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IBM and Linux and Thinking Big

I need to write  detailed note about IBM and Linux Philosophy when I find time but this is brief to the point.
All my computers on regular use except those assembled to my specification are IBM variety.
All are second hand and one is a server with SCSI hard disk.
The only one which is new with 4 GiB RAM is the one I bought on a short stay abroad, one third of the price in that country (which is one fifth of the price in Sri-Lanka) without an operating system which I use to test 64 bit Linux distributions.

I am waiting for the PCLinux 64 bit variety to come out to test but I had to wait for two years for that pleasure.

Linux is 20 years now but IBM is 100 years old but still batting with Old American Capitalistic Thinking Big Image (Thinking Rich, fabulously of course) and have made many blunders under the cloud of big successes.
One of the big blunders is to sell IBM Think Pad to China and not capitalizing on netbooks and new tabloids (which Apple Mac dominated and Google’s Android and soon Ubuntu’s Unity will enter the fray.
One of the big business (clever acumen was using Linux (Linux with the System/390 mainframe platform) from 2000 onwards and its support for Linux at least.

Mind you Yahoo and Microsoft’s big servers are running on Linux which they fail to mention to the average customers who are gullible idiots, especially Americans.