicians are only sensitive to the voter only before and during election, that they are so insensitive they will increase the prices whether we win or lose.

In that context it is better to support our team irrespective of political realities and that is what we should do come finals.

I am of the strong opinion politicians and religious dignitaries should not get involved in sports.

Leave them to sports specialists and the coach and pay them well and on results basis like top CEOs and not to political bum suckers.

And come win or lose be prepared to tighten our belts for another 5 or 10 years and the promised land may never come true with global realities and food prices going up by the minute and production not keeping up with the demand from banis, bananas to political bana.

Safety First.
That is almost like a lecture in point form but we never correct our mistakes but the one I am going to write below if you do not take notice one might lose everything including life.

It is the fire hazard that we go through in March to May.
There are two factors one is external and other is internal.

External one is global warming and Sri-Lanka included and exaggerated by our Coal Power Plant going into operation soon.

The other is lightening and fire crackers.

I was happy that we lost the Cricket and if we won the fire crackers would have ignited few fires burning even our precious forest reserve too.

I am the one for banning fire crackers in entirety.

It serves no purpose and many of our dogs die of fear during New year festivals when owners go out on holidays leaving vulnerable dogs to fire crackers and thieves (they poison dogs).

Other one is internal.

That is our Electricity Supply which fluctuate in voltage. This risk is increased with thunder that accompany rain.
One computer and two voltage stabilizers busted from the month of January to now.

This not the first time and some time ago I lost almost everything(electrical equipments that included a TV, a tumbler dryer and a washing machine) including 2o odd bulbs in one night and morning due to power surge going above 400.

The has become a perennial problem now. If not fire one can get electrocuted.
The only way I have saved few equipments is by using UPS not voltage stabilizers (two of the Sri-Lankan voltage stabilizers caught fire and there is no alarm. system). At least the UPS has the alarm that goes up and we cannot buy any imported voltage stabilizers in Sri-Lanka now.

This New Year I decided to work on reducing fire hazard.

1. I have three or four digital thermometers.
One is on top of the computer I am working now. The other is on top of the switched off computer. The temperature difference is 7 degree F and time is mid night.

2. I do not switch on any equipment if the outside temperature is above 88 degree F except the fridge.

3. I use the computer in the night and who is going to go for air conditioning with electricity bill above Rs.6000/=

4. I use UPS. Recent ones have better quality internal circuits and integrators.

5. Check all the connectors and replace them with sturdy not cheap ones.

6. Be vigilant and safety first from kitchen to to bed room to living room.

7. No fire crackers.

8. Switch off all the equipment not in use.

9. Emergency lamps with all diodes and keep them charged for an emergency.

10. Keep an eye on the meter and the monthly bill which is going up by the minute.

Putting on Top of a Murunga Tree

I manage to find a two Murunga saplings and wanted to look after them till big enough and relocate them in a suitable place. I could not water them for three days and one wilted and whithered away. The other survived and started blooming prematurely. I resisted taking the flowers for a vegetable curry. I let them pollinate (which is rare with no bees around) and only one flower produced a pod.

Side by side there were two cocoa plants which germinated out of over 100 rotten seeds.
Similar fate descended one of them and I kept on watering it in spite of its stem looked like fire wood.
Murunga sapling disappeared but the stem which looked like tiny black wood after about 3 months started sprouting and few leaves appeared.
My gut feeling was correct. I thought this would happen because it is not a native plant but that comes from mid Africa.
African plants can stand adverse weather for long period of time.
Our slender plants cannot withstand adverse weather. Murunga was an example.

So my prediction is that we will lose lot of our biodiversity much more and faster than Africa loses.
Come coal power plant when operational that will aggravate the context much faster and swiftly.
I heard our energy minister thinking of a nuclear plant here.
I wish he looks at pictures of Hiroshima first and the current pictures coming from Japan.

Real reason for writing this is not for that reason.
I cannot go to sleep without a swipe at the local elections.
We have a saying in Sinhala put a man on a Murunga Branch (unfortunately not on the moon to bring rice some of them promised to bring) to mean let him eventually tumble down quickly.
I wish all the present candidates land on Murunga Branches.
Then we can see them falling off quickly with the cost of living going up by the minute.

Actually when we elect them that is what we want them to be (on a Murunga Branch) but they have devised and engineered some other methods to stay longer on the Murunga branch and unfortunately we cannot have the last laugh.

This one chance we have that we can give them a Murunga Treat and it will be a Maru or Mara (Devil) Treat.