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Hackers, Holidays, Homing Folder and Homing In

Hackers, Holidays, Homing Folder and Homing In
Hacker (term), a contentious term used in computing for several types of person
C1. Hacker (computer security) or cracker, who accesses a computer system by circumventing its security system
C2. Hacker (hobbyist), who makes innovative customizations or combinations of retail electronic and computer equipment
C3. Hacker (programmer subculture), who shares an anti-authoritarian approach to software development now associated with the free software movement
Hackers and Holidays
I refer to the category C1 in here since this is the holiday time and all the developers with FOSS mentality are holidaying and enjoying the Christmas, the shady guys become active by default during holidays.
I won’t go into detail of how manage your security which has to be the responsibility of the individual.
If one leave the back door open, thieves will walk in.
You have two back doors unlike in a house.
1.The biggest of it is YOUR EMAIL with a loose password.
2. Unsuspecting back door is your browser with cookies to spy on your likes and dislikes
3. The deadliest is the combination of the two thieves.
YOU sign in and forget to sign off.
The second thief, the browser keeps a memory of your log in and often the encrypted password.
The best security I advise is not to have an email and not to browse the WEB but take a nice story book of your liking or get  your Amazon’s Kindle or Noble eBook and read during the holidays.
If you cannot resist both of the above vices, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for you, with the hacker’s mentality in me ignited.
Have two browser or may be three with Amazons silk included.
Go for a light weight browser, Midori,  Ice Weasel type your simple activity.
Then have any Gorilla Type of browser with your liking.
Then you have to do your own hacking.
Go to the properties and take all the cookies out or decommission them for good. 
I have tried all the other methods but this the best remedy, I have found for the holidays.
I of course do a full format by the end of December of in January.
With so many Linux distribution is store already downloaded, I have to toss a coin and select the first five.
If you are PARANOID (It is a disease many of us, especially westerners have when they come here on holidays here and do not recognize as it is and become non-human) what one has do is to download a live Linux CD with TOR (to RAM) in it and use it at lib.
There are many including Pollipix.
If you are in a country with a dictator running the day to day affairs these are an added security.
Do not PLEASE use the D.O.Ds L.P.S (Light Portable Linux) even by accident an it is only for Russian Secret Service KGB developed by American CIA .
This distribution is worse than your email and the Gorilla browser and it sends all your transactions to a web-eavesdropper without your knowledge. 
This is where all your junk is. What you do with your junk is your own pejorative.
Best defense mechanism is to not to have a home or home folder but become a vagrant or a vagabond.
Homing In
Switch off the computer.
Go to the up market.
By some wine, beer, cookies, chocolates, music CD (NO VIDEO PLEASE) and anything else you may think that Santa Claus won’t bring for YOU and Home In and enjoy with your dear ones.
Unfortunately the holiday won’t last long, so make best use of it now.
For me because of our industrial action, this is the shortest holiday we have had for a long time, I can remember.
I made another mistake beginning of this year.
That is to blog a piece a day which I kept till now except one day.
I am glad I missed one in the very beginning so that I got out of the regimented or the religious enthusiasm.
Both are bad for your health and the sense of humour.
I am hoping to dream a lot and i will be back with some dreams (only if i dream some good ones).
Till then Good Bye and special thanks to Linux Guys/Girls who made 20th birthday of Linux in September a happy occasion for me to write few books on Linux too.
in out 21st birthday, the KILLER organization called Cloud Computing will emerge and only UBUNTU is ready with the challange.
Special thanks to Ubuntu for Ubuntu One and UNITY desktop.
I am waiting to buy a Tablet but this is the only godforsaken (Sri-Lanka–Ceylon) country where they try open private universities but have not allowed (unofficial ban) Amazon wireless service for me to read a Kindle (not even my books in Kindle) Fire this Christmas when I am bored with our Media (both private and government).
Reason for this unofficial ban of Amazon probably is due to the Eduction Department won’t be able to donate the books (20 years outdated-some of them especially IT and Science) they publish with religious vigour to unsuspecting students.