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Human needs and his Destiny

It looks likes human needs take paramount importance to all the other needs of living beings on this planet.


Human needs are not measured by bare existence but by uncontrolled desire, greed and exploitation of the very environment he lives in.

He is not very responsible but very erratic in behaviour.

He explores and expand both in numbers and the spheres of influence.

When the going is good he expands and when the going is bad he perseveres at the expense of all other beings.

Human is the only species known to eats its own beings and all the other edible beings.

He does not spare anything that this earth can offer,


When the going is good it is Lancashire hotpot with lamb but when the going is bad it is only potato hotpot.

His culinary desires which includes cannibalism speaks of his destructive nature.

How can we say he is a rational being?

Only rationality is his own existence at the expense of sometimes his own fellow beings.

Rat race and nothing but rat race.

That is the virtue of all powerful capitalism, power and wealth.

There is something wrong in this simple equation.

Expand, exploit and try to gain control at every advantage point.

He does not learn lessons from the past,

40 years ago in 1973, when oil price hike followed after the Middle est conflict he was ill prepared.

I saw what that meant for our children.

Thousands and thousand of children died of starvation and illness.

We are not ready for its repetition.

This time it is the global warming which is going to precipitate it.

40 years ago it was oil and energy and thereafter the food crisis.

When there is scarcity we tend to invest more on the same resource instead of changing to alternative resources.

In fact after the last oil crisis we had being using oil at a rate far more energetic than before.

We were not ready for the global warming.

In fact we did all to precipitate it.

Then there is a Youth Bubble too.

The rich dictators were not receptive to the needs of the poor while piling up money for their own fantasies.

How can we say man is rational.

His greed dictates the front line.

The ones who are behind the line or sitting on the bench have no say.

Unfortunately this equation is going to change.

Be prepared the human, the stupid exploiter.

Not cricket

I often wonder,


The predatory cats

Whom I hate

For their vestige

Of predatory habits

Of evolution

Are given nine (9) lives


Our closest friend

The dog

Of the Canine family

Has a life cycle

Of probably 15 years

And no more

This is something

I should ponder

Is it the predation?

Of capitalism

Or the protection


Of civic minded

Society that matter

In Evolution?

Evolution says

Survival of the

The fittest

And the capitalism

Says the same

Survival of

The crafty

The predatory

And the greedy

Should hold fort

And the predated

Should be vanquished

But in cricket

The underdog has

A chance

If the umpires

Are neutral

In evolution

Isn’t that?

The nature

Should be neutral

In operation

I wonder

But coming back to

Canines life

It is actually fair

For them to

Have a shorter

Life cycle

Since the man

Wants to prolong his life

To 10 of dogs cycles

And actually lives like a dog

Under full medical care

With transplanted

Heart, kidney or lung

Or bypass

The man

Wants the dog

To be there

For his comfort

And long life

And when the dog dies

He gets

Another dog

And that is unfair

Isn’t it?

But if the

Man dies

Before the dog

The dog follows

His tomb

In desperation

And won’t last

Three months

After the master’s demise

Of heartache and pain

Who is more


Is it the master

Or the dog

I wonder

And I ponder

Poisoning the nation!

This was something I wanted to write but kept postponing for more than 5 years after my first entry into minor scientific and environmentally friendly writing. 

However the ideas dates back to my medical students days.

I was convinced the Mahavali River Water was contaminated from its origin not only from biological agents but form pesticides that originate form tea plantation.

The amount of dog’s shit that get washed away to the river is colossal and that alone is enough to prove my point but amount man’s shit goes parallel and almost doubled or trebled that since the rough ratio of dog to man in Sri-Lanka is 1 to 7.

This is not about dog shit but how over agrarians poison us almost daily.
There is no food in the market which is not contaminated but there is no machinery to monitor the extent of this man made disaster since our legislation is too weak to regulate the use of artificial in gradients.

The biggest culprit was WHO who for three to four decades sprayed the enter country with DDT to fatten the coffers of American Companies which produce (they blame only Iraq and did not find a trace) all the nasty chemicals to test on the poor countries.

That menace is gone to some extent but our Agriculture Ministry has taken over the responsibility of poisoning our masses by default of not monitoring or regulating the use of poisons.

My friend in the University and almost my name sake was able to prove that cadmium was the cause of renal diseases prevalent in the North and North Central but both the WHO experts and the local medical experts failed to see this since renal disease is big money since a Kidney is priced at half to one million now.

If one take two kidneys from an innocent refugee it is almost two millions.

This probably happened during the war time.

The kidneys were not a problem then but it is a problem now.

One of my friends who was abroad tells me doctors there removed his normal kidney leaving his half normal kidney to survive.

I can remember in my internship my consultant removed the Normal Kidney of a woman and went on for one week holiday and I had to look after her till her death.

Since I was an intern I could not do anything.

Bound by golden ethics.

That is one reason, I did not take up Surgery which I loved as a medical student but ended up as a pathologist to see what went wrong after the event.

The poisons in our food is too numerous to list but at least it is my responsibility to make people aware.

I should end up with a little note of our drug industry.

The number one poison in the list is alcohol.

For many reasons.

1. It is a universal cell poison.

2. It is a good solvent and dissolve all other poisons and act as a vehicle for poison.

3. Third is that alcohol is adulterer with methyl alcohol to a large extent which causes blindness.

4. Most of our children’s syrups and vitamins are not water based but alcohol based.

5. There is no way to regulate consumption of illicit (almost legal in this country) alcohol.

Just today I went to buy some vitamin syrup for an adult.

This particular one needed alcohol free syrup.

Having checked over 20 I could not find a single bottle that had a label (to display) to say what is the solvent used.

They should label them as alcohol based or water based.

I had to buy (just guess work) two and at home opened and tasted them to see which had alcohol.

One was alcohol based other was not alcohol based but expensive.

This is a primitive experiment in a country where we have not produced a Nobel Prize winning scientist.

That is why I drink only wine now even though they are very expensive.

What is the hell the Health Department doing to regulate that issue?

They have one priority.

That is dengue.

The have no priority to check all the poisons and the labels in food and drugs industry (that are imported to this country).

This include our chille powder.
Brand I tasted was totally poisoned may be with Gadol.

Anybody who has money and connection can import anything in this liberal and liberated society.

God save the masses.

Tea and Cookies

It is time for me talk and Tea and Cookies, now that I am well above my target of 100 Linux derivatives with lot of cookies in them.
This is not about the cookies that are behind one’s browser or cookies that Linux developers put out almost everyday but real cookies we love at tea time. 

But unfortunately SriLankan cookies are getting expensive by the day with American flour is up roosting on top of the roof and coconuts are hitting the ceiling in prices, I am bound by duty to talk about cookies the kids love.

If not my grandpa role is of no use.

If I talk about baby rusks it is beyond the reach of our average citizen mother and father.

The ordinary cookies are also expensive and their quality is getting poorer. If a packet is above rupees fifty (which is the price of bread now) we SriLankan prefer bread and sambol to American cookies.
The reason for the cookies getting poor in quality is probably due to the companies cutting corners with all the ingredients making cookies going up in price to save expenses and maintaining the profit margins within their target range.

I am now down two or three varieties that maintain the quality but with the price well above what it used to be. If the price keeps going up perhaps I have to give up eating them.

As regard to tea, it actually sky rocketed well before the budget and with milk is up in price we have to cut down our habit of drinking tea.
In the office now it is black tea and I have stopped drinking it by default.

With this all gloom, there is a silver lining in the sky.
Reason for writing this is to highlight that fact.

One of our SriLankan companies just celebrated its 20 years in existence.

It produces an excellent ice tea priced little above Coca Cola.
Coca Cola is the number one company in America and this SriLankan company can beat it if they do a good market adventure and aggressively promote the tea here in SriLanka and abroad in Middle east and then slowly hit the markets in America.

Coca Cola is junk.
Nescafe is bad for your heart.

SriLankan Tea is healthy and protects our hearts should be the motto.